With a count of approximately 140 million monthly active users, the Discord app has changed its motto to “Chat for Community and Friends.” Trying to win over the users of Slack and Microsoft Teams, the app is a well-known VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platform. As more and more users use it, issues like discord stuck on connecting also come to light.


Discord Stuck on connecting is a Discord issue that many of us have faced. The app provides several features such as sharing media and files in private chats or servers (communities of people with similar interests) and standard text messaging, video calls, and voice calls. When the users cannot avail of these services because of not being able to establish a connection, all those cool features go in vain. The connection is not being established, and the service continues showing RTC connecting.

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What Do We Mean By RTC Connecting?

Discord uses WebRTC, i.e., a real-time chat system for communication. So, the message of RTC Connecting indicates that the platform has tried to start a voice or video call, but if this message keeps showing up for a more extended period, leading to the error of Discord stuck on RTC connecting. Thus, we are not able to join the chat.

RTC connecting
RTC Connecting

Since RTC is a real-time chat system, being unable to move forward from it can be due to network issues.

10 Fixes On “Discord Not Connecting”

In this article, a list of the top ten methods to solve the Discord stuck on connecting problems.

Checking Internet Connection

Discord requires a good internet connection; hence, if you are confronting the problem of Discord not connecting, the first thing to do is check your internet connectivity. If there is a problem, check your Wi-Fi router or try contacting your internet service provider. If the issue is not with the internet, then try checking out these other fixes.

Try Restarting the Device

The dynamic changes in your IP do not sit well with Discord, so most users try following this method. Before getting started with other solutions, try to restart your PC and router first.

After shutting down your computer and router, unplug all the cables and cords and battery (if removable).

Now, start your devices again, check all the connection indicators, and check if the internet is working correctly. See if the issue has been solved; if yes, try getting a static IP address for yourself.

Checking VPN

To improve our internet experience, we use VPN configuration, but this also changes our IP address resulting in Discord not working properly. 

If your VPN has UDP (User Datagram Protocol), then Discord works appropriately. UDP is much faster in giving a connection than Transmission Control Protocol, as it completely removes the delay in data sharing.

You should uninstall your VPN if it does not consist of UDP and then restart your device and start Discord and now check whether the issue still prevails.

Disabling Quality of Service

You can also solve the Discord stuck on connecting issue by turning off the Quality of Service option. By following the mellow mentioned steps, you can easily do so:

  • Start Discord and go to Settings, present near your Discord name in the bottom-left corner.
  • In-app settings, select the voice and video option.
  • Going down the list, an option ‘Enable Quality of High Service Packet Priority’ shows. If it is on yes, then turn the toggle off to no.
  • Exit the browser and then again open Discord
disabling quality of service on discord
Disabling Quality of Service on Discord

Check if the problem persists.

Disabling Firewall or Antivirus Temporarily

Windows Defender Firewall stops any kind of access to your files that is not authorized because of traffic-related to Discord. The firewall or the third-party antivirus might be preventing Discord from functioning well. One more reason for Discord’s stuck-on connecting problems could be that the third-party antivirus has some discord files in the quarantine folder, resulting in interruption of services.

Steps to this disable Windows Defender Firewall temporarily are:

  • By pressing Windows key + R on your device, you open up the Run window.
  • Write control firewall. cpl in the area to write text and click on OK.
disabling windows firewall
Disabling Windows Firewall
  • Find out the option of “Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or OFF.”
  • Go to Domain Network Settings, Public Network Settings, and Private Network Settings
  • Select “Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall (Not Recommended).”
  • Click on the Ok button to finish.

To disable the antivirus program, go to its settings and try turning it off. See if the problem is solved by launching Discord. If not, then enable both the firewall and antivirus and move on to the next step.

Open in Another Browser

You might have installed some plugins that may not sit well with Discord on your browser. Even your browser cache can be the reason for Discord not working correctly. So, all in all, your browser can be behind Discord misbehaving.

To avoid this, try clearing your browsing history or disabling extensions. To disable Chrome instructions, follow these steps:

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Select the three vertical dots icon
  • Find the More Tools and Extensions option
  • To disable them, turn off the toggle buttons of every extension

 If, even after following the steps, the issue is not solved, try another browser. If this continues, then your browser is not the issue.

Change Service Region

Select a different service region on Discord because your current one may be causing problems for Discord and then restart the platform, with the help of the following steps:

  • Open Discord, select your service name in the top left corner, click on the menu, and select server settings.
  • Below the Service Region Option, press on the change option.
  • Choose a region from the provided list and save the settings.
change server region-discord
Change Server Region-Discord
  • Restart the app.

Contact the Network Admin

Your network provider in school or at work may have disabled Discord and other such platforms so that you concentrate on your work. If that is the case, then try asking them to enable Discord.

Switching the Discord Audio Subsystem

You can also solve the problem of Discord being stuck on connecting by switching the audio subsystem to Legacy by following the below-mentioned steps:

discord audio subsystem
Discord Audio Subsystem
  1. Open Discord
  2. Go to Voice and Audio in the settings
  3. Change the audio subsystem to legacy
  4. Reopen to check if the issue is solved

Get a Connection Test Done

If the issues mentioned above are not present, then try taking a test on the WebRTC website by clicking on the green button present. Try resolving the errors you get in the result.


  1. How do I fix RTC Connection on Discord?

Few ways to fix the RTC connection have been mentioned above. 

  1. Why won’t my Discord call connect?

Well, the main reason behind this might be a network issue. Go through the above-listed solutions, and they might help.

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With an increase in the number of users, the already present members may also be facing the issue of Discord being stuck on checking for updates and other connection issues these days. This issue could be pretty annoying when trying to call or chat with others, but with the help of ten fixes explained and reasons for the problem to occur mentioned, I hope this turns out to be of some help.

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