Global store Walmart had issued Walmart Pay to help its customers earn rewards and benefits while purchasing. The question every Android customer has is, does Walmart accept Samsung Pay? And does Walmart accept Google Pay as well? Yes, Walmart does accept Samsung Pay, but there are still some things you should know about this.

Unfortunately, Walmart does not currently accept mobile or digital payment services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay. The only mobile wallet that Walmart accepts is its own, Walmart Pay.

Firstly, what is Samsung Pay? Introduced by the global company Samsung Pay simplifies your payment methods. They accept it now at more locations when compared to other mobile payment applications. This is due to MST and NFC support. What are MSTs and NFCs? MST stands for Magnetic Secure Transmission and helps power Samsung Pay. On the other hand, NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which allows a user to make contactless mobile payments. Because of NFC, Samsung Pay is acceptable in many places.

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Can You Use Samsung Pay at Walmart?

The most asked question by every Samsung Pay user is, “Does Walmart accept Samsung Pay?”. Unfortunately, several rumors have been that Walmart does not accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay at stores or online.

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Instead, the customers must download the store’s Walmart Pay application. This application is available for Android users who can use this app to pay during checkouts at the registers.

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Why Does Walmart Not Accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay?

Walmart does not accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay not to lose the data they acquire when customers use Walmart Pay. They urge their customers to download Walmart Pay and offer them e-gift cards, rewards, deal notifications, etc.

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However, Walmart Pay does not use NFC technology. Instead, they use a QR code system, allowing customers with older smartphones to make payments using the Walmart Pay application. This makes it difficult for customers to use Samsung Pay as it uses NFC technology, and Walmart doesn’t accept this technology.

How to Use Samsung Pay at Walmart?

There have been rumors of trouble with Samsung Pay at Walmart. This is true as not every customer can make transactions at Walmart using Samsung Pay. As mentioned earlier, Walmart has an application to make payments called Walmart Pay. But here is how you can use Samsung Pay if some Walmart stores accept it.

All you have to do is set up the application on your device. Then make sure to save all your card(s) information on the application on your device. Follow the steps below to make payments through Samsung Pay:

  1. Open the Samsung Pay application on your device.enter pin
  2. Then select your preferred card and select PIN or
  3. Enter the required security information to access your
  4. Lastly, hold your device over the contactless reader to process your payment.

What Payments Does Walmart Accept?

The global chain of stores prefers to promote its payment system through the Walmart Pay application. By installing the Walmart Pay application and making payments through them, the store offers its customers rewards, offers, and more. Walmart also accepts Visa, debit, credit, or MasterCards.

How to Use Walmart Pay?

You can download Walmart Pay on both Android and iOS devices. To use the application, all you have to do are follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Walmart application from your Play Store or App
  2. Then, open the app and select Walmart Pay services. This is when you can add your card information for payments.wallmart services
  3. You can add information about more than one card for payments, including Visa, MasterCard, etc. Walmart accepts debit and credit card
  4. Like Google Pay, Walmart Pay requires a PIN or fingerprint for security.add card
  5. Once you check out, you can use the QR code to pay.

Finally, you can go ahead and shop!

Are Samsung Pay and Walmart Pay Similar?

All these applications are indeed similar in practice. The only difference is the technology that is used to process these sales. While Samsung Pay uses NFC and MST, Walmart uses a QR code for you to scan pay

This means that all your financial details will not be transmitted during your transaction. Read about some internet blockers to boost your productivity.

Did Walmart Block Samsung Pay?

Initially, Walmart did accept Samsung Pay. Before, this offer was for customers, but they have stopped it and do not plan on offering it in the future. Walmart instead decided to block Samsung Pay deliberately.

After Walmart upgraded its payment systems, several other stores also began to decline Samsung Pay as a mode of payment. Walmart did so mainly to ensure customers used the company’s version of Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay. This ensures that Walmart customers use Walmart Pay to make contactless payments while pay

This move by Walmart made a significant change, at least in the U.S.A. Several shoppers use Walmart Pay and the Walmart app, often compared to Samsung Pay. This was a big win for the global store as they got their customers to shop from them and use their application. They were helping the company with its growth. Several companies saw Walmart blocking Samsung Pay as an excellent marketing strategy.

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Where Does Samsung Pay Work?

Samsung Pay works at every terminal or store where NFC or MST is the payment mode. MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission technology allows you to use your phone as a card. Your device will be able to swipe at several terminals magnetically. NFC or Near-Field Communication is when you tap and pay a contactless transaction.

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However, sometimes there might be a problem if these terminals are updated for chip technology. 

Note – Samsung Pay works only in locations with MST or NFC technology access.


Can you tap to pay at Walmart?

Yes, you can. Through Walmart Pay in the Walmart application, you can make payments. You can use either a touch ID, a passcode, a fingerprint, or a security PIN to make your payments.

Can you pay with your phone at a Walmart store?

Yes, you can pay with your phone at any Walmart store. Payments can be made through any iOS or Android device at any checkout lane. However, it can only be done through the Walmart Pay option on the Walmart application.

What payment methods does Walmart accept?

Walmart accepts payments through Walmart Pay, credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, e-gift and gift cards, and cash payments. They also accept most PIN-based ATM/debit cards.

What stores accept Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay was initially accepted at Walmart until the store blocked it. Now, Samsung Pay will be accepted at stores and terminals with NFC or MST technology. Unfortunately, in the United States of America, several companies have opted for the same solution as Walmart and discontinued the use of Samsung Pay as a mode of payment.


Does Walmart accept Samsung Pay? Not now. While Samsung Pay is accepted at some stores, it is blocked by Walmart. This is because Walmart wants to ensure the growth of its company and promote its application through which payments can be made.

Walmart Pay offers its customers reward points, deal notifications, and shows when they use the app to make payments at the store.

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