Learn “How To Locate A Lost Cell Phone That Is Turned Off”

You may have felt uneasiness after losing your essentials, but doesn’t need to get panic, precisely take a smart move in the right direction. How to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off? We will see varied ways of this question.

lost cell phone

To trace the location of the smartphone, Google Maps can help you. Trace the phone through International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) (By this number, the service provider or police can track your device). These are all easy methods to find your lost phone.

This topic will mainly focus on how to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off. You can try to solve this problem in several ways. We will see all these things in detail.

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User-friendly Methods Of How To Locate A Lost Cell Phone That Is Turned Off

How to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off? We will see all possible ways of it. Before this incident, take an effortless step and turn on the device’s last location option and Find My Network.

As anything doesn’t happen by knocking on our door, act sharp-witted and download the Find My Device app (for Android) and Find My app (for iPhone). These options are available in your phone’s settings.

How to track a turned-off phone, there are user-friendly techniques for finding a turned-off phone. Let’s, take a look at each one of them; 

For Android, follow these steps to find your device;

1. Using a different device, proceed with the Find My Device app.

find my device app

2. Sign in with the email linked to your lost phone.

3. Different devices will appear on your screen. Choose your device.

After all these steps, you can see your lost cell phone’s location. You can even secure or erase your device by clicking on the option below.

For iPhone, walk on these paces to find a lost cell phone;

1. With the help of another iOS device, quickly move to Find my Network, or you can also prefer the iCloud website.

find my network

2. Choose your iPhone from the different devices option.

3. You will be able to view the location of the iPhone once you have completed this.

lost Mode

If you find that your device is not near you, then don’t get afraid of it. Enable lost mode with the help of the Find my Network app or iCloud website.

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Different Ways Of Finding Your Lost Cell Phone

You can use different tactics to find your lost phone. Let’s look at each of them;


mSpy comes up as the best solution that not only assists you in tracking your lost phone but also helps to capture various details regarding your phone. If your phone has been in the wrong hands, this app will help you recollect the device’s incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and various things relative to your phone. Follow this step to use the mSpy app;


Log in to the mSpy app using any device(computer or phone). Using this app, you can find your device’s location.


This is another amazing app, but the drawback of this is it will only work when you have permitted camera uploads from the settings.


If your cell phone is stolen and the thief takes any picture, then spontaneously, dropbox will link to the dropbox cloud to track your device’s location. 

Bluetooth Tracker

Another amazing app lets you track your phone easily using Bluetooth tracking. You have to use another device to track your phone’s location. These apps are Tile and Apple AirTag.

bluetooth tracker app

To learn about more apps and the hacks of tracking a cell phone without the person being able to know this, then read this article. This will help you to do so.

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If My Phone Is In A Nearby Location, How do I Find It? 

The easiest way is to try to call your phone. If your phone is in a nearby location, you will be able to find it, or you can also use a Smart Home Speaker. To locate your device’s location using Smart Home Speaker, follow these steps;

1. Firstly, you must activate the smart home speaker using a voice activation command.

smart home speaker

2. Once you speak, find your phone, then spontaneously, your phone will get a call.

Which Hidden Changes Can Help You To Locate your Smartphone?

This setting will help you to track your cell phone easily.

1. Move to settings in your android device and google pixel.

biometrics and security

2. In settings, search for Biometrics and Security. In it, go to find my Mobile option and turn it on. This option will help you to find your device.

Location accuracy

3. Enable the option to “increase location accuracy” for improved device tracking.

You can easily track your device using Google Maps if you have done all these settings. Follow these steps;

1. From any device, go to google and search for Find my phone. After searching, google Maps will appear on your screen. Once you find your device, you can see its location.

google maps

2. If your phone is far from your location, then you can also prefer to do these steps to secure your credentials. 

Erase your phone-This option will delete all your phone’s data.

Lock the phone- This will lock your device unless and until you don’t retrieve it through Google Maps.

Make a Phone Call- You can also make a phone call using Google Maps. If it’s nearby, then you will be able to locate it.

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How Will The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) Number Help You? 

IMEI number will help you to locate your cell phone by taking the assistance of experts. Using these techniques, you can find the IMEI number;

  • For an android phone, move to settings and proceed with the about device, click on this option, then hunt for the IMEI number.

imei number

  • For iOS device users, proceed with settings and search for general and about. In this section, you can find the IMEI number. Read this article to know more about the IMEI checker tools of Apple. It contains brilliant tools to check the device’s IMEI number.
  • If you cannot find your IMEI number, follow this guide to change the IMEI number of any device.



How to find a phone that is turned off? We have seen the simplest ways of it. Don’t forget to set up your device before you lose it. These settings will help you to locate your phone effortlessly. I hope after following this article, you will be able to solve your question about How to find a lost cell phone that is turned off.

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