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Nowadays, everyone has their most important data, files, pictures, and much more in their smartphones, Android, or iPhone. Thus, it sucks when you delete something by mistake and want to Recover Deleted Files From iPhone. After the success of the iPhone X, Apple has recently announced three new models named iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. All these have unique features with some impressive specifications that users love to have. Their screen sizes are significant; they have new chipsets, better battery life, and lots of other upgrades over its predecessor. These new devices also support the new iOS 12 version.

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However, due to some iPhone crashes, iOS updates, jailbreak failure, accidental deletion, or other reasons, some iPhone users may lose some of their essential data. There may also be a loss of data due to theft and such reasons. You can also recover deleted files from Mac easily and sync your data to iPhone with a few quick clicks.

iPhone Data Recovery
iPhone Data Recovery

But, since most of the essential data are stored in our phones, data loss will be a massive problem for us. So comes the way to recover and restore those vital data that has been lost.

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4 Easy Methods to Recover Deleted Files From iPhone (All)

There are many possible ways to recover these lost data from the iPhones. It won’t matter much whether the device is an iPhone X or an iPhone Xs. What matters the most will be the version of the iOS operating system that the machine is running.

Most iPhones are running on iOS 11 and 12, and very few run on older versions. iOS 11 and 12 have almost the same way to recover lost files which we will be discussing here.

Few methods can help you to recover deleted files from iPhones. Some of them are discussed below.

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 iTunes Backup Method

If you have your data updated with your Apple iTunes account, the Recover Deleted Files From iPhone is not very worrying.

  1. To begin with, open the updated version of iTunes on your PC and after that, connect your iPhone to your PC.
  2. Wait for the device to get detected, and then go to the “Device” icon and then select the device model.
  3. Proceed to the Summary page.
  4. Enable the “Restore Backup” option that will be present under the backup menu.
  5. You will see a page that will let you select the option to restore the backup file. Wait for a few minutes till all of your backup data gets restored by iTunes to your phone.

iTunes backup

iCloud Backup Process

To restore your lost data via your iCloud account, follow the steps as mentioned.

  1. Ensure that your device has enough space to restore the lost data from your iCloud account or reset your device once.
  2. To begin with, just go to Settings > General > Reset and select the option of “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  3. Press on confirm and then reset your device. After it restarts, you will have to do a quick setup process.
  4. Click on the “Restore from iCloud Backup.” Option.
  5. Log in with your Apple ID with the password that you have on your iCloud account.
  6. Select the iCloud files that you wish to recover and then apply for download the backup.
  7. Once done, wait for some time until the data is restored you’re your iCloud backup account.

iCloud backup

If you have not synced your data to Apple servers, you can follow some other ways to Recover Deleted Files From iPhone to try and get back your lost files from your iPhone X or the Xs family.

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Third-Party Software

Suppose you don’t have any backup files available to restore the data loss situation. In that case, you can only rely on third-party powerful recovery software such as ApowerRescue, EaseUS, Anytrans backup, iOS Data Recovery, or U.Phone data recovery apps. These professional recovery solutions will work as stated for most iPhone/iPad models running the iOS 11 or 12 versions.

Whatever data that you may have lost, like contacts, photos, call history, text messages, notes, audios, and others, these can be quickly Recover Deleted Files From iPhone X or your iPhone Xs and Xs max phones. You can also restore the data to other older models, such as the iPhone 8, which runs on iOS versions starting from iOS 10 to 12.

iOS data recovery

The apps such as iOS Data Recovery or U.Fone iPhone Data Recovery are ideal data recovery options if you have no backup files available. You can use it to recover the deleted items from your iPhone or iPad for any data loss cases.

Some of the main features of iOS Data Recovery apps are that they can restore most of your data, including your contacts list, text messages, photos, videos, notes, call logs, calendars, WhatsApp chats, documents, apps, games, and more. With this, you can directly restore deleted data from your iPhone X selectively. Without covering the previous data.

The models of iPhones that are compatible with these iOS Data Recovery apps are those that support the latest iOS versions such as the iPhone X, iPhone Xs, Xs Max, iPhone 8 and (Plus), iPhone 7and (Plus), iPhone 6S, and (Plus), iPhone 6 and (Plus).

Restoring Lost Photos and Videos from iPhone

If you have deleted some of your pictures or videos from your gallery, there is a straightforward way to Recover Deleted Files From iPhone back.

restore lost photos

After you delete the media files from your gallery, be it photos or videos. You must know that iOS has a feature that the deleted media files don’t delete immediately. Still, it complies with a temporary folder from where it deletes after 30 days. Should you wish to recover these files, you must go to that “recently deleted” folder and retrieve these files before 30 days. You lost data after you updated to a new iPhone. You could always use Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to get the data back from the old iPhone or backup.

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How to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone with/without Backup

  1. iTunes BackUp Method
  2. iCloud BackUp Process
  3. ThirdParty Software
  4. Restoring Lost Photos and Videos from iPhone


These are some ways by which you can Recover Deleted Files on your iPhone if you are really in need of the files.

Remember that if you have no backup, then the third-party software cannot guarantee a successful retrieval as the iPhone’s encryption is so strong that any data wiped out from the device may be untraceable. It may not be possible to analyze or recover the data through any third-party recovery programs.

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