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So, you and I have both made it to 2018. Yay for us, mate! The new year brings new opportunities they say, and new software updates as well. Skype is one such software service which most of us are probably looking forward to getting on the devices which they might purchase for themselves this year (because you know, stock clearance sales everywhere! There’s no better time to show how cheap you are than buying a 3-year-old phone on stock clearance day). Thus, you must know how to get Skype Offline Installer in 2018.

In case you’re scratching yourself and wondering what Skype is, happy 75th birthday, grandpa! Skype is that neat little video calling and messaging service which has been around for ages.

It was publicly announced and released back in the days of 2003 and has kept getting better over time. So, if you were looking for the latest Skype offline installer then here is the article with direct download links.

Why Should You Consider Getting Skype?

You may have heard of Skype before and have never thought of downloading it. Well, these two paragraphs are probably not going to change your mind, but I am not trying to anyway. Microsoft isn’t giving me a penny for these words, and I am purely typing these for you, so you better appreciate it.

Right then. Skype not only has video calling services, but it also supports voice calls over the internet too. Which means, even if you have an old device which does not support VoLTE services, you can still make free calls over the internet, without having to deal with credits and top-ups.

Aside from that, for you keyboard warriors like me out there, it also supports traditional chats. You can chat with a contact using their ID and assume their appearance merely based on their (incredibly photoshopped) display picture. Awesome, right?! Read through this article first to get direct links to download the offline installer.

Why an Offline Installer? (Skype Offline Installer)

The “offline installer” says pretty much everything there is to say about it, right in its name. But I’m still going to write a paragraph on it because you bibliophiles like to read a lot.

You can be like every other average, boring person and go to the Skype website to download the software yourself. You can go to and download the installer which then downloads the full version of Skype from the internet automatically.

This process apparently requires internet throughout the installation, and that’s what separates it from the cool ‘offline‘ installer which we will be downloading here today. This Skype offline installer will not require an internet connection for the entirety of the process and will have downloaded all the necessary files beforehand.

Direct Download Links for the Skype Offline Installer

How to Install Skype?

Installing Skype is similar to installing any other software on Windows.

  • Select your language of choice and hit I agree to the terms and conditions. No one reads those critical points anyway (if you ever feel exhausted, think of the guy who had to write those terms and conditions!).
Select Language
Select Language
  • If you want to, Microsoft would love it if you would set MSN as your homepage and choose Bing as your search engine. As an avid internet user, I would recommend against that, but it’s a democracy here mate. The choice is yours to make.
Downloading Skype Progress Bar
Downloading Skype Progress Bar
  • There is some progress bar that runs on the screen, and that’s it. You will then be presented with a login screen for Skype, where you create an account with Microsoft login credentials or sign in to the existing one.
Skype Login Screen
Skype Login Screen

How to Update Skype?

Once you’ve installed then no need to download it again & again for the updated version. You can simply update it from its settings. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to Skype “Help” section & select “Check for Updates” from the menu.
Check for Skype Updates
Check for Skype Updates
  • If there’s an update available then it will display it on the screen. Simply, click on “Download” button to start downloading it.
Skype New Version Available
Skype New Version Available
  • Downloading will take few minutes to complete.
Skype Downloading
Skype Downloading
  • Once it’s completed, Skype will display one notification stating that your Skype is updated now.
Skype is Updated
Skype is Updated

What’s New on Skype?

If you have an older version and if you’re thinking should you be bothered with installing a newer version, here is the changelog? Just go through some of these new features added and see if that’s something you would want. If so, then you should get off your lazy bum and click those links!

  • Minimum requirements have become a little more flexible. This means that the app will run a little more smoothly on older systems running on Windows XP, like my PC. I am not old, shut up!
  • There is not a nifty Firefox integration, where you can directly use your Firefox browser to call someone using the embedded Skype API. It will instantly recognize your system hardware such as your web camera, your microphone and your computer speakers.
  • There have been a ton of bug fixes, and uneven issues have been ironed out. They’re not trying just to add a few extra words to their changelog when they say “Bug fixes and general performance improvements.” They genuinely mean that they have done that and the developers have been busting their asses for improving your user experience. (and increasing their download count)
  • The UI has been redesigned to look a lot more streamlined with the OS, especially Mac OS. It seems good on windows 10 as well, with the new old headings (taking a cue from iOS 11) and better menu layouts.

Final Words

There you have it. Get the Skype offline installer for yourself using the links up there, and enjoy!


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