5 Best Apps for College Students to Simplify Your College Life


Whereas learning will mean hours spent within the library, it doesn’t get to be this boring! As digital technology continues to boost, there are a lot of Best Apps for College Students to make learning comfortable and a lot of fun.

There are plenty of apps through which you can make your college life easy. One of them is HomeworkNeeded, which will assist you with all your homework on the go. Isn’t it the best? Thus, you must go through this list now and find out the best ones yourself! However, if you prefer textbooks over apps then perhaps you should give a read to this guide by OneClass.

Top 5 Best Apps for College Students of 2019


From basic science to calculus, Mathway permits you to examine answers to any science problem in real time. If you’re unsure regarding a solution or haven’t any plan the way to solve a problem, you’ll plug it into the app to ascertain however it suggests finding the problem. You don’t even want network access to use the app.

Therefore it’s going to assist you to study even once you’re within the library or another location wherever mobile phone reception isn’t reliable. Mathway is available for both Android and iOS.

Study Blue

If you’ve ever spent an hour looking through a large number of class notes in an effort to study for a test, you will recognize that you just find yourself wasting way an excessive amount of time.

Study Blue makes it easier to prepare those notes so you’ll study in a more efficient manner. You may additionally realize more time to review since you won’t need your paper notes to cram. This one of the time management apps permits you to form digital flashcards, search a library for info, collaborate with study partners and complete quizzes or review sheets supported the notes you’ve entered. It is available for Android iOS.


It’s simple to induce lost in a massive college field even when you’ve been learning for a year or to assist stop the frustration of wandering around in search of a building or room. This app offers a piece of information with comprehensive maps to choose school campuses. You’ll be able to receive directions to bound locations with GPS capability. However, this one of the Best Apps for college students additionally includes footage of the many locations inside the info. Different options embrace a planner and timetable that facilitate with the organization.


How does one organize their concepts? And are available up with additional artistic approaches when writing an exploration paper. Or even a fictional story or an opinion-based essay. This one of the Best Apps for college students makes the method easier by permitting you to make mind maps. You place your core plan within the center, and so enter connected thoughts in branches that move off from that center.

The map permits you to form connections between concepts which will cause artistic approaches, otherwise you will simply use it as a structured tool that creates each project easier to manage. MindNode could be a creativity-inspired app compatible with Apple and Mac devices.

Circle of 6

While you will focus entirely on maintaining together with your school assignment and enjoying your social life before college. Circle of 6 offers the way to a new professional severe life. This is because safety is more necessary than having fun or obtaining straight As. This app permits you to designate six safe individuals and create contact with them during a discreet manner if you’re ever at risk. With the press of a few buttons, you’ll send your current location if you are out travelling and a message to 1 or additional of your six selected individuals.

They will then respond by calling for assistance on your behalf or progressing to your location to help. It is a victory safety app accessible for iPhone and Android systems. You could simply add other well-known apps to the present list. Because they provide comprehensive structure systems that some college students find effective. Several students still like smaller apps that cater to their manner as a student, thus think about all of your choices before choosing any app.


Hope this list of Best Apps for College Students helped you with what you need. Use this along with Pro-Papers and get your homework sorted instantly. Do let us know in the comments about your favorite one! Also let us know if there are any apps that you would like us to add. Cheers!


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