There are thousands of exciting and thrilling games in the gaming world, but few gamers look for something fun and relaxing. The process of cooking, chopping and dicing is the new attraction for gamers of all ages. Cooking and restaurant management games have become one of the trendiest genres in the mobile game industry.

Apart from being fun, these games are a great way to learn how to cook, broaden your knowledge of food, recipes, and resource management, enhance your ability, and thus have fun. These simulation games transport you to a fictional setting, requiring you to prepare foods and have you serve them to customers. Best Cooking Games gives you a realistic experience. 

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Playing games that involve serving and cooking meals might teach you how to multitask and manage your time. They are enjoyable, have slick, appealing graphics, are crammed with minute, intricate features, and with time prove to be complicated. Even though cooking games have been in hipe for a while, they have developed a significant player base. 

However, the abundance of cooking games on the market might be challenging to select the best cooking games in this area. Here is a list of the best restaurant management games you can play on your Android or iOS smartphone, so you don’t have to wade through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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The Best Cooking Games to Play

 Here’s a list of the best cooking games that users really enjoy playing.

Star Chef 2

Star Chef 2 is a well-liked restaurant management game enjoyed by millions. The game has beautiful graphics, mini-game challenges, and constant updates to keep players interested and entertained throughout the gameplay.

The game offers a variety of food combinations, personalized restaurant decor options, many personalities, and community play. This game is an ideal blend of creativity and learning. It teaches resource management, time management, cooking techniques, recipes, and sportsmanship. Read this article, if you want to know about best story games for android.

star chef 2

Various community plays, such as Chef Masters, tournaments, and you can create your teams and help them. You can find similar-minded cooking enthusiasts gamers in this forum. In Star Chef 2, you may cook anything from delectable steak and pass on to popular fast food items like hamburgers and pizza. To satisfy your tremendously eager customers, employ renowned chefs. Decorate and build your restaurant accordingly and participate in international competitions if you want to receive the highest culinary honor.

Some of the game’s unique features that increase the game’s enjoyment include live music, pool parties, and celebrity appearances. Undoubtedly, this is a game that mixes the concepts of farming games and food service games. This suggests that you can grow and gather organic food in your garden for cooking.

Download: Android|iOS

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Cooking Fever

One of the most popular cooking or food-serving games for mobile is Cooking Fever, which has 4 million installs on Google Play alone. You may make a wide variety of dishes for various eateries. You name it, all kinds of seafood, sushi, and that tender New York steak with asparagus! Culinary Fever is fantastic, and its name is appropriate for the gameplay and setup, unlike most other best cooking games.

The game features a wide variety of eateries, fantastic design, brilliant colors, and a competitive atmosphere. You’ll attract more consumers as your business expands and you play fever

At the start of the game, a fast food establishment where you can offer burgers, hotdogs, fries, and soft drinks. You’ll deal with vibrant clients who will keep you busy. Earn enough money to invest in new restaurants and advance in the game. Therefore, you must manage the kitchen and the company in Cooking Fever.

This game is an excellent option if you want to play a game about providing food that also emphasizes managing a restaurant. The players in this game can select the restaurant decor and cooking equipment of their choice.

In addition to this, users are permitted to bake freebies like cookies or cupcakes to promote their culinary business. Cooking Fever though a challenging game has a tone of fun. This is unquestionably appropriate for you to play if you are an expert player who can finish more than 1,000 levels in a cooking game.

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Cooking Madness

Cooking games are diverse. Some simple and straightforward gameplay helps relax and reduce stress; others have complications. If you are looking for an easy-going and relaxing game, then cooking Madness falls under the latter type of cooking game.

The extreme craziness in this game, as its name would imply, keeps players interested throughout the gameplay period. In the game, you can prepare a vast range of foods and keep track of all the orders, ingredients, and kitchen madness

In Cooking Madness, a time management game, the dish must be served to the customer before their mood changes. You have to mix the right ingredients. It doesn’t take much to make this dish. However, mistakes may happen, and the dish may go to waste. You should only focus on serving the right dish to the appropriate customer in this situation. 

To go to the next level in Cooking Madness, a minimum score is required, and it is necessary to earn good money from customers. You can enhance your capabilities and upgrade cooking appliances and ingredients with this money earned.

You will not have boredom playing this game since the difficulties simply get better and more difficult as you progress.

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Cooking Mama

Cooking mama, a Japanese game, ownership by Cooking Mama Limited. The game is all about showing the best cooking games skills in the kitchen provided. For the players who are new to the game, several instructions start popping up to give a quick tour of the guide. The player in this game is the “Mama” of the game. The Mama is basically asked to serve the best food and to do that. Several tasks need to be mama

Players of the games must chop the vegetables, slice and dress the meat, cook the raw food in a pan and ensure it doesn’t get burnt, etc. This fun game has enthusiastic background music that lightens the player’s mood. If the player do not focus on the food and the food gets burnt, then the minimum score’s not taken. This leads to replaying the same level. 

After completing the dish, the player serves the dish to the customer and makes the customer happy. Making customers happy and earning their scores will help them move to the next game level. The highest score of this game in a level records and shown at the start of another level.

Download: Android|iOS


The popularity of games involving restaurants and cooking is growing now. It’s due to the alluring gameplay they provide. These games are a lot of fun to play, the Best Cooking Games are those that have been mentioned above, and you can play them in your leisure time to pass the time or to learn more about preparing and serving international cuisines and also learn more about cooking.  In simulation games, players might assume a role that would otherwise seem absurd. Games like sims provide gamers with countless opportunities.

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Which are the best cooking games?

Nowadays, there are several cooking games for ios and android. Here in this article, there is a shortlisted list of the best cooking games. Users can choose among them and play and enjoy it in their free time.

Which cooking games are more realistic?

As there are several games for cooking, all have a different user experience. The more realistic ones are Battle Chef Brigade, Cooking Dash, Minecraft, Cooking Simulator, Bakery Simulator, and many more. People wanting to experience this can choose among these and play according to their preferences.

Which games help you make digital food?

All the android and ios compatible cooking games lead the user to make food in the digital world. These games also allow to make digital food and serve them to the arriving customers to reach to next levels of the game. Also, these games allow people non-redeemable money, which stays in the game as the score.

Are there any games like cooking fever?

There are several games now which are similar to cooking fever. Some of them are Airplane Chef, Cooking Madness, Cooking craze, KItchen craze, Cooking City, Cooking crush, and so on.

Does anyone know about the first cooking game?

The first cooking game compatible to play on all devices was launched in the year 2006. Cooking Mama, the cooking game, was then loved by the users and till now is one of the best, most loved, and most preferred games among the players.

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