The Modern era has all of us always on our heels, chasing our own different dreams, thus leaving us short of time. So much so that we only deal with absolutely necessary things, brushing everything and anything else aside. This is where the IoT based Home Automation System steps in, taking care of those overlooked aspects, streamlining our routines, and providing us with much-needed convenience in our fast-paced lives.

These small things can be extremely important too. Thus it can be potentially dangerous to avoid them completely. So we need someone (or something) that can do our bidding. Something that can take care of small details when we can’t.

That is where the IoT based home automation system jumps right in. Keep reading to learn more.

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Starting Off

The IoT based home automation system is one of the most in-demand modern technologies for good reasons. It provides the breather that we all crave for, a break from handling a million different things at home. From answering the door for you to ensuring your house is always safe, IoT home automation has got it all covered.


A lot goes on behind the curtain when you command Alexa. Whether it is to dim the lights or call a routine. Home automation using IoT involves a lot of components and factors. They coordinate and communicate at all times to make sure things go smoothly.

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The Amalgamation Of Advanced Gadgets

For a home automation system to do as it promises and effectively, many devices have to work in perfect synchronization. There is a central and dedicated controller. Then there are the devices, the sensors, and of course, you’ll need a top-notch internet connection for an extraordinary real-time experience.

IOT Gadgets

On top of all of that is the cloud, which makes the remote access and control of everything a real breeze. IoT in home automation comes with certain elements in tow. All of which collectively provide the IoT home automation system reliability that it is famous for.

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The Devices-Providing Artificial Senses To Your Humble Abode

No, this is in no way an over-exaggeration. Scattered through your home are various big and small gadgets that control every inch of it, from bathroom floor lights to the living room temperature.

These devices make a connection using the mesh topology. Each device connects to every other device over a single common network. Now, consequently, as all the gadgets and ultimately, their actions are connected to and affected by each other, one can trigger the other.

iot smart home

For instance, some people have a routine that when floor sensors sense an activity, the ones controlling the lights becomes active to turn the lights on in the late hours.

To communicate and conduct the signals well from farther parts of the house in IoT based Home automation system, some sensors acts as network extenders and are purposely situated right in the middle of two far off devices. A perfect example of these is Smart plugs, which can be placed anywhere in the home.

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Protocols-The Regulators

Protocols are required to see to it that everything is done accordingly. It makes sure that everything follows the book. Protocols confirms that the operations are going just fine. For communicating TO and FRO, via wireless connectivity, protocols like Zig-bee, Z-wave and Wi-fi are the most popular ones.

Wi-fi, most used and loved by us all, works through radio frequencies, connective devices to the network, and to each other and providing internet access through routers.

IOT Protocols

With the other two controllers, what happens is that they have a unique network ID to identify and distinguish them. Distance plays a crucial role in decision-making. Signals adopt the path with the shortest distance. If in between the path, while traveling from the sensor to the sensor, there comes a blockage or interruption, then the signals adopt next shortest path.

Fun fact, your home’s sensors can’t interact with the ones in your neighbor’s house as they have different network IDs. That is just the way how smart home automation using IoT makes things a whole lot easy for you.

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The Gateway-The Brain of Your IoT Based Home Automation System

I have kept the best and the most important for the last. A hub or a gateway or a controller, whatever you call it – but it is essential for you to understand here that a controller bridges all sorts of gaps and brings home automation and IoT together. It is a never-seen-before duo to maintain your homes flawlessly.

IOT Working

It is on the top level, and the communication to the cloud goes through it. The cloud tells it what to do, and it, in turn, passes over the commands to the underlying sensors. This and the fact that everything is cloud-based makes it entirely possible and feasible to control everything from a device as small as a cellphone. Talk about technology bridging the gaps, huh?

System for Automating Homes Using IoT  

A home automation technology central hub or gateway is typically connected to control home automation devices and systems.

home automation

The control program for the system can be accessed via smart home automation solutions like wall-mounted terminals, tablet or desktop computers, a smartphone app, or even an online interface that can be accessed as internet of things home automation. 

A Smart Home 

Internet of Things (IoT) technology will impact every area of your daily life, making us more secure and comfortable. Here, we’ll examine the most popular ways to employ IoT technology in smart homes. 

internet of things smart home automation

Smart IoT sensors know our preferences for music, temperature, lighting, wake-up, mealtime, and bedtime schedules. Smart lighting, outlets, and security systems all make our lives simpler.  


Household lighting can now be automatically changed according to consumer needs. To prevent destruction while watching a movie, the lights, for instance, could be programmed to dim automatically. Don’t click a button for the lights in your house to come on as soon as you walk in.

iot home automation lighting

Your smartphone, laptop, and other connected devices can control your illumination system. When you leave your house, the system might switch the lights down automatically to save energy. Because of this, you might program your app to turn on your light when your alarm goes off in the morning. 


