Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses for Businesses (2020)

Digital Marketing capabilities are important not just to those who are working in this field but to the entrepreneurs also. Even though you have past your startup days and now have the best marketing team, most successful founders also have the working knowledge of every aspect of business and will provide informed oversight of the digital marketing campaigns. There are a lot of online marketing courses for businesses, both paid and free.

Every aspiring digital marketer wants to learn and acquire different skills in order to become a professional digital marketer. Even the practicing marketers that want to develop the skills and propel the careers to the next level will find a lot of marketing courses online for businesses that will suit their requirements. Here are such digital marketing courses that will help both the novice and the experienced digital marketers to hone their marketing skills and knowledge on the internet.

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5 Best Digital Marketing Courses for Businesses

Google Marketing Challenge Online

Over the past eight years, over 100,000 of people from more than 100 countries have actually participated in Google’s Marketing Challenge Online. It is the online course with the modules covering the introductory digital marketing, search advertising, display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile, analytics, social, and video, and making this the highly comprehensive courses for the beginners.

google marketing courses

But, it is unique that Google gives the learners $250 of AdWords budget for using over 3 week period. You can use the credit for running the internet advertising campaign for the business and not-for-profit. Suppose you are looking for the free digital marketing courses online for businesses, then it is one best option. It is ideal to learn and promote any business with a competitive angle and real-world experience. Read Journal Review blog to learn marketing techniques from real case studies.

WordStream’s PPC University

WordStream PPC University is the free learning resource online made by the company, WordStream. It helps to build your digital marketing and PPC skills. They have access to many accounts spending millions of dollars in PPC advertising and consistently found that the small and medium size of businesses struggled for managing the accounts in a way that was very cost effective as well as earned best results.

The three streams give lessons for the beginning and advanced users, with some additional modules for the social advertising. You also can access many white papers and webinars to improve your digital marketing knowledge. Also, the website is mobile-friendly so you can learn on the go!

Social Media Quickstarter Marketing Course

Quickstarter emphasizes great opportunities to incorporate email with the social media marketing, for maximizing an impact of both the channels. In series of all the lessons, learners will study the digital marketing methods various sites. They are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogging, YouTube, listings online and review websites.

These marketing courses are ideal for beginner-level marketers. They include components like glossaries or how-to guides, which also come with the practical examples of lessons in action.

Inbound Marketing Course & Official Certification

HubSpot Academy gives complete digital marketing course for businesses that has over 3,000 of students participating. The course gives you more than 4.5hours of the instruction in over 38 lectures. And that too absolutely free.

The participants can learn the basics of inbound marketing, landing pages, SEO, conversion optimization, blogging, email marketing and lead nurturing. Not only this, but they also learn how they work together for the cohesive and effective inbound strategy.

Alison Diploma Free in Internet Business

Popularly renowned, Alison is the massive learning community online of over 6 million registered users and with the standards-based & certified courses that are offered totally free of charge. Alison Diploma is the brainchild of free marketing courses online pioneer Feerick. It was actually founded in the year 2007 and was first MOOC (the massive open online course) provider. This is one of the best course that you will find on the internet and offers the best knowledge on digital marketing and other important fields.

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Final Words

Now, you can take digital marketing courses in E-Business for building your skills in the search optimization, campaign tracking & integration, Google Analytics & AdWords, digital measurement, revenue metrics analysis, and lots more.

And, obviously, suppose you wish to make yourself invaluable for any organization (which includes your own startup), then you have to learn to code!

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