If you’ve got an original Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s stashed away, it’s time to dig it out and check how much it could be worth nowadays. This article will explore the increasing value of vintage NES consoles and games over the past few decades. So let us read to know how much is an original Nintendo worth

An original Nintendo in good working condition without accessories is generally worth $50-75. Complete in box with all items could be valued at $150-300 depending on the specific edition and year. Rarer variants and games can significantly increase the potential worth. To know more about how much is the original Nintendo worth, keep on reading. Also, you can play the best Lego games for Nintendo Switch.

The NES was Nintendo’s entry into the home console market in the mid-1980s. It helped revive the video game industry after the crash of 1983. Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda were landmark games that drew millions of kids to play. The NES was a huge cultural phenomenon and introduced generations to classic games that are still beloved today. In this article, we will explore everything about how much is an original Nintendo worth. 

Understanding the Value of an Original NES

Understanding what makes an Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) valuable takes looking at a few key factors. Condition is big – the closer a system is to “like new”, the more collectors will pay. An NES with faded plastic or dirt/dust inside will fetch less price.

Original packaging and accessories also affect value. A console with an intact original box, manual, and peripherals will demand more money than a loose system.nintendo switch Rarity comes into play, too. More common games like Super Mario Bros. are worth less than less common titles. Something unique like the gold Zelda cartridge commands a premium price.

Demand in the retro game collecting community plays a role. More desirable systems see bidding wars online. The NES was hugely influential and sparked many people’s love of gaming. This nostalgia factor ensures enthusiasts will pay top dollar to own the consoles of their childhood. Prices tend to rise as collectors age and have more disposable income.

How does the NES compare to other retro systems in value? The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis from the 16-bit era have grown greatly in price in recent years but still lag behind the NES.

Its status as the console that revived the industry and introduced millions to gaming magic means an original NES bundle in top condition can easily fetch over $200 these days, making it one of the most valuable retro collectables. Let us further read more about how much is an original Nintendo worth. 

Average Prices for Used NES Consoles

Depending on their overall condition, there is a wide range of what used original NES systems sell for.

At the low end, a console that merely powers on but has significant exterior wear, like cracked or missing pieces, can go for $30-$50. So, to answer your query on how much can you sell a Nintendo Switch for, this is it. 

It is more common in decent shape cosmetically, with some minor scratching. These consoles typically work properly and include all cables and at least one controller.nes console Expect to pay $70-$100. Some cosmetic flaws won’t dramatically lower the price if it plays games without issue.

Complete in-box systems or those with near-mint plastic fetch the highest costs. You can try fixing the Nintendo Switch Controller if it lags.

Especially if they include the original packaging, instructions, and accessories like a Zapper light gun, those NES units in lustrous condition will range between $150-$250. And the OG 1985 NES costs around $200 to $500. So this is how much is a 1985 Nintendo worth. 

Rarer NES console variants like the top-loading NES-101 model have their premium from late in the system’s life.

Ones in superb condition can surpass $200 due to their lower production numbers. But all original NES units appear to be steadily increasing in resale value year over year! So with this you now know how much is a used Nintendo Switch. 

High-Value NES Models and Auction Prices

While average used NES consoles sell in the $50-250 range depending on condition, the most desirable units capable of breaking records are those kept in sealed fresh packaging. Complete-in-box (CIB) NES systems in flawless condition constantly set new standards at auction.

A late 1986 launch model NES was sold at Heritage Auctions in 2017 for $877. It was one of the first units off the line with serial number F3V-000001. new design nesIn 2019, another unopened first-run system went for $2,000 at the same auction house.

But the highest public sale of a sealed NES belongs to a 2020 auction fetching an incredible $36,900! So yes, if you are thinking about how much can I sell my Nintendo Switch for, it could go for this much. 

Even just the original box on its own with inserts but no console inside can hit four figures. A pristine empty box set an eBay record of $1,300. For CIB units, having everything protectively stored since it is new is key.

Every encased manual, accessory, and plastic wrapping component adds exponentially to the price. You can now play Nintendo games on an iPhone and check the Best 3D emulator for IOS.

Of course, a system is only part of the potential investment. Sealed cartridges, especially for Nintendo’s most iconic games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, routinely break out at five and even six-digit sums.

A fresh factory-sealed Super Mario Bros. 3 just sold at auction for a mindblowing $156,000 – proving the enduring appeal and financial potential of Nintendo’s golden 8-bit era. So that is all about how much is a used Nintendo Switch worth.

