Cyberflix is one of the streaming sites you may use to watch free movies and TV shows. The Cyberflix TV apk server may occasionally go down, but it is an active service. You might occasionally search for cost-free media streaming programs like Cyberflix. The article discusses the top Cyberflix alternatives.

The top Cyberflix alternatives are CatMouse, Nova TV, TeaTV, Morphix TV, Bee TV, Typhoon TV, PlayBox HD, UnlockMyTV, Viva TV, One Box HD, and Kodi. These Cyberflix TV alternatives are simple and provide all the functionality one needs.cyberflix-

On Android-based devices, Cyberflix TV offers video-on-demand content. There is a big library of movies and TV series there. Finding the ideal application is never easy because many free ones are available online. Read below to learn more about the Cyberflix alternatives.

Top 11 Cyberflix Alternatives

Here are the top 11 Cyberflix alternatives.


Internet streamers for watching movies and TV shows are familiar to CatMouse APK. It is impressive that it has endured while many other apps have been discontinued. This app gathers the highest-quality links and provides a good selection of on-demand entertainment. Most of its links work.catmouse This program is an excellent alternative to Cyberflix TV because it works with FireStick. Try this app if you’re having CyberFlix No Data problems.

Nova TV

One of the best apps like Cyberflix you may have is Nova TV APK if you’re looking for a Cyberflix TV substitute. The app is equally as simple to use as Cyberflix TV. Nearly all of the fantastic features found in Cyberflix TV are present.nova-tv

You should try Nova TV if you’re seeking an app similar to CyberFlix TV. You will quickly become accustomed to the interface because it is easy to use and sleek. The material catalog is enormous; virtually all the most recent TV program episodes or film releases are available. The best part is that it updates fresh content if you want an interactive and straightforward app.


Like Cyberflix TV, TeaTV has fantastic features that can enhance your fun. The Firestick and Android TV devices make it simple to watch TeaTV. TeaTV has built-in Chromecast support, simplifying the casting process from a phone to a TV.teatv-apk TeaTV also has subtitle integration, which is a fantastic tool for people who don’t speak English. You should check TeaTV as an excellent alternative to Cyberflix TV.

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Morphix TV

Despite being relatively new, Morphix TV is a great Cyberflix replacement for various reasons. Morphix TV offers a wide range of content options and top-notch streaming connections.morphix-tv-install

On Amazon FireStick, Morphix TV is a great app that is easy to use with the remote. Thanks to its user-friendly layout, the titles of your favorite movies and TV shows can also be easily found.

Bee TV

Thousands of free movies and TV series are available to customers of the Android on-demand service Bee TV. You can access several sources, including websites and torrents, by downloading this BeeTV for PC for free. bee tv- apk-homescreenIf you want to use this program on your Android smartphone, you should sideload it rather than purchase it from the Google Play Store.

Typhoon TV

Another alternative to Cyberflix that lets you view movies and TV shows online is Typhoon TV. Typhoon TV is among the greatest Cyberflix TV options for Android users to stream movies and TV shows online. Typhoon TV offers a user interface similar to Terrarium TV and includes many features. download-typhoon-tv-apkThey feature separate movie and television show categories that you may sort by genre. 

PlayBox HD

A great selection of movies and TV shows on PlayBox HD has a straightforward and dynamic user interface. PlayBox HD uses links from the internet for streaming, much like any other program. Playbox HD is accessible on Android and iOS, unlike Cyberflix TV’s exclusivity for Android.playbox hd

Cyberflix TV for the iPhone is crazy in practice. The Kids mode, which enables you to block all adult or delicate information, is another excellent tool for parents. Playbox HD also functions with Chromecast. If your TV has Chromecast, you can cast content from your smartphone to it.


One of the best Cyberflix alternatives available is UnlockMyTV. It offers a wide selection of HD video that may be viewed for hours. The user interface is comparable to Cyberflix TV’s. The program is user-friendly for distant use, and the content is well-structured.unlockmytv

The content is consistently updated to give you access to the most recent TV shows and films as soon as they are released. CyberFlix TV’s replacement, UnlockMyTV, is an adequate alternative and offers simple device navigation.

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Viva TV

Free third-party streaming service Viva TV is an alternative TV app compatible with Amazon Firestick and Android-based devices. Additionally, this platform offers Closed Captioning and subtitle support and the best links on the internet. vivatv-app-installHigh-quality movies and television series are made available to users.

One Box HD

One Box HD is one option for watching and downloading on-demand movies and TV shows besides Cyberflix.onebox-hd Officially, Google Play Store does not have it available. However, it is available for download from external websites.

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Although the Kodi ecosystem is excellent and the add-on volunteers are doing an excellent job, Kodi still needs to be made reliable. You should try Kodi if searching for a sizable ecosystem and content selection, such as Cyberflix terrarium TV. kodi logoAlthough Kodi is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative to Cyberflix TV, using it is complex. Install Kodi and the add-ons to start watching if you are comfortable with the technology. Use a VPN to access all Kodi add-ons and builds. In some locations, builds and add-ons are prohibited.

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Is the terrarium still functional?

The app's developer decided to stop updating it, and its streams will be turned off. However, there are many Terrarium TV alternatives you can look into that will still provide you with tons of live TV on your Android device or any other streaming device.

Is CyberFlix app legal?

The program doesn't host material; instead, it gathers free video links from the internet, some of which may be against copyright regulations. Officially, the app's creators have asked users not to access any unlawful content using the app and do not support doing so.

Why doesn't Cyberflix update anymore?

You may need more storage space on your device if you need help updating the app. Remove unwanted pictures from your gallery or an app you no longer use. That ought to quickly resolve the problem.

What media player works best with CyberFlix?

CyberFlix and MX Player operate well together. MX Player is among the most well-liked video players for third-party Firestick apps. Utilize the Downloader app to install MX Player.

Will my smart TV support Cyberflix installation?

You may install Cyberflix, of course. Choose to See All under 'Your Apps & Games.' This 'See All' tile may be found on the second row, to the right or left. The CyberFlix app should appear as the last tile icon.


It is all about the top Cyberflix alternatives. You can view the hand-selected blockbuster and top-rated movies by utilizing these alternatives. Last but not least, these options enable users to look for movies directly or by their release year. So you can easily use any of these alternatives.

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