Project Management Phases — How to Lead a Project to Success

In recent years, project management has become a prominent job title that almost every industry needs. If you have heard of project managers, but you are not sure what they do, we’re here to help you. We will help you understand the project management phases.

Before we get into any details, we’ll offer you a simple explanation of this job role. A project manager is the one responsible for the failure or success of a particular project. However, being responsible for the project doesn’t mean that one person carries out the whole project.

Below, you will be able to find out what the role of Project manager consist of, what are the mandatory skills, and also, will talk about the stages of a project – from the beginning to the end. This job has project management phases, we’ll discuss this further.

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Who is a Project Manager?

A project manager is a master of multitasking because it entails various responsibilities- creating and executing a project, lead a team, and managing expectations. Fortunately, as we already said, a project manager doesn’t do all the work. Teamwork is crucial for a successful project and so are the project management phases.

project manager
Project Manager

Now that teams and teamwork are bought up , one of the essential qualities a project manager needs to have is a flexibility. A PM need to be able to adapt every situation, work with different people, be a supervisor, co-worker, and a team leader. Balance is Key.

As a project manager, you’ll need to understand the client’s needs, desires, problems, and expectations and know how to deal with and execute them. Also you’ll have to learn and follow all the project management phases.

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What Skills Does Project Management Require?

Merely knowing what project management is won’t guarantee you will be a good PM. There are no specific project management skills. This job position requires a whole spectrum of skills and abilities. To start, you need to be an excellent communicator and an open minded leader. However, that won’t be enough. It would help if you were a strategic thinker who is accountable, decisive, and impervious to stress. You’ll be able to use use these skils after you learn about the project management phases.

pm skills
PM Skills

Moreover, it would help if you were a risk-taker, but you also need a good understanding of different business practices. If a problem arises, you need to know what to do. Do you turn to resource leveling or source smoothing? Do you reassess the goals, or make some organisational changes? You need to know what’s happening with the project at every moment so that you can react accordingly.

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Project Management Phases

Mostly, there are five phases when it comes to managing the project. We could quickly go over them. But you need to know that each of these project management phases has a several sub-phases you need to master if you want a project to succeed.

Here are the five main phases:

Project Initiation #1

This phase is to assess the feasibility and value of the project. This is a begging to all the project management phases.

project initiation
Project initiation

Project Planning #2

When the project has gained approval, you can move onto planning – you create a project plan covering all the vital project aspects.

project planning
Project planning

Project Execution #3

This phase is most commonly in connection to the project management itself. You and your teamwork towards achieving the goals and meeting customer’s requirements. This is one of the most important from all the project management phases.

project execution
Project execution

Project Control and Monitoring #4

The previous project management phases and this one go hand in hand. While the team works on execution. Everything is closely under surveillance to prevent any missing steps.

project control and monitoring
Project control and monitoring

Project Closure #5

The project is complete when the team delivers it to the customer and releases the resources to other ongoing projects. This is the last and final of the Project management phases.

project closure
Project Closure

Project management might seem overwhelming, but it takes a lot of practice to all master project management phases. If you want to boost your chances of getting a project manager position, you can look at some project management certifications that might come in handy.

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