Online Identity Verification | Everything You Need to Know

The entire world is moving towards a digital era and becoming reliable in various fields. Moreover, online businesses are overgrowing to enhance users’ overall productivity. Everyone is aware of financial fraud and of swindling while making offline transactions. Therefore, online retailers must follow strict guidelines to entertain legit customers only. Today, we explain everything that you must know regarding Online Identity Verification.

online identification and verification
Online Identification and Verification

Be sure to read the entire article, as we also have a unique API to do the job for you.

What is Online Identity Verification?

As the name suggests, Online Identity Verification plays a vital role in establishing contracts between parties. Mostly, a registered email address or Facebook profile is enough to get verified on any website. The person will eventually receive a verification email, after which the process is complete.

However, this procedure seems slightly unofficial if you have a more significant stake. These agreements usually require a more powerful ID proof that is legally associated with the person. It is better to have adequate tools to authenticate the document’s overall structure.

electronic id
Electronic ID

Electronic ID is a new technology that is quite effective in making verification quicker and more reliable. You have to regulate a document through multiple channels to test the accuracy and reliability of the details.

Further, this task becomes tedious for platforms that receive hundreds of IDs in a single day. Therefore, you can take assistance from a helpful identity verification API called Idenfy. We will learn more about the tool in the upcoming sections of the guide.

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Why Should I Use Idenfy? (Online Identity Verification)

We have already talked about the basic idea behind applying Online Identity Verification. However, many of you might be interested in knowing more about the functioning of Idenfy. There is no doubt that Idenfy is a promising Online Identity Verification service provider.


This is why there are millions of customers already combining it with their regular business. Here are some features of Idenfy that makes it one of the best in the industry.

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ID Document Verification

Documents are the most common way of providing the exact details about a person. Idenfy can capture the document images and extract essential information from the same. Moreover, it can automatically detect the type and country of the ID document from more than 2000 different examples.

id document verification
ID Document Verification

You might be amazed to see the results that take only 0.02 seconds. Once the details are displayed, you can run a technical check to verify the person in no time.

AI Facial Recognition

The quickest way to recognize facial and biometric data is by using Artificial Intelligence. Idenfy makes sure that their face tests are reliable and provides more than 98% accuracy in results. 

ai recognition
AI recognition

The facial recognition software can easily detect any modification or spoofing with the image, leading to probable fraud. Hence, you will get a quick comparison between the original and duplicate documents.

Continuous Human Support

A team of real people monitors all processes. This ensures double protection at each stage of verification. Moreover, customers get assured results within seconds to continue their online transactions.

Low Cost

The best part about using Idenfy is that you don’t have to pay for the entire online identity verification period. The platform will only charge you for the successful ID verification that comes out. Thus, small businesses can avail themselves of these services and get the maximum output. Idenfy reduces overall costs by 40%.

low cost
Low cost

Liveness Detection

The Liveness Detection feature is an effective technique for detecting face texture and appearance. The system can catch the slightest signs of fake 2D images or videos through unique sensors. Also, anyone trying to sneak with silicone masks or projections will not get access. In other words, the application will only allow a live face to pass.

Is Idenfy Safe?

This is the most common question that every customer asks before filling in the form for Idenfy. The answer for the same is a big YES! Every cyber security service believes that Idenfy will minimize the frequency of online identity verification frauds online.


The service providers claim data security to be the first name on their priority list. The entire user data is encrypted using the latest firewalls. Hence, you wouldn’t need to stress about anything other than managing your business.

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Conclusion (Online Identity Verification)

We hope you are now aware of Online Identity Verification and its requirements. Many opportunities will open up when you merge Idenfy with your online business. Use a free demo of Idenfy if you are interested. Fill out the registration form accordingly.

The platform will help you keep your website secure and protected from unwanted threats. Also, you can consult the online Help Center at Idenfy to give a detailed description of their services.

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