Can You Use Wi-fi On A Deactivated Phone? I All You Need To Know

Can You Use Wi-fi On A Deactivated Phone? To answer all the questions yes, you can use wi-fi on a deactivated phone.

Have You ever found your old phone while cleaning your drawers and did not know whether you could use wi-fi on a deactivated phone? Ever wondered if your phone is cut off and can still use on wi-fi or not. Can You Use Wi-fi On A Deactivated Phone

You can connect to wi-fi without cell service or a SIM card in many different ways. Here, in this blog, I will tell you how to use wi-fi on your deactivated phone, why your phone is out of service, what is the difference between wi-fi and a mobile data network, and use your phone for wi-fi only.

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How To Use Wi-Fi On Your Deactivated Phone

Coming to your actual question for today: can you use wi-fi on a deactivated phone or not? Well, the answer is total. Yes, you can. Let us find out with the following steps:

  1. Turn on the Airplane mode.airplane mode
  2. Then enable wi-fi. (this step will not let your phone search for wi-fi signals and interrupt the process.)
  3. Tap on the nearest wi-fi to continue. Follow instructions to configuration.enable wifi
  4. You can also install any third-party app to function. 
  5. While connecting to any free public hotspot, ensure it is safe and secure. Try not to do any sensitive work like credentials of your ID or accounts.

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Options For Wi-Fi

If you ask, can you use wi-fi on a deactivated phone? Then for easy access, you can install a broadband or fiber connection for your deactivated phone. Your router will give Wi-Fi signals. To prevent intruders from connecting with your network, add a password for the safety of your network and connected devices. As I have said, if you can find the network to any public hotspots, you can use your phone with the Internet and without your hotspot

Sometimes we connect other devices with our hotspot. Same here. You can click on your old phone with your current one. Just turn on the data and mobile hotspot to allow access. Secure it with a password. Or you can connect with your friends /family members’ hotspot. Click here to know How to Speed up VPN Connection.

Other uses

The core purpose of the phone is to connect to people via call or message. The Internet came later into the picture. Here I will tell you how you can operate your old phone for wifi-only devices: 

  1. The first use is to operate as a helping device. Use this phone to check the time, set the alarm, or read a newspaper.
  2. Use it as a storage device when you want your phone to work smoothly.
  3. You can listen to your local radio, FM; however, this facility is disabled nowadays, but you can listen to the radio online
  4. We all faced this issue during COVID when most of our education was online. When you do not want to give your younger one a new mobile, you can use old phones for educational purposes. Install easy-to-use apps for kids to learn and operate with the help of wi-fi when needed.other uses
  5. You can also use it as a CCTV monitor to your security camera
  6. If you do not have a budget for smart assistance like Google or Alexa, you can use your old device as an assistant. Just connect it with wi-fi and install the assistance app. Configure all the details and use it as your assistance device.
  7. You can even use it as your Smart remote.
  8. You can use it for live streaming movies or shows. When you want to stream anything, you can install Google home on the phone and screen share your favorite series or movies on the big screen.

Why Is Your Phone Out of Service

What does it mean to have a deactivated phone? An old phone that you do not use? Can be. But basically, when your SIM card for your phone number is not service

This means your phone will not be able to provide basic functions of your phone like calls, texts, and mobile data. It happens when your card is stolen, inactive for more than six months, banned from any misused actions, changed/transferred to another service provider, or simply when you forget to pay your phone bill.

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Wi-Fi vs. Mobile Network

Wireless Fidelity is the full form of wi-fi. Some people recognize it as wi-fi. However, there is no such thing as wireless fidelity. Marketing companies coined this term to give a catchy and easy name for use. Wi-fi will transfer the Internet from your wired or wireless router to your wi-fi-enabled devices like your phone, laptop, computer, tv, etc. It will work as a hotspot for you. internet vs wi-fi

On the other hand, mobile network completely depends on SIM cards. To get a SIM card you must register at the telephone company. It will provide you with a phone number associated with that card. Your card will inform the service provider to give a mobile network to your phone. It will also provide you with signals to make calls and texts. Fast wi-fi and mobile network provide you with the Internet, but the mobile web will also give you signals for telephonic use.

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Can you use wifi without a SIM card?

Yes, to use wifi, you do not need a SIM card. Wifi is not related to any SIM or cell service. My phone is out of service.

How can I use wifi calling for my iPhone?

If You have iPhone: Go to the settings. Tap on the phone. Go to wifi calling in the calls section. Enable the option.

How can I call with wifi from my Samsung Galaxy phone?

To make wifi calls on Samsung Galaxy phone: I got to the settings. Go to the connection bar. Enable wifi and wifi calling.

Is wifi calling free?

You can make calls with Wi-Fi whenever your phone is out of service or out of network signals. It is not free to use. You must play according to your plan rates and terms & conditions. Just follow these steps. Bonus tip: Even when you use wifi for most of your work, try to use your mobile data every once in a while. Try to call and message your number to stay active with your cell services.


So now you know what to do with your old device and use it well. Do not just throw it away, considering electronic waste. This article gives you an idea about how can you use wi-fi on a deactivated phone.

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