Is Facebook Still Relevant for Business in 2022?

As the most popular social media platform currently around, Facebook has approximately 2.27 billion active users. That means more than one-third of the world population is now connected to Facebook. That’s a lot of users viewing and looking at Facebook profiles. But, is Facebook still relevant for business in 2022?

is facebook still relevant

As a business, Facebook helps connect prospective customers to active companies every single day. Nearly 93% of all consumer buying decisions are based on social media.

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The benefits of Facebook for Companies

Increased Brand Awareness

Your brand doesn’t just end at your website; it extends into social media, whether you’re active or not. So, is Facebook still relevant? Establishing a Facebook business page connects existing and potential customers to your brand. Businesses can operate exclusively through their Facebook page, selling products and services through landing pages and eCommerce websites.

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Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Every registered user on Facebook has had personal information collected as data. This data collection includes name, age, gender, email, and personal interests. Companies can capitalize on this data by creating targeted ads to specific geographical areas, specified interests, or gender. In other words, a woman’s travel clothing line can target only female leads within a particular geographical region who are interested in travel.

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Receive Detailed Insights

Another way to answer “Is Facebook still relevant?” All business pages have access to a detailed log of insights. These statistics include the last seven days, one month, or three-month period, which can showcase the strengths and weaknesses within the company.


Statistics include content engagement, demographics, video interaction, likes on the page, and more. Users can also connect their Instagram account to the insights panel for a complete understanding of both platforms.

Customized Facebook Pages

Every business on the Facebook platform has the opportunity to customize its URL. Accounts must post at least once to the page and have 25 active followers to customize their reports. Businesses meeting these benchmarks can choose a unique username to follow the domain. New companies should check Facebook username availability before updating the page, as accounts are individual (meaning you can’t duplicate the ending suffix on the website).

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Improved Customer Service

An angry consumer is a damaging consumer. A way you can understand is Facebook still relevant is that most disgruntled customers will tell between twenty to thirty people about their negative experiences. The majority of those customers want a resolution to their issue (whether it be a problem with the product, a negative experience with an employee, or simply feeling frustrated during the purchasing process). Facebook allows direct contact with clients in several ways. Businesses can be tagged in individual posts or stories, comments can be made on the business’s posts, a consumer can post a review online, or contact can be made through the messenger functionality. Communication brings higher levels of insight into the organization and can help mitigate any issues or concerns long-term.

Direct Traffic to Your Website

Whether you’re running a targeted ad campaign with a link to your website or you’re sharing content from your domain’s blog, attracting new traffic is simplified with Facebook. Organic traffic comes from sharing posts, blogs, content, or videos directly to the page.

Website Traffic

The user finds the content through sharing or visiting the website and clicking on the link now. Paid traffic appears in front of targeted customers with specific outlined criteria. Ad campaigns can link directly to a product or service on the company’s website, increasing traffic overall.

Improved SERP Rankings and Search Engine Results

As many popular search engines index social media platforms, having a business page on Facebook can only help your online credibility and authority. It allows businesses to reach higher quantities of people in a localized spot without extending their marketing efforts. Search engines scrolling social media websites are likely to hit your business page, showing your page in the results.

serp rankings
SERP Rankings

Remember, the SERP factors in both organic and paid results. Organic efforts include backlinks (from other websites), search engine optimization, and authority when determining the results. The more locations your website and business information appear online, the better your chances of ranking higher on search results will be.

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Is Facebook still relevant for 2022?

With over 50 million business pages currently circulating on social media, a company would be hard-pressed to avoid Facebook. Account creation among younger generations has decreased with new platforms, but there is still an active and robust community of adult and senior populations. Even companies catering to younger age groups can benefit from having a Facebook business page.

Purchasing power needs to be established when targeting audiences; that is, a seventeen-year-old girl won’t be making online purchases without a parental credit card in most instances. Gift giving, holidays, and brand authority are all important considerations when creating a Facebook page. So we hope you’ve found the answer to Is Facebook still relevant for 2022?

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