Cloud security helps companies navigate the complex and sometimes dangerous online world, keeping their data safe. Due to its scalability, convenience and cost-effectiveness, many businesses have embraced the cloud, which doesn’t only protect data, but also helps ensure regulatory compliance. One of the best things about cloud security is that you can configure it based on your organisation requirements. 

Cloud security is not a discrete practice – it’s a primary aspect of any good cybersecurity plan, with businesses of all sizes considering it a go-to solution. However, as cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated, there is a need for more robust cloud security, and it seems that 2024 will be a transformative year, redefining the future of data protection. Here are the 5 cloud security trends you should keep an eye on. 

The powerful AI and MI duo 

Cyber threats constantly evolve, and traditional security measures are no longer enough to combat them. That’s where AI and machine learning come to the rescue. These technologies have become buzzwords already, but that’s for good reason because they are incredibly powerful tools. When it comes to the cloud, they lay the foundation for robust security, having the capacity to analyse behaviours and patterns and spot anomalies quickly. 

While digital threats may become more sophisticated, MI and AI technologies are getting smarter and more proactive in detecting suspicious behaviour on time to prevent it from becoming a more serious problem. Think of this duo as a security guard who can foresee the future, helping you avoid unwanted outcomes – it’s excellent and could save your business from a potential disaster. 

Enhanced encryption 

Encryption isn’t a new concept, but it’s only getting stronger in 2024. Many encryption techniques like homomorphic encryption and quantum encryption seem to belong to a Sci-Fi movie, but they are real and represent a fortress that safeguards your sensitive information from malicious actors. cloud computing polygonal wireframe technology concept

Cybercriminals are indeed getting smarter (2023 was considered a successful year for them, and businesses have all the reasons in the world to be alarmed by the statistics), but here’s the thing: encryption keeps evolving, too, aiming to safeguard the data as it is processed in memory. This is known as confidential computing, enabling encrypted data computations without exposing actual information. It’s a game-changer, shielding data from malicious actors and insider threats alike. 

Zero Trust architecture 

Zero Trust architecture – a concept that reminds you of a spy movie. Simply put, this concept follows the principle of trusting no one and verifying everything. Trust is considered a vulnerability in cloud security, so it’s a good practice to have a healthy dose of scepticism and enable access based on essential factors like location, user behaviour and device health. 

According to data breach experts, there is a rising number of data breach claims, making it critical for businesses to stay alert and take necessary action to reduce risk. Zero Trust architecture is a holistic strategy that ensures only legitimate users can access sensitive data, helping you build cyber resilience in a world where anyone could represent a potential threat. In 2024, more companies are expected to make Zero Trust architecture a standard, strengthening their cybersecurity. 

Improvements in IAM 

IAM is integral to cloud security, providing numerous benefits, from access control and business protection to operationalization and compliance. And this area is constantly evolving, with new, incredible trends emerging, including adaptive access controls, which adjust access privileges based on different aspects, like context, user behaviour, and risk assessment. 

Another IAM enhancement is UEBA, or user and entity behaviour analytics, which enables monitoring and detecting anomalies in real-time, thus preventing insider threats and keeping unauthorised users away. IAM developments are a trend worth keeping an eye on, as they play a role in creating a more comprehensive security framework, offering additional protection. 

The emergence of cloud security platforms 

Why juggle different tools when you can have everything you need on a single platform? In 2024, cloud security platforms are expected to become more integrated, smarter, and more customizable. They will not become just a nice-to-have, but an essential tool that will help you protect your cloud data from intruders. 

With their features, cloud security platforms give you a bird’s eye view to see what’s happening in the digital realm. Keep in mind that these platforms aren’t created equally, so it’s essential to look for those that offer the best cybersecurity solutions, ensuring the complete safety of your data.

When coupled with the expertise of a Managed Security Services Provider, cloud security platforms provide a comprehensive defense against cyber threats, ensuring that businesses can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience. 

Looking ahead: Cloud security promises better cybersecurity

Cloud security has evolved dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic, with its future hinged on continuous improvements that can offer stronger protection against the most significant threats. While there are still concerns over data leaks and theft, it’s worth noting that the cloud security landscape has grown significantly throughout the years, and 2024 brings new trends that will indeed make a difference in helping you keep your cloud data secure.

That’s not to say that it’s easy to navigate cloud security, not at all. However, we are witnessing tremendous improvement, which will only create a better future where companies can have more peace of mind instead of worrying that they could be the next target of cybercriminals. Zero-trust architecture, AI and MI-driven threat detection, IAM developments and improved encryption hold immense potential in helping combat digital threats and helping businesses carry out their operations without experiencing significant disruptions with potentially irreversible consequences. Companies must embrace these groundbreaking cloud security trends if they want to remain resilient in the face of ever-evolving threats.

If you sit idly, hoping not to experience a cyberattack, you could have a nasty surprise because guess what? You are not the exception. Cybercriminals don’t care who you are, they can target literally anyone and that anyone can be you. So instead of just waiting, why not be proactive and do what it takes to protect your business and ensure an uninterrupted flight to success? Yes, threats are frightening, and they are evolving all the time, making it easy to panic. But remember that technology is powerful, and strong defences exist – which are only improving to ensure your data remains safe and sound. Your company’s future is in your hands, so be an early adopter of these trends to guarantee cloud security.

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