Have you been looking for how to change the default PDF viewer in Windows 10? Then look nowhere else as you are at the right place. You must go to the Control Panel, where most system-wide settings are maintained, to alter the Default PDF viewer in Windows 10. Different steps exist to rectify this on other platforms, like Mac and Android. So, to know more about this, read the full article.

To change the default PDF viewer on a Mac, follow these steps: 

  1. Right-click on the thumbnail of any PDF file. 
  2. Select “Get Info” from the menu that appears. 
  3. Look for the “Open With:” section and choose Adobe Acrobat DC or Reader from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click “Change All” to apply this change to all future PDF documents. 
  5. Finally, click “Continue” to complete the process.

A PDF reader, a tool that lets you read, print, and occasionally change a PDF file, is now installed on almost all computers. A quick PDF viewer will allow you to open your file quickly and efficiently. In this post, we’ve covered how to modify the Default viewer. If your viewer is dated and unreliable and you want to replace it right immediately, read the following article.

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What Is The Best Way To Change My Default PDF Reader On Windows 10/11?

When you browse a PDF on the PC, it always appears in a PDF reader that you don’t like or prefer to use, which is frustrating. But, if you prefer another PDF viewer and use Windows, you may easily change the default PDF viewer to Windows 10. One example of this is UPDF. This can help you with “how to change Default pdf viewer Windows 10”. The procedures listed below allow you to modify the Default behavior of Windows 11, which is to open PDFs in Microsoft Edge:

First, hit the “Win” icon and choose “Settings” to access the settings.win settings You may select the “app to open pdf files” option from the menu just on the left side of the screen. Choose “Default applications” from the side menu on the right.

  1. First, to stop Edge from opening the PDF, do this. A search box that says “Set a Default for a file type or link type” can be found as you go.stop edge (1) By writing “.pdf,” you may find PDF files. The existing Default PDF program, such as Microsoft Edge, would appear as you go. Select the current Default PDF application to alter this.
  2. A window asking, “How do you wish to open pdf files moving forward?” will display. Choose your preferred UPDF PDF viewer from the “Other Alternatives” list.other options Click “OK,” and your browser’s PDF viewer will change. You can quickly fix the problem of opening PDFs in Windows 10

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How to Change the Mac’s Default PDF Reader

You must pick a reliable PDF viewer if you work in an environment where you must manage several PDF files regularly. For Mac users, Preview is the Default PDF viewer, although this can be changed relatively quickly. This will fix your “how to change Default pdf viewer Windows 10 on Mac.” For a better grasp, pay close attention to the subsequent actions:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl + Click” on a PDF while using a Mac. When you click “Open With,” the currently selected Default PDF viewer, usually Preview, will appear.ctrlclick
  2. To modify “how to change Default pdf viewer Windows 10“, press “Get info,” All the details about that specific PDF file, including its size, date, and other information, will be displayed.get info
  3. The “Open With” option is under the information tab. To switch to a different PDF reader, click the name of the one currently set as your default. Now, a list of PDF viewers will show up. Choose a word from the list.open with
  4. The new standard PDF file viewer on Windows 10, such as UPDF PDF Editor, will appear in the box. Next, select the “Change All” button next to the statement, “Use this program to view all files similar to this one.” Then, choose “Continue” to validate your modifications.

How to Make Chrome Your Preferred PDF Viewer on Windows 10

Everyone has a preferred Default PDF viewer that they like to use. The Default PDF viewer on computers is Microsoft Edge. However, most users favor other viewers over the Edge. Thus, Windows 10 offers a simple method for changing it. For those who desire to switch to another PDF viewer, the methods listed below are helpful:

  1. Use the “Search” option to look for “Control Panel” at the bottom left of the screen.opening control panel Open the app as soon as it appears in the search results.
  2. Once the “Control Panel” has opened, click on “Programs” and then “Default Programs” to reach the “Set Your Default Programs” option. Select “Choose Default programs by file type” from the window’s left-bottom menu. “Default applications” would appear in a new window.programs
  3. Go to the “extension” area and discover the “.pdf” file type. From the list of possibilities, you must choose Google Chrome. This will let you set the default PDF reader for Windows 10.new pdf viewer A new window containing alternative Default PDF viewers will appear when you click on the active Default PDF reader. 

Methods for Modifying Android’s Default PDF Reader

Consider receiving a PDF file over WhatsApp from a buddy. You click to view it but are still figuring out what to do next. To start the process, adhere to the following steps. The following paragraphs should be carefully read if you use Android and need help altering the Default PDF viewer.

  1. Tap on a PDF document to open it. A popup that lists the PDF viewers you may use to view your PDF file may display as you view it.pdf file
  2. Tick the “Remember my decision” box under the PDF reader choices. After checking that box, choose one of the PDF readers from the list above. Here, one may select UPDF.remember-choice Now that you’ve chosen the Default PDF viewer, the PDF file will open in that viewer by default the next time you click on it.

How can one change the iPhone/Default iPad’s PDF application?

If you have an Apple phone or iPad, you know Apple’s regulations against changing the Default PDF viewer. But if you wish to view the file in another viewer, such as UPDF for iOS, then adhere to these instructions:

  1. Open your PDF file using the iPhone/iPad reader. You may “Share” by clicking the button in the bottom left corner.pdf in ios We hope you have fixed your problem of “how to change Default pdf viewer Windows 10”. There are several viewing applications available as soon as you click. The PDF will appear in that specific reader if you choose UPDF or any other one. Click here to learn about the 10 Best Free DLL Fixer Software for Windows.


What PDF reader comes with Windows 10 out of the box?

For viewing PDF documents on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is the recommended application. A more appropriate and feature-rich software, such as Acrobat Reader or Acrobat, can be the Default program for opening PDF files.

Are PDFs automatically accessible?

The only way to make PDFs and other materials accessible is to do so. By default, they are not reachable.

Where is a PDF file saved by Default?

The most recently opened location is the Default place for storing PDF files. Saving a PDF file to your desktop is one example. The Default Save location will be set to your desktop the next time you save a PDF file.

Can PDF files be edited?

Microsoft Word cannot automatically modify a PDF file. The PDF will be converted to Word format by more recent versions of Microsoft Office so that users can make modifications. It's not a secure procedure, but it's one method for someone to try to alter your document.


It is easy to designate a Default PDF reader to stop the bubble from popping constantly. In this post, we’ve discussed several ways to change the Default PDF viewer. We’ve discussed all the methods to change the default PDF viewer in Windows 10 and options accessible for users of Mac and Windows.

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