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A drum machine is an equipment which can be used for producing drum beats. You do not need to have a full-fledged drum set anymore for creating some fresh beats. Drum machines are an electronic equipment which can be used for generating sounds of drums, cymbals, percussion, etc. There are different buttons for different sounds. Most of the musicians prefer drum machines over traditional drum sets nowadays because of the ease and convenience that the drum machines provide.

If you are a budding musician or just an amateur, buying a drum machine is not a feasible option for you. This is because the cost of these electronic drum machines is high. So, what can be done instead of buying a drum machine?

You can go for online drum machines instead. Online drum machines are websites which can be used for generating and downloading drum beats of your choice. This is an excellent option for beginners and amateurs who do not want to spend any money on buying Drum machines.

Most of these online drum machines are available for free and do the job of an electronic drum machine well. You do not have to download any software on your PC. There are many online drum machines to build beats out there, following are some of the best drum machines to produce beats.

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Top 6 Online Drum Machines

One Motion

This is one of the best online drum machines to build beats. The best part about this website is that it is free. The UI of this site is very user-friendly. Even beginners and amateurs can quickly figure out how to generate beats using this website. You can choose from default drum set and techno drum set on this site. You can use number keys on your keyboard for creating various beats.

One Motion's Drum Machine
One Motion’s Drum Machine

You can also compose beats using this website. It is also possible to adjust the volume and pitch of the beats. You can also set the BPM from 1-200. This site has all the essential drum beats like the snare, kick, Hihat, Ride, crash, etc. You can save the beat to your PC after creating it. This website is straightforward to use.

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome music lab is an excellent website for creating drum beats and relaxed rhythms. If you are a budding music producer, or if you just enjoy making your irregular beats, this website is the ideal website for you. The layout of this website is stunning, colourful and professional. On the home page of this site, you can see different sections like rhythm, chords, spectrogram, etc. Not only can you create drum beats, but you can also create keyboard chords on this website.

This website is a paradise for music lovers and enthusiasts. If you are looking to make drum beats, you will have to click on the rhythm section. Along with building and listening to the beats, you will get to see hilarious animated animal figures playing drums and another percussion on this website. Overall this site is enjoyable to use.

Splice Sounds

This is one of the best online drum machines to build beats. The layout of this website is beautiful. This online drum machine is more advanced as compared to the above-mentioned online drum machines. You can also play and edit beats of famous DJs like KSHMR and Lex Luger. This website has all the necessary drum sounds like kick, Snare, Hihat, crash, etc. You can adjust the BPM according to your choice on this site.

It is also possible to add keyboard chords and audio track to your beats using this website. You can download or share the beats that you created on this site. This website is not as easy to use as the other website mentioned on this list. If you want to create professional beats or track, this site is definitely for you.

HTML 5 Drum Machine

This is a basic online drum machine. You can use this website for creating some basic beats. You can adjust the tempo and the BPM on this website. This site is very complicated to use for beginners and amateurs. If you are a person with some prior knowledge in this field, then you can efficiently use this website for creating some fresh beats. You can save the beat that you create on this website to your PC. The layout of this site is fundamental and not at all attractive.

The Infinite Drum Machine

This website is a pretty basic online music creating website. The layout of this site is beautiful and colourful. You can add various beats and create your track on this website. The process of creating beats on this website is not too hard. You can use this site from any browser. You can choose from hundreds of different audio filters to create a beat in the genre of your choice.


This is another online drum machine which can be used for creating beats. This website can be used for creating drum beats by adding primary drum sounds like the snare, kick, crash, etc. You can also add different drum loops. This is website is not easy to use for amateurs. The UI of this website is not that user-friendly. You can save the beats you create using this site to your PC effortlessly.


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