 Also, if you have been looking for what to do when your Nintendo Switch is bricked, you can try establishing it.

Factors Contributing to an NES’s Worth

If you have an original Nintendo Entertainment System in your attic, it might be worth digging it out. Several factors determine an NES’s value to collectors.

One major thing that increases an NES’s worth is having the original box and all the accessories. Collectors want everything to be in the complete, unopened condition it was sold in in the 80s. An NES alone isn’t worth much, but one still sealed in the box with the manual, game, and zapper light gun can fetch hundreds online.

Even opened systems hold more value when they have all the cords and controllers. Replacement parts are just different from the authentic gear.nes worth The boxes and manuals also add context for collectors who want to reminisce about gaming history.

Rarity is another driver of price. Special edition consoles with unusual colour variants or bundles with hard-to-find games command top dollar. A Test Market NES was also released in a few cities as a trial before the full rollout. Finding one of those mostly untouched from the past is a collector’s dream.

Ultimately, it’s all about the memories gaming history holds for dedicated fans. If your old NES still has that new system smell, it could be worth getting in touch with collectors and boosting your retro game values. Just having the original box puts you way ahead of the game! So, that is all in how much is a Nintendo worth or how much is an original nintendo worth. 

Where to Buy and Sell Original NES Consoles

If you want to expand your classic game collection or make some money from the retirement of your old NES, choosing the right venues for purchases and sales is important.

Online auction giants like eBay are tried-and-true locations with massive audiences. Just be sure to research recently sold comparable items to understand fair pricing. Speciality sites like ConsolePassion and VideoGamePriceCharts can also help determine an NES’s value based on characteristics like edition and completeness.

For local deals, check Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. craigslistMeeting in person allows you to thoroughly inspect the hardware before buying. Just be sure to exercise caution for your safety.

Dedicated retro gaming forums present another option, letting you deal with other enthusiastic fans. Reputable brick-and-mortar stores may have quality refurbished units too.

When selling, photographs are a must – show the console powered on to prove it works. Consider pricing lower than similar listings to attract attention. With some research, buyers and sellers can find the right balance of profit and nostalgia.

Protecting Your NES Investment

Now, further in, how much is a Nintendo Switch worth? Let us see how to take proper care. Now that you’ve tracked down your prized NES, it’s important to properly care for it to maintain its value over the decades. Start by giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out. Gently vacuum any dust that may damage circuits over time.

Store your NES in an acid-free box designed for electronics. It prevents corrosion better than regular plastic containers. nes investmentAlso, stash all cords, controllers, and games together neatly to avoid loose pieces getting lost or mixed up with others.

Keep the whole collection in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, which can weaken plastic over the years. Temperature and humidity fluctuations are especially harmful, so avoiding attics and basements is best.

Think twice before plugging in an old system. The decades-old wiring may not have held up. Have a retro game professional perform a full inspection first. Replacement parts can affect monetary worth down the line.

With simple precautions, your investment can retain visual appeal and functionality for future collectors. Proper storage and care will keep your nostalgic NES dream machine safe for many more future adventures. So that is all about how much is an original Nintendo worth. 


When was the original Nintendo released?

The Nintendo Entertainment System launched in North America in 1985 after a test run in New York the prior year. It sparked a gaming revolution and popularity that still impacts the industry today.

What are some valuable original games?

Games like Stadium Events, Battletoads, and Little Samson in great shape could be worth $ 1,000. More common titles like Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, and Mega Man command $50-200 depending on condition.

How do I determine if my games are authentic?

Check for wear matching the cartridge colour. Fakes often have smoother edges or a glossy sheen. Lift the cart to light - legitimate boards will show through matching documentation. Reproductions use different components.

Should I grade my Nintendo games?

For valuable games, professional grading creates trust and consistency for serious collectors. A seal of authenticity and assigned condition grade can significantly boost the price, though it costs an average of $20-50 per game.


The Nintendo Entertainment System left an unmatched legacy. As the console that popularized home gaming, it brought joy to a generation and shaped the industry into what we know today.

Despite its age, the NES remains a cultural touchstone. Its timeless library of 8-bit classics keeps drawing in new fans. For collectors and retro gamers, it represents a gateway into the history of our beloved hobby.

The NES is worth protecting to preserve its memory for many more years. This article on how much is an original Nintendo worth has helped you know everything about it. 

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