How to Start an Online Store (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Ever had discussions with your friends or relatives regarding how you should take your business online? And brushed off the idea because it all sounded ‘not-your-cup-of-tea’? Well, it isn’t as undoable as you might think it is. To get you out of your doubts and to guide you on how to start an online store, I’m here. 

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By putting everything on the Internet is a demand of the age as well as a means of making immense profit Internet has a vast reach nowadays. Hence, people tend to benefit from that. It’d be a fantastic idea to take your business game up a notch by showcasing it on your online store. So, does that sound tempting to you too, but you have no idea whatsoever on how to go about it? No worries, because that is the hot topic for today. We’ll be chit-chatting about how to start an online store. 

Yes!! You heard that right. How to start an online store and that too all on your own It’s Just a matter of some steps, and your online store will be up and running in no time. Here’s a guide to help you become a successful online business owner. Check it out here!

Pleasing? Great. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

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Here are the Key Steps for How to Start an Online Store

Doing business online is a bit unconventional. You have to work on the whole setup before you start doing business. So allow me to enlighten you on how it goes.

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Product/ Products

The very first thing to decide for learning how to start an online store, what would it deal with? If a user is someone who is starting from scratch, then do go over every step twice. By starting from scratch, I mean, if you don’t already own a business that you’d like to put online. There are some contributing factors to the kind of product you should sell.

For instance, whether you should sell expensive luxurious items. Or the ones more on the nominal side of the pricing, like products of daily need.There are different effects of both. If you go with the former, you’ll have fewer customers because not everyone can afford luxury goods. But, on the other hand, the average value of your order will be massive.


If you decide on selling everyday items that aren’t so pricey, it will turn the tables. The average value won’t be high, but you will attract more people. The solution is, try to keep it balanced. Not too high, not too low.Why? Because the services that go behind prepping, both expensive and non-expensive goods are the same.

The other factors in the first step towards learning how to start an online store include the screening of goods—the ones which may provide you monopoly in the market or the ones who hold more scope.

Modes of selling

Some of you might be wondering, ‘there is more than one mode?’. Yes, there is. You can either take the usual route. You have your items. And you can choose to sell them in any way you deem fit. Their maintenance, security, storage, etc. is yours to do. But your say is all that matters. It is the first part of the factor that holds a lot of importance on how to start an online store.

Modes of selling
Modes of selling

The next one has become quite popular with the masses lately. You work in tandem with the agency or manufacturers of products. Divide the profit share. You have to be the inter-mediator. Users do not have to take a headache of products. Users are answerable to the consumer as you are the one who made the deal, not have the agency.In the process of learning how to start an online store, go with the mode that suits you the best.

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It’s All in The Name

A name does and should describe a lot about a business. No wonder, in learning how to start an online store, it is an essential consideration. So, tread very wisely while choosing a name for your business. Nothing too flashy, yet elegant and catchy. And what’s the fun if no one can pronounce it or spell out.

Its all in the name
Its all in the name

Choose something which is easy to understand and slides right off your tongue. Again, it has to be relevant to the kind of business you have. Take your merry time in deciding one.Lastly, make sure the name you decide has a .com domain corresponding to it. While others are gaining popularity, it is the one that works worldwide.

A Website for the Business

There are a valid number of online platforms that offer to set up a website for you. That too for free or for a small fee. Without it, learning how to start an online store is incomplete—websites aid marketing.You could register yourself on platforms like Shopify Plus or magneto 2 to get started. With magneto 2, in some cases, you might have to speed up magneto 2They have a hoard of pre-made designs to offer. You can choose for your business whichever you think caters best to your needs. You can always buy themes if you have a taste for more stylish ones, definitely with more features.

A website for business
A website for business

After that, there is a kind of dashboard on your left hand. In learning how to build an online store, its time to get a little technical now. You can upload your goods one by one by choosing the “Product” option from the very same dashboard.

Check out each option on the dashboard turn wise. Fill in what you require to fill. It’s that simple. Just go with the flow.As you know, a website has different pages. You can create all of those pages, by clicking on the option on the dashboard and adding subsequent pages. Scroll down a little to find it.

Also, if you don’t have a way with words, don’t worry. The platform has a self-produced policies page for you. All users have to do is click the option.Just open the page labeled checkout from the settings.You can also customize settings like shipping and many more. Everything may vary according to the product or distance. Next, I’d suggest, in learning how to start an online store, fill everything up. Check all is done and ready.

Additional Responsibilities

The last two things in learning how to start an online store are sales tax permit and promotions. You can do the former by going to the government’s office in the state you reside in. And completing all the documentation and formalities.For promotions and social media marketing, you can hire professionals. Alternatively, you could post regularly on your social media about it. Try to make separate pages of your business on Instagram and Facebook, or whichever platforms you use. Decide everything in advance. The content you’re going to post, the target audience, the frequency of posts, etc.

Closing note

Concluding, what I want to say is getting the hang of how to start an online store is a lengthy procedure. But not at all a tough catch. It is no rocket science, after all. On top of that, following the steps works like a charm, even if you’re a beginner. So you’re just one step away from living your long-standing dream of having an online store. That step is reading the article. Do give it a try.

And don’t forget to visit us for more articles.

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