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PDF documents are a part of our everyday lives now. We send some and receive some others. But often, you might find yourself in a situation where the existing content in a PDF file needs to be highlighted in some way. Maybe you need to put some underlines or add some simple notes and reminders on specific pages. That is where a PDF annotator comes in handy.

If you think which is the best annotator software to get for your Windows PC, here is a list that I compiled on 7 best PDF annotator software for Windows OS? Let us begin.

Top 7 PDF Annotator Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Probably the most used and my favourite software of all is the Adobe, acrobat reader. It’s seamless user interface, and the sheer performance makes it a highly recommended choice of mine. It can be used merely as a PDF viewer or as an annotator, depending on what you are up to.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

You can draw a free form on your PDF, draw a text box, highlight text, add sticky notes and more. Additionally, you can strike through text and attach media files to it as well. It’s pretty cool. Anyone who has used an Adobe product before will know what to expect from them in their offerings.

I use this all the time, and I suggest you try it out too. I got mine from their official web page.

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PDF-XChange Viewer

This is another free software which I found to be pretty good. There are exciting tools such as the typewriter tool and the textbox tool, also the familiar ones like text highlighter and cross out tools are all here. You can draw lines, arrows, strikeout text, draw ovals and even polygons.

There is also a pencil and eraser tools on board for you to scribble on a touch compatible device. You can take snapshots out of this existing document and add comments to any attachments you want. It has a pretty neat and organized user interface, which might appeal to some of us who don’t mind casual looking tools.

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Nitro Reader

This is a pretty decent annotation tool that you can get out there. It has got all the basics covered and will make sure you can get things done. This software provides you with text highlighters, text selection tools, tools to draw primary objects and geometric shapes, and also add in some signatures.

Every once in a while, we have to sign some pdf document, and you have tools for that on most editors out there. This is one of them, with a straightforward interface and straightforward applications.

If that is precisely what you’re looking for, then get Nitro Reader for yourself.

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Expert PDF Viewer

This PDF viewer software allows users to import any PDF document and annotate it as required. You can circle things you find as essential and highlight noteworthy text. You can also add stamps and put in your digital signature as well. It’s all good.

There also is a hand tool which helps you move selections around in your PDF file. It is a pretty good option to consider getting.

Soda PDF 3D reader

This weirdly named PDF reader provides you with a 3-dimensional interface for annotating PDF files. With options to highlight text, underline them, strike text out, add images and other media and much more, you can pretty much get all your things done.

The interface looks different than any other PDF software out there. The general menus, to the UI which lets you select the highlighter colour, everything has a 3D effect to it, which looks quite refreshing. To try this one out, you can download it from their website.

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Foxit Reader

With this PDF reader and annotator, you can add useful notes as text replacement; you can draw things directly using a pen compatible display or even scribble along with your mouse. Other everyday stuff like underlining text, highlighting text, ruling it out by selecting it are all present with this software.

There are other tools available to us, such as the digital stamp on your PDF, text reader as well as an auto scroll. It serves well as a simple PDF viewer as well. Check this one out, you might prefer it more than the other software in this list.


Unusual name for software, don’t you think? This simple PDF manager tool helps you annotate your PDF documents quickly. You can select a whole block of text quickly, make changes to it, such as underlining it, ruling it out, etc. You can even have some projections drawn out of existing annotations.

This tool is only used for adding some necessary annotations to your PDF document, but it serves our purpose very well. You can use it as a simple PDF viewer or a basic PDF annotator when needed.