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LinkedIn marketing remains one of the critical strategies for marketers to promote their products and services. Notably, around 95% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for social media marketing and attracting leads. Yet, LinkedIn has its rules contemplating that you should consider the concepts of expertise, social selling, and networking. Above that, you need to know your customers, offer the right insights, and answer their needs. This article talks about the best LinkedIn marketing tools of 2023.

best linkedin marketing tools

Sounds like a pretty tedious job, right? Yes, it is, mainly if you target several sales cycle stages. That’s why you should optimize specific processes to be effective.

Read on to discover efficient tools to make your LinkedIn marketing operations much more accessible.

LinkedIn Prospecting and Lead Generation Tools

Before all, a marketer or salesperson should consider the instruments vital to the immediate lead generation actions – researching and reaching out. So, here are some Linkedin marketing tools to help you target, study, and gather information about your future leads.

Linked Sales Navigator

Let’s start with the most popular tool for LinkedIn marketing – LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is a paid feature within the LinkedIn framework, allowing you to look for leads and target them. You can always use other services to outsource your LinkedIn outreach if you have less time on hand. For many marketers, such a tool is a must. Why? With it, you can:

  • Qualify leads better (meaning finding an audience that is likely to purchase a product)
  • Filter the targeted audience based on company size, position, job changes, to name a few.
  • Save searches
  • See who browsed your profile
  • Provide recommendations on leads
  • Send InMails
  • Monitor the changes within the leads’ interests

linkedin sales navigator

That way, you get more information on your leads to understand them better and approach them with the offers. Such a tool offers significant insights necessary for the primary stages of your sales cycle.

Website: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

GetProspect Email Finder

Another tool that can significantly contribute to your lead generation is GetProspect. How? The particular email finder software allows finding people’s email by domain, name, or company. Why is it suitable for LinkedIn marketing? GetProspect offers the LinkedIn Chrome extension to extract emails from the profile pages and the LinkedIn search. Moreover, you can add new information to your lists within the web app with several clicks.


Besides, it has an extensive database of leads. A marketer can find new information about the contacts via searching by name, company, position, and, importantly, LinkedIn URL. It is another way to find details allowing reaching the prospects for you. Also, the data from the database can be beneficial for understanding the buyer’s persona better.

Notably, the software has a free version with 100 email discoveries and can be integrated with other platforms via API or Zappier. The paid packages start at 49$/mo,Ge with which you can get 1000 email discoveries or more.

Website: GetProspect Email Finder

LaGrowthMachine Sales Automation Tool

If you are looking for an automation tool to help you close deals, the sales automation tool LaGrowthMachine can be an option. The benefits of this sales routine automation tool refer to the advanced management of the deal closing, cross-channel communication, and personalization.

For instance, it allows building prospect lists and identifying the touchpoints for reaching the targets. That way, you can offer a personalized approach to each prospect.

Another LaGrowthMachine advantage is automating LinkedIn processes referring to connection requests, page visits, and messages.


In addition, you can establish response tracking, which helps determine quality leads. Like GetProspect, it has an enrichment feature that finds information based on LinkedIn data.

The distinctive characteristic of this instrument is the multi-channel automation applicable to LinkedIn, emails, and Twitter. Yet, this comprehensive marketing platform is pretty expensive. Its entry option is worth 80$/mo, while the Pro package costs 180$/mo.

Website: LaGrowthMachine

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LinkedIn Marketing Content Making Tools

Another group of marketing tools for LinkedIn operations relates to content production. The engaging content requires some visual or video backup. That’s why a marketer needs tools that will give the colour and dynamic of their post.

Photoadking Editor

There is no doubt that you want to support your posts with pictures or infographics. In this case, you have several options: reach designers to create appealing pieces or use graphic design software.

One of such programs is Photoadking software. It offers a large number of templates for business and personal purposes.

photoadking editor

For instance, it has separate categories for blogging and business, having options for infographics, flyers, and e-books production. Moreover, you can create your own LinkedIn banners there, contributing to your profile look.

The company offers the following packages: Free, Starter (4$/m), and Pro (10$/m).

Website: Photoadking Editor

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Well-known Canva

If you are looking for a more complicated and comprehensive solution, the Canva app will suit you. It is a well-known web software for post creation having extensive editing features. Canva has different forms and templates.


You can use them for infographics, pictures, and documents production, while the available functions and advanced customization can help you design a perfect piece that will reflect your brand’s identity.

However, some users find the free option a bit limited. Simultaneously, the Pro package costs 120$/m.

Website:  CanvaCanva

Vmaker Screen Recorder

Nowadays, LinkedIn gradually shifts to video content. If you frequently post video guides, pieces from the events you hold, or parts of your interviews with experts, Vmaker can help you.

What is it about? Vmaker is a screen recorder with multiple functions like webcam overlay and audio support. With it, you can create how-to videos for your products. Interestingly, the overlay function allows you to add your face to it, contributing to brand recognition and higher engagement.

vmaker screen recorder

Here are some Key features of VMaker:

  • Neverending Videos: The number of videos you can make with Vmaker is unrestricted. Simply open Vmaker and begin recording your screen, webcam, or both as often as possible!
  • Screen Annotations: You can annotate the screen while you capture it with Vmaker. This enables you to draw the audience’s attention to certain crucial elements of your video material and emphasize them.
  • Unique Cname: You can now add a unique Cname to your films and use your branding components to stick out in the minds of your viewers.vmaker

As a result, it is convenient if you work with different experts, do guides, or cover exciting topics online. The particular tool has a limited free version, while the most expensive plan costs 10$.

