WiFi networks are critical in today’s era. Almost everyone living in a developed city owns a private WiFi network. It has become a necessity now that everything has shifted to the e-mode. Every industry in today’s world has become very digitalized and Ethernet Can is also a greater option. The reason why WiFi networks are preferred is that they provide a stable network connection. In this article, we will discuss whether ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error.

Owning a WiFi network is not something to be proud of if you do not know the basics of your roPerform WiFi Key Recovery Without RootPerform WiFi Key Recovery Without Rootuter. The most important thing about the router is the technique to log in. It is the most essential thing to know if they own a router. 

Before logging in, the router’s IP address needs to be found. The first step would be to look for the IP address online. But sometimes, you might not be able to get the IP address. Even if you do, you might see the message that states wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration that exists. This might sound a little stressful, but this is solvable. Here in this article, you will get to know how to solve the issue of solving the IP configuration failure issue.

What Causes The Problem Of Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration?

You might get this message that ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration on Windows 10 for various reasons. Here are some reasons that might cause the said problem.

It might be a result of some driver problems in your system. You might see this message if you have failed to update a few drivers. You might have used a faulty set of drivers so you might face such an issue.


Sometimes you might set up the wrong network settings. This might lead to the WiFi network problem message. 

Unknowingly, some third-party applications might be interfering with your connection. So, you might face some internet issues.

Now that you know the possible reasons why you can see the wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, you can quickly resolve it. 

What To Do If Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration That Exists?

You can use numerous techniques to get rid of the problem. However, make sure that you first understand them correctly before you go to try them out.

Change The Wireless SSID credentials

You can access the modem even when ethernet has no valid IP configuration. By doing so, you must alter the SSID and its password. You will need an ethernet cable for tethering to access your modem. 

change ssid

This process will vary from router to router. Therefore, it is advised that you read the manual before you proceed with doing this.

Release And Recreate Your IP Address

You must go to the State Menu and look for the Command Prompt. Once you right-click it, you must run it as an administrator. You will see a black box before you; you must enter ipconfig/release without quotes here.


After you press enter, type ipconfig/renew in the command prompt. Once you press enter again, you will have to type exit.


This technique will help you resolve the WiFi problem you are facing.

Uninstall The Drivers

Another method to address the wireless network connection problem doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. You will be required to uninstall the driver for your wireless adapter. If you uninstall the faulty driver, Windows will automatically give you a better or non-problematic version.

uninstall driver

Head into Device Manager by pressing Windows + X. Once you click on the Network Adapters option, you can see the possibility of uninstalling. After you click it, you will be asked again if you want to do it. After you confirm, you must restart your system to apply the changes. Windows will then identify the missing driver and replace it automatically. Know about the five wifi antenna booster for Android from this article

Get Rid Of The Antivirus

Because of third-party apps, ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. This could even be because of the antivirus. You do not have to remove your antivirus forever. Just uninstall it for some time and see if the internet works.


If it does start working, you can then go to the official site of the antivirus software. From here, you can download the latest version of the application. 


How do I fix Ethernet has no valid IP configuration?

To resolve the ‘Ethernet has no valid IP configuration’ error on Windows, try these steps: 1. Restart your modem and router. 2. Disable and re-enable your Ethernet adapter. 3. Use the Windows Network Troubleshooter. 4. Manually set a static IP address. 5. Get the network adapter drivers updated/reinstalled. 6. Reset your network settings.

Why does Ethernet not have a valid IP address?

The following error occurs when your computer can't get the DHCP server to obtain a working IP address. This may happen due to issues with your router or modem, misconfigured network settings, or problems with your Ethernet adapter or its drivers.

How do I reset my Ethernet?

1. Reboot Your Computer 2. Restart Your Router/Modem 3. Check Ethernet Cable 4. Update Ethernet Drivers: Update or reinstall your Ethernet adapter drivers from your device manager. 5. Reset TCP/IP: Open Command Prompt as an administrator, type 'netsh int ip reset' and hit Enter. 6. Check Router Settings. 7. Contact Your ISP in case the problem continues.

How do I enable DHCP on Ethernet?

To enable DHCP on Ethernet in Windows: 1. Open Network Settings: Go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Network and Sharing Center.’ 2. Click ‘Change adapter settings.’ 3. Properties: Right-click on your Ethernet connection and choose ‘Properties.’ 4. Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4): Double-click it. 5. Select ‘Obtain an IP address automatically.’ 6. Hit ‘OK’ to save changes.


You now know what to do when your Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. You must follow the steps in the given order only. This will help you to avoid any possible issues that can arise. The key to resolving this issue is that you must follow the steps religiously. You cannot do anything if you do not have a valid IP address affiliated with your WiFi network. You need to know about the router IP to log into router settings. Therefore, you must make sure that you get this sorted out first.

If you identify the real problem that caused the WiFi issues, you can quickly resolve this issue. You know the root cause, so it becomes simple to deal with it. However, some techniques are a little technical. In that case, you must stick to the steps that have been mentioned.

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