You all will be wondering, “What is RNG gaming?” another new term in the already massive vocabulary of the gaming world. We will be covering all about “What is RNG gaming?” RNG games, RNG gaming, and some other features of it. So, to start, RNG gaming is all about the unpredictable elements in your video games. It’s one of the essential components of gaming. From simple games like random number generators for kids games to complex video games like Global Offensive use RNG.

While “RNG” is the shortform for Random Number Generator, its implications run deeper. In video games, an RNG algorithm autonomously selects and incorporates a numerical value whenever needed. This seemingly simple process possesses the power to alter the trajectory of a game significantly.

In this article, I will first answer, “What is RNG gaming?” We will discuss RNG gaming, destiny RNG, and other things you must know as a gamer on RNG. I will end this article by answering some of the doubts that might come to mind after reading this article. Predictability is good, but it’s not always fun, and that’s the basis of RNG gaming. It is all about the unpredictability and random stuff in your games that add fun, excitement, and zeal to the games. All of this makes these games more exciting and exciting to play. RNG is seen in all games nowadays, even children’s games. We will cover all this, but let’s first discuss “What is RNG gaming ?”

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Meaning Of RNG 

We will discuss now “What does RNG mean?” RNG stands for “Random Number Generator.” As the name suggests, it randomly generates numbers.

rng games on a white background

Most programming languages used to code any game already have a built-in random number generator library.

The fundamental concepts of predictability and unpredictability of probability, like tossing coins and dice from the library. So, the idea of RNG comes from throwing coins and dice.

RNG And RNG Gaming 

RNG is an essential gaming component, and game developers use it extensively. You might fail to notice it as a player, but it’s everywhere in the game.

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For example, RNG calculates the chances of survival or winning after an encounter between you and your enemy in the video game. Calculating an enemy’s stats, falling into a death trap, or winning up against you is also helpful.

All the unpredictable elements that suddenly crop up in your game result from RNG and the percentage of you winning and losing the encounter’s outcome. All these are also a direct outcome of RNG in gaming.

Features Of RNG 

  • The RNG determines the result of your every movement in the game, whether you have attacked the enemy or the enemy has attacked you. RNG is used because it’s cost-effective and time-efficient for most gaming companies.
  • The other solutions to predict these stats and figures to determine and show the result are taking a screenshot of every moment in-game and analyzing it using data analysis and then predicting its outcome, which will not only take up a lot of time but will also burn a hole in the pocket of gaming companies.generating the numbers
  • Another fact in RNG gaming is that it is easy to use and implement, making it popular to use the tool in games to predict the outcome.
  • RNG sees extensive use in gaming because it preserves memory on the disk of the user’s system. Instead of programming all those random encounters, just a code for RNG is used that generates more than thousands of meetings and, at the same time, saves up space for these encounters in the memory of gamers’ systems, providing a better gaming experience.

Examples Of RNG Gaming

Below are some examples to understand RNG and its uses.

Treasure Hunt, Loot Games 

You have played Diablo, Borderlands, Destiny, and other loot and treasure games, right? These are all examples of RNG games.

treasure hunt map game

What prize or loot you will get on tapping on the specific treasure box RNG in the games helps to determine. These games are all additive because of RNG and are typical examples of destiny RNG games.

Procedural Generation Through RNG

This type of RNG is used in games like Minecraft and Spelunky. The gaming experience of no two users can be the same at any time while playing these games. So that every time the user enters and plays, it’s given a different experience.

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This is known as procedural RNG, which creates procedures, in this case, the gaming world and environment of players in-game.

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Speedrunning And RNG

Temple Run and Subway Surfers are perfect examples to demonstrate speedrunning RNG.subway surfers

The variations and challenges players face while running and the players’ scores again are all possible because of RNG.

RNG And Manipulation

Many games have an internal timer as a seed, which is difficult to manipulate, but you can manage the timers in other cases. There is manipulation in RNG in some games if one uses the same seed. RNG in these games isn’t random, as you can create results using the same set of seeds.

golden sun rng game

For instance, in Golden Sun, the game determines the rewards based on the actions and steps you have taken during the game.

So, if you can figure out the moves to score the highest point while fighting a battle against a particular enemy, you can use this repeatedly while encountering the same enemy during the game.

The game doesn’t generate surprise elements from the enemy to challenge, and in this way, you can manipulate RNG in a game.


What is a seed in RNG?

A seed is an initial number that RNG algorithms use to generate numbers, and this seed ensures that the numbers are consistent and not in a particular order.

Can RNG be manipulated?

Yes, in some cases. You have to manipulate the seed to manipulate an RNG in RNG games. It is easy to manipulate the seed in some cases, while in others, it's difficult. Whether you can manipulate the seed or RNG is dependent on the RNG algorithm.

Conclusion (What Is RNG Gaming?)

In this article, we begin our discussion with “What is RNG gaming?” followed by understanding the term RNG and the use of RNG in games. Then, we see some examples of RNG games in gaming and how RNG can be manipulated in some cases.

RNG is a fabulous technology that maintains the excitement and freshness of any game. Although critics are against the use of RNG in RNG games, many gamers claim RNG undermines fundamental gaming skills.

In many games, we can also see the rigged use of RNG, but in the big picture, RNG is a boon to the gaming industry, enhancing gamers’ gaming experience. 

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