Website: Vmaker Screen Recorder

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Why Use LinkedIn Marketing tools?

Because LinkedIn is a thriving professional social networking site, thousands of users are continually publishing information there.

Regardless of whether you are an influencer, you must post frequently enough for people to see it on their timelines.marketing tools

Being such a busy professional, it could be difficult for you to generate and publish material for social networking sites regularly.

You may examine the success of your effort with the use of marketing tools, which can assist you in posting material at the appropriate time.

Although your work (or the effort of your social media staff) determines the quality of your material, automating repetitive processes and being able to analyze data can help you plan your social media marketing campaigns.

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LinkedIn Tools Marketing Tools for Content Planning and Tracking

The campaigns that bring growth to your business are not made in one day. They result from consistent efforts and long-term analysis. Thus, marketers require some instruments for planning their posts and monitoring the publication effects. Here are some easy-to-use planners and tools to help you track your LinkedIn marketing activity.

Social Media Management tool Kontentino

A social media management application called Kontentino aids companies in producing, collaborating, and publishing content. You may collaborate with your team and manage your social media accounts with Kontentino.


The particular instrument allows scheduling the LinkedIn posts. You can apply it to your pages or business showcase profiles. It works as the social media content calendar where you manage the creation, production, and distribution of the content on social media.

Kontentino benefits and attributes:

  • various internal content production tools
  • user-friendly interface
  • a protracted, risk-free trial to try out all the features
  • A content calendar that allows collaboration makes it simple to distribute material to numerous platforms for teams and clients who need to collaborate.
  • procedure for approving content
  • sophisticated features for team cooperation
  • choices for community managementkontentino

Making content for a LinkedIn campaign usually requires the support of other departments, experts, or designers so that you can produce valuable data and insights. With Konentino, you can add collaborators to the projects to create insightful posts.

Pricing: There is a 14-day free trial, while the most basic option costs 59$.

Website: Kontentino

Postify LinkedIn Planner

Also, another scheduling app is Postify. It has a separate LinkedIn Planner. With it, you can schedule LinkedIn publications and video posts to multiple accounts simultaneously. Among other options are:

  • Link shortening
  • Managing accounts requiring different approval levels
  • Ability to bulk upload LinkedIn posts having CSV file at hand


Lastly, you can integrate Twitter snapshots into LinkedIn, making it an excellent tool if you have a multi-channel marketing strategy in effect. The price tag for the cheapest package is 14$/m.

Website: Postify

Shieldapp Monitoring Tool

Effective LinkedIn marketing significantly depends on the content and engagement with the audience. In this regard, a good tactic is to have software that will help you monitor and analyze your efforts. ShieldApp seems to be a handy solution due to its functions and convenience.

shieldapp monitoring tool

You can track data on your posts by logging in with your LinkedIn account. From there, you have different options. Firstly, the software has advanced filters and labels to organize your publications metadata. Secondly, it shows in graphs which groups see your posts, categorizing them by occupation and location. This could be one of your go-to for best-linked marketing tools online.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages listed here:


  • Assisting in the creation of the editorial schedule
  • Aid in creating valuable content
  • Improve your marketing approach.


  • Not recognized as such by LinkedIn
  • Need to have access to your data
  • Trial version for 10 daysShieldapp

It can be effective for seeing whom to target in future posts. Moreover, it shows data on your profile and makes it easier to track your networking efforts.

Website: Shieldapp Monitoring Tool

LinkedIn Pixel Helper For Better Conversion

Besides, to track the website conversions from LinkedIn, marketers often use LinkedIn Insight Tags. Usually, they apply this method for retargeting, studying their website visitors, and improving reporting. It is all about placing LinkedIn at the center of your B2B marketing.

linkedin pixel helper

As the LinkedIn Insight Tag involves inserting a specific code, you as a marketer can establish a LinkedIn Pixel Helper extension to make sure that your tracking works without errors. Furthermore, it is advantageous if you have a significant number of LinkedIn Ads running.

Website: LinkedIn Pixel Helper

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What kind of LinkedIn advertising are most effective?

As you can see from the 410 responses to our poll, 42% said that single-picture advertisements were the most effective LinkedIn ad choice for their business or their client's business. Video ads came in second, followed by sponsored text posts and other possibilities in a distant third place.

What are the two targeting strategies for LinkedIn?

There are various targeting options on LinkedIn. One is based on the user's profile features. At the same time, the other uses retargeting tools like the LinkedIn Insight Tag for site visitors, retargeting of people who have previously replied to your ads, or contacts from a list of people you've already uploaded.

What does LinkedIn's 5 3 2 rule mean?

According to the rule, out of every 10 updates you publish on social media, 5 must come from sources pertinent to your audience. 3. Your original, audience-relevant material, not a sales pitch. 2 should be non-work related, personal content that humanizes your brand.

Which seven marketing tools are there?

These seven components are people, product, price, promotional, place, packaging, and positioning.


Therefore these LinkedIn Marketing tools are only a part of the many options available for marketers. However, all of them are pretty easy to use and do their job well. They allow you to automate processes and make your job less tedious. However, you can focus on the process and goals to achieve.

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