Automation is one of the most important driving factors of the future and is getting a lot of attention lately. Whether we talk about large-scale industries or simple daily tasks, everything has become automated. Google Assistant is undoubtedly the best digital buddy that can do anything for you. The user only needs to provide an appropriate voice command, and the assistant will work accordingly. Apart from just having one-on-one communication, there are unlimited possibilities. The Google Home device can even control your Smart TVs and other similar gadgets. so you can even add Samsung TV to Google Home. However, the most crucial step is to connect both devices successfully. Otherwise, you will face issues, and that might lead to system failure.

add samsung tv to google home
Google Home

Today, we are going to discuss a simple method to add Samsung TV to Google Home. Several readers are not aware of the technique as it requires some precise steps. Moreover, we have a FAQ section in the end that will clear all your doubts. Make sure to read the blog until the end and connect your Samsung TV with Google Home.

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Can you Add Samsung TV to Google Home?

You might wonder whether you can add Samsung TV to Google Home to make things easy for you. Well, we have good news; according to the recent updates from the company, users can connect their TV with Google Assistant. It means you can use various voice commands to control the TV set directly. Everyone is already aware of the functionality of Google Assistant that can control multiple electronic gadgets. Apart from managing speakers, lights, mobiles, etc., we now move on to TVs. Moreover, the overall user experience becomes convenient and does not require much manual effort. This is the reason many users often try to control their Samsung TV from Google Home.

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Steps to Add Samsung TV to Google Home

As we move forward, we will disclose the exact method and orderly steps for better assistance. There is no rocket science as this guide is for beginners, and anyone can proceed with the method. Before going further, you should note that this technique is only applicable to 2018 and 2019 Smart TVs. In case your Samsung TV model does not match it, you have to look for alternate solutions. Otherwise, you can easily connect Samsung TV with Google Home from our page. The steps for the same are,

Download SmartThings App

If you are a regular Samsung user, you must be having the SmartThings apps on your mobile. This mobile app is from Samsung that helps to control various devices manufactured by the company.

Smartthings App

This can be used to add Samsung tv to Google Home. It will play an important role, and thus, you must download it on your Android device. You can find it on Google Play Store or the official website of Samsung. Moreover, log in using your Samsung Account credentials accordingly. In the case of a new user, you have to create an account.

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Login Samsung Account on TV

The next step is to add the Samsung Account on your respective TV. Follow these steps to set up the account,

Step 1

Turn on your Samsung TV and click on the Settings panel.

Step 2

Next, go to the General Settings tab and select the System Manager option.

Step 3

You will find the Samsung Account icon where you have to enter the login details. Enter the credentials as same as the account on the SmartThings app. A different account will lead to an error.

sign in
Sign In with Samsung Account

Step 4

Finally, test the connection by controlling your smart TV using the SmartThings mobile application. Once you are ready, we proceed to the next step. 

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Set Up Google Home

Now, we are on the final and most significant stage to add Samsung TV to Google Home. We assume you have already completed the previous steps. Don’t forget to download and install the Google Home app. You can simply search it on the Google Play Store and get it on the mobile. Then, proceed with the given steps,

Step 1

Click on the Google Home icon and start the application

Step 2

Click on the Add (+) button and select the ‘Set up Device’ option.

Step 3

You have to select the ‘Works with Google’ option to open the list of all available devices.

Step 4

Next, look for the SmartThings app and log in using the Samsung account details.

add device
Add Device

Step 5

Finally, if it matches with the account on TV, it will appear on your phone. Hence, you are now ready to control Samsun TV from Google Home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt that we have covered every possible detail about the topic. Also, you are most likely to add Samsung TV to Google Home with the mentioned steps. However, some of you might have some common queries regarding it. Thus, have a look a these Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers.

Do Samsung TVs work with Google Home?

Yes, Samsung TVs work efficiently with Google Home Devices. Users can manipulate various controls like Power, Volume, Channel, Playback, and many more with voice commands. Make sure you complete the steps properly and provide all permission for accessing Samsung TVs.

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How do I Add Samsung TV to Google Home?

You need to have a Smart TV that is compatible with the Google Home Assistant. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc., provide this feature in their devices. Further, follow the steps mentioned in the guide.


In the end, we hope you can now easily add Samsung TV to Google home by following our method. For major issues regarding it, contact the Samsung Help Center or look for solutions in the user manual.

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