Today’s article will answer one of the most frequently asked questions: ‘Is Gamulator Safe?’

ROMs are a great way to preserve classic games that are no longer sold for commercial purposes. For all gaming enthusiasts out there, ROM sites are a blessing. These websites are ideal for the new generation of games looking to try vintage games. If you seek to relive their childhood memories, then ROM sites are here to the rescue. ROM sites are the closest thing young adults get to a time machine. Over the years, major gaming corporations have filed several lawsuits on various ROM sites. Additionally, several ROM sites have been accused of sharing downloadable ROMs that contain viruses. These accusations have created some unrest amongst the gaming community, so looking for a dependable ROM site is of the utmost essence.

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What Is Gamulator?

Gamulator is one of the most popular ROM websites within the gaming community. They are famous for the vast array of ROMs that they carry, each spanning across various genres. Some popular ROMs they carry include Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda, and several Pokemon titles. The website also carries emulators you can download to play the games with. In short, emulators are software that imitates the behavior of a gaming console. Therefore, depending on the ROM you download, you can download an emulator of the compatible gaming console. 


Before we answer the question, is Gamulator safe?, you must understand a couple more facts about ROMs. For starters, cracking a ROM is, in fact, illegal in several countries as it is a copyright infringement. That said, several websites give you a safe and legal way to download ROMs. As of today, Gamulator is one of them. The website also safeguards you from any unwanted popup advertisements or notifications. Since gamulator offers thousands of ROMs for download, there is a high possibility that the site holds almost every game you need. It is also updated regularly, making you more likely to find your favorites. 

Visit: Gamulator

Is Gamulator safe?

So, regarding whether Gamulator is safe, we can say that they’ve been pretty upright about the ROMs they offer. Gamulator has openly claimed that their website is solely set up to preserve retro games.

is gamulator safe

The website has further stated that they wished to connect emulator developers to their ROM site. This is because they want to make playing games that no longer exist on the market easier for all gaming enthusiasts. In addition to this, the site has a strict policy against pirated or copyrighted material. They have a thorough procedure for game developers whose work has been uploaded illegally to complain. 

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What Makes a ROM safe?

Now that we’ve somewhat answered the is gamulator safe question, let’s look at the factors that make a ROM safe. By verifying these facts with the ROM you wish to download, you can be sure you’re not exposing yourself to harmful malware. 

what makes a rom safe

  • Always keep a lookout for the extension file of the ROM. It should never end with .exe or .msi; if it does, please do not attempt to download or extract the file. The extension will depend mainly on the ROM you’re trying to download. E.g., Nintendo games will end in .n64 or .v64 
  • If a site asks you to use download managers, then do not attempt to download the file. Always try and search for a direct link to download the ROM.
  • Always ensure that the ROM you want to download has not been modified. You can use tools like WinMD5 Free (Available for Windows users). This will compute the checksum of your file. Once complete, double-check this with checksums of a reliable online resource. A match will indicate that the ROM is probably safe for download. 

One additional precaution you can take is using an ad blocker. This will protect you from any unwanted ad providers trying to take control of your browser.

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How do I download from Gamulator?

You can go to the video available on Gamulator and click on the download option.

Are emulator sites legal?

Yes, emulator sites are legal and safe to use.

Can emulators get you banned?

No rules say that emulators are illegal. Therefore there is a meager chance that they can get you banned.

Does Gamulator have pirated content?

No. Gamulators have rules against pirated content therefore they are not available.


Finally, to answer the question, ‘Is Gamulator safe?’, we’d say yes and no. Now, finding ROMs of games that do not harm original game developers can be tricky. However, Gamulator seems to have everything in check. Plus, owing to their strict policy against piracy, we’d say that it is pretty safe to download ROMs from their site. Knowing the danger, putting your device at risk for a ROM isn’t the best decision. Therefore, before downloading ROMs, also test for viruses by using antivirus software. So now that you’ve got your answers, you can download the ROMs of games you thought you’d never get to play! 

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