The 12 Best Study Apps For iPhone To Help You Study Better

Smartphones have completely altered how we do things. They have made our lives easier to handle, as long as you know how to use them correctly. If you are a student, your phone can be your biggest distraction and your most valuable asset in helping you get organized. That is why we have listed the 12 best study apps for iPhone.

best study apps for iphone
best study apps for iphone

If you are an iPhone user, the following apps will allow you to focus better, increase your productivity, and make sure that you study more efficiently.

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This educational tool can be handy for students and easily accessible via your phone’s browser. In simple terms, a reliable write my paper service like can offer you guidance and help with some pressing assignments and fast-approaching deadlines. As a student, you will receive guides on complex topics, and research, making it easier to achieve top grades in your classes.

write paper
write paper


  • Free plagiarism report as a bonus;
  • Quick submission of completed papers;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Expert opinion;
  • Editing and proofreading after the completion of the assignment.

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Socratic by Google 

One of its kind, this AI-supported educational app has answers to any questions you have. You can use your voice or the camera to input a question, and the app will provide you with a solution. This is one of the best study apps for iphone.



  • It’s entirely free to use;
  • It supports camera and voice-based questions;
  • It caters to a wide variety of subjects, including Chemistry, Physics, Biology. Algebra, History, Calculus, and more. 

Visit: Socratic by Google 

Microsoft OneNote 

If you rely on digital devices for note-taking, you need a system to keep them organized as well. And Microsoft OneNote has proved to be one of the most efficient tools in this category. Not only can you assign a different note for each subject, but these can be organized based on topics and filtered.



  • Digital notebook synchronizable across multiple devices;
  • Highlight notes, enter handwritten text or type;
  • Add pictures or record voice notes.

Visit: Microsoft OneNote 


For those who prefer to use flashcards to study, this is a handy app that can make your life a lot easier. StudyBlue allows you to create your flashcards or use others used by students across the world.

study blue
study blue


  • create, access, and share your digital flashcards;
  • customize your flashcards with audio and pictures;
  • Track your progress with reminders;
  • access study materials and sync them across multiple devices.

Visit: StudyBlue


GoConqr is another app that can be your ideal study partner. Using this tool, you can create flashcards and mindmaps, flowcharts, and quizzes, whichever is the easiest method for you to reinforce whatever you learn.

go conqr
go conqr


  • use mind maps to simplify complex concepts;
  • memorize essential facts and information with flashcards;
  • test what you have learned using in-built quizzes or create your own;
  • customize the content by adding personal notes;
  • access study planner to strategize and organize.

Visit: GoConqr 


For those who prefer to learn using audio, the apple store also has Stitcher. This app makes it a smooth experience to find and listen to your favorite podcasts, both educational and entertaining. Whatever your preferred niche is, you will be able to find a podcast belonging to that category. The best study apps for iPhone to learn while having fun.



  • Organization of the podcasts to know which ones you have already listened to;
  • Search function to find episodes, filter, and sort them;
  • Offline streaming;
  • Integration with smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Sonos, etc.).

Visit: Stitcher 


As students, group projects are often a part of your academic schedule. And if you want to work together with others and share your notes, Notion is a perfect tool fit for the purpose. This full-fledged note-taking tool can double as your workspace and integrates plenty of collaborative tools.



  • have access to unlimited storage for personal use;
  • add notes or documents in the app;
  • use 20 different content types, including audios, images, videos, and coding;
  • comment and share docs and notes;
  • directly publish any Notion page or document to the web.

Visit: Notion


It seems that there is no shortage of iPhone apps when it comes to creating flashcards. Brainscape is yet another popular option in this category. However, unlike the many choices you find online, Brainscape takes a serious approach. The tool distills the content to snackable facts and designs each card in question and answer format.



  • organize flashcards into decks and classes;
  • categorize the difficulty of concepts from 1 to 5;
  • automatically repeat flashcards at specific time intervals.

Visit: Brainscape 

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Essential Anatomy 

This app, as the name suggests, is more suited for biology or medical students. Essential Anatomy is one of the most valuable tools you can find that offers you the most comprehensive and extensive resources designed into an immersive app. This tool uses 3D technology to provide you with a clear picture of human anatomy. The best study apps for iPhone for med school.

essential anatomy
essential anatomy


  • Accurate content used by anatomy professors in classrooms worldwide;
  • Stunning graphics that generate anatomical models with immersive user experience;
  • A responsive and intuitively easy-to-use app.

Visit: Essential Anatomy 

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Finding yourself getting distracted quite often when studying? Forest is an iPhone app that can take care of that. The concept is simple. When you want to stay focused, turn on this app, and start on the task. In the meanwhile, the app will plant a seed, which will grow into a tree. If you attempt to use your phone in the meanwhile, the tree will wither.


Now, here is the twist. The more trees you plant on your phone, the better for the environment. Why? For everyone in the app, a tree gets to be planted in the real world.


  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • time distribution tracking;
  • insightful statistics on your time management.

Visit: Forest

Exam Countdown 

Are you a student who loses track of time and ends up having to pull all-nighters the day before the exams? Then, there is no doubt that you need the best study apps for iPhone to get your life organized. As you can gather from the name, Exam Countdown reminds you of how many days are left until the D-day arrives.

exam countdown
exam countdown


  • Personalized entries with color blocks and icons;
  • Notes to exams and tests;
  • Schedule functions to organize your notifications and reminders.

Visit: Exam Countdown 

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Dragon Anywhere 

This professional-grade dictation app can be a useful tool for students who have a lot of writing to get done. It makes it easy for you to create documents and edit them later at your convenience.

dragon anywhere
dragon anywhere


  • No word-limit dictation;
  • 99% accuracy with powerful voice edifying;
  • Correction menu for ensuring the correct spellings;
  • Document sharing in multiple formats;
  • Vocabulary for custom words or industry-specific jargon.

Visit: Dragon Anywhere

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As you can see, if you are a student with an iPhone, you have a diverse selection of handy tools at your disposal. Be it time management, memory reinforcement, organization, or schedule, everything you need is available right at the tap of a few buttons on your phone screen. Moreover, most of these 12 best study apps for iPhone options are either free or offer a free trial, so you do not have to go beyond your budget to take advantage of them. 

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