Vivid Seats vs StubHub – Which One to Prefer? [Sorted]

You are probably keenly aware of the fact that in the current fast-paced world of online reselling, the market doesn’t run out of one thing: options. Vivid Seats vs StubHub is the most highlighted rivalry amongst online ticket reselling platforms right now, and both have satisfied millions of customers across the globe, buyers and sellers alike. The question is, which website is the best fit for you? You have probably noticed that entertainment is a major factor in an average person’s life.

You have possibly spent a good deal of money on plane tickets, concert tickets and movie tickets annually- what if you only had to pay 30 percent of the original price to get a seat each time, in a venue of your choice and available at your whim, without needing to stand in a queue? Vivid Seats and StubHub make this dream come true. It’s time for you to pick up the detective’s magnifying glass and look closely at their differences in different factors, before you decide the winner of the Vivid Seats vs StubHub debate.

Parameters of Comparison of Vivid Seats vs StubHub


You’re obviously going to examine an online platform’s efficiency of technology before you consider using it. You shouldn’t settle for a slow sorting system. Fortunately, both Vivid Seats and StubHub have equally competent search engines. The difference to note in Vivid Seats vs StubHub is style.

Vivid Seats reviews show that it has an admittedly easier user interface. You can reassure of the availability of tickets on the Vivid Seats website simply because the design looks better. You get to choose from a wide range: not just regarding diversity of ticket domains but also from premium to cheap tickets. The comforting design of the Vivid Seat website led ESPN to change its endorsement pal from StubHub to Vivid Seats. ESPN made its choice in Vivid Seats vs StubHub.

Vivid Seats
Vivid Seats

StubHub is simpler, but you’ll find that the search engine and sorting are just as efficient as Vivid Seats- nothing less is expected, since eBay launched this platform. You’ll be pleased to know that StubHub has an app that can be accessed from any place, while a quick Google search will tell you that Vivid Seats claims to have a functioning app – that’s not available in many countries, such as India! You’ll have to rely on the website if you want them to ship tickets to any place you’ve traveled to.

If you care about style, opt for Vivid Seats. If you prefer functionality, such as apps, take to StubHub.


You obviously want to spend as little money as you can for a good seat. However, the price difference in these two is not as simple as it seems, and is crucial in the Vivid Seats vs Stubhub comparison.

At first glance, you’ll probably feel that Vivid Seats is cheaper – and it is when we compare it with stubhub fees. If you look at the price range or customer reviews, you’ll find that Vivid Seats sells tickets from 20-40 percent of the original price, while StubHub can go up till 50 percent of the original price.

However, vivid seats fees will easily throw you off with its platform commission fees, shipping charges and strange “email delivery” charges- but what will annoy you is that they don’t tell you exactly what the extra fees are for when you’re about to pay for the ticket.

StubHub on the other hand, also charges a middle man fee, but is very open about the breakdown of the fee. So if you’re willing to take the option where you’re more likely to get a cheaper ticket, you should go for Vivid Seats. But if you care more about price transparency, go for StubHub. This is, in fact, one of the fundamental differences in the Vivid Seats vs Stubhub argument.


Customer Service

Just when you thought the price was going to be the most important factor, customer service tugs at your heart. You’re using these platforms because they make your life easier. And that includes customer support, so you’ll want to know the Vivid Seats vs StubHub take in this field.

Vivid Seats is famous for its courtesy calls. This means that you’ll receive a call from their customer care, anytime your ticket gets changed or god forbid, turns out to be fake. If you look at most of the customer reviews online, half their review is spent thanking the person that helped them over the phone! Vivid Seats obviously prides itself on personally attending to a customer’s woes.

StubHub may not be as personally attentive as Vivid Seats but is a company of gestures. Not only do they also vouch for fake ticket compensation just like Vivid Seats. But they also factor in the fact that your phone might not work during a concert. And to show your ticket, you could just recall the ID.

Vivid Seats has policies about this, and you may face tough luck if you’re in this difficult situation.

It is surprising to know that StubHub reimburses tickets for people who had the misfortune to witness a recent concert attack in the US. Vivid Seats could not offer such a charitable gesture due to company policy.

If you are shrugging at this information and believe that its okay for a business to do just business. As long as they present themselves well, you’re a fan of the well mannered Vivid Seats. If you can appreciate quiet customer service and valuable recompensation, StubHub is your guy. You’ve probably caught on to the fact that Vivid Seats vs Stubhub is a debate of principle.

Final Verdict

So, is vivid seats reliable? You would have noticed that both Vivid Seats and StubHub are more or less equal in every factor. Prices are a range even if Vivid Seats is often cheaper. The search engines are great, and the customer support systems are valuable in different ways.

You must note that the Vivid Seats vs Stubhub debate comes down to this. If you like style and reassurance, Vivid Seats is your definite champion. If you like old school honesty and quiet principle, StubHub will win your heart. Rest assured, you’ll be happy with your choice.

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