IoT technology in the bathroom could improve your daily routine and make it more convenient. Smart mirrors can connect to other devices like computers and smartphones, recognize the faces of family members in their line of sight, and show content that may interest them, such as news articles, weather forecasts, or specific websites.

smart home bathroom

Special sensors can detect movement and immediately turn off the water if no one uses the loo. To conserve water, smart shower controls may also identify individuals and set their preferred water pressure and temperature.

Users of automated jacuzzis can unwind and enjoy their bath without manually changing their preferred temperature and air-jet schedule or choosing their preferred music, as the app will take care of everything.


People who love growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home may find sensors helpful. Users may check the app to determine whether the plants are receiving enough sunlight, water, and temperature.

garden automation

The program can monitor the soil’s current condition as well. decide whether it has enough moisture, and, if necessary, turn on a smart irrigation system. 

The sensor turns off the watering system to conserve water when the humidity level reaches the preset level. A significant advancement in gardening made possible by IoT technology will profoundly alter how plants are cultivated in the future.


By utilizing AI technologies, IoT devices can increase the safety and simplicity of cooking. Smart sensors can monitor the temperature, humidity, and levels of smoke and carbon monoxide in your kitchen to ensure everything is operating as it should.

smart kitchen

Specific built-in programs monitor whether the user has enough food in the fridge (and order more if necessary), provide recipe recommendations, and evaluate the nutritional value of meals. For instance, smart spoons encourage gentle eating. 

System of Security

Do you often double-check your home’s doors, windows, and other electrical devices to make sure they are all off before you leave? Smart security systems can help you with this by using particular home automation security and privacy.

smart home security system

The app helps users to look after their houses even from a distance. For instance, their phones can control the lighting, temperature, and humidity. When the users are going on vacation or any other emergency leave, these AI technologies can keep the home safe.

It can protect your household from any human and animal attackers. It can give you facilities like locking the door, closing the shutters, turning off the appliances, and more. You can also keep a check on your aged family members and help them by providing their regular necessities and security.

Sensors for safety

Intelligent devices called safety sensors can identify problems in your home when they occur. They can intervene to avert potential dangers and immediately warn consumers about them. They merely require an Internet-connected smartphone and some sensors installed in their home.


home automation sensorsTemperature, humidity, and gas controllers can regularly check the air in your home and notify you through the Internet if the readings are outside of the ideal range.

The usage of safety sensors can stop fires, explosions, water leaks, and gas leaks. Proximity and video sensors can identify an intruder trying to enter your home, immediately setting off the alarm and notifying the police.

Other Things That Stand Out

IoT based home automation system makes sure that you are always in the loop while it is operating. So it keeps sending you updates via your preferred methods, whether it is notifications via emails or text messages.

When a task is done, or a routine is successfully called, the controller updates it on the central servers on the cloud, which, consequently, makes you aware of it. For example, when the sensors detect smoke, a fire alarm is invoked, and you are beeped of it on your phone so that you can take relevant measures, or when you ask for the remote-controlled blinds to be shut when the sun starts sinking in the west.

Internet Of Things

Another scheme that makes the IOT automation system such a success is the “If This Than That” thing. It is nothing but the phenomenon of performing a certain action when a particular task reaches completion.


Can I control my IoT home automation system from my smartphone?

Yes, with an IoT-based home automation system, you can control and monitor your home from a dedicated smartphone app. Whether at home or away, you can adjust settings, view security camera feeds, and receive alerts, providing greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Can voice assistants be integrated with an IoT home automation system?

Absolutely! Many IoT-based home automation systems are compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri. This integration lets you control your smart home devices using voice commands, making the automation experience even more effortless and intuitive.

Can an IoT-based home automation system enhance energy efficiency?

Yes, an IoT-based home automation system can significantly improve energy efficiency. You can optimize energy consumption based on occupancy or time schedules by automating lighting, heating, and cooling systems.

Is my IoT home automation system secure from hackers?

Security is a crucial aspect of IoT-based home automation systems. To ensure protection, choose reputable brands that prioritize security features. Use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and keep your system updated with the latest firmware updates.

Can I expand my IoT home automation system over time?

Yes, one of the advantages of an IoT-based home automation system is its scalability. You can start with basic functionalities and gradually expand by adding more devices and integrating new technologies.

What happens if the internet connection goes down in an IoT home automation system?

An IoT-based home automation system may experience limited functionality in an internet outage. However, many systems still allow local control through a dedicated hub or manual switches.


In this contemporary world where new technologies replace old technologies on a regular basis. If a particular one stays longer and/or captivates attention longer, then it has to be commended and looked forward too.

Home automation is one such revolutionizing bit of tech. Now that you’ve read how IoT based Home automation system works, maybe you can consider trying it? I am sure it’d be a pleasing experience. If you have any problem, don’t think twice before reading the article.

That is it for today! Please stay tuned for more.

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