4 Best Hidden Messages App For Android In 2023

With the advancement in technology, people have switched to communicating via messaging services. Face-to-face interaction is diminishing. One of the most affordable phones that are out there in the market has been manufactured by Android. You have an option to use social media as a form of secured texting. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., provide you with the facility of instant messaging. Although, it is nearly impossible for you to sync your SMS inbox to these sites. here, we have mentioned the best-hidden messages app for you which keeps your data confidential without you worrying about it.

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If you remember, you always will get confidential data such as OTPs.  Sometimes, you witness a message that says that it has copied the OTP from your SMS. In order to avoid any problems in the near future, it is better that you adopt a method to hide your messages. Probably you should hunt for hidden messages app for android that hide your text messages so that your data is not stolen. 

This article will present to you various ways to get the perfect hidden messages app for Android. 

You must note that the applications that have been put forward are not in any order of preference. Depending on your choice, you can select any of them. 

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Top 4 Hidden Messages App For Android 2023

In case you desire to add strong security to your Android phone, you should add a screen lock. If you want to take a step further to protect your SMS from being read, here are some apps that can act as a message hide app. Furthermore, you should only choose from one of the options that are put forward. This is to avoid your phone from cluttering. Apart from that, it becomes extremely challenging to keep a record of different passwords for different vaults. 

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App Lock

App Lock is one of the renowned Android apps to hide text messages. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can use this protector to hide your confidential messages.

app lock
App lock

There are numerous techniques that can facilitate you to add security to your SMS. you might want to add a passcode or a pattern – it is up to you. As an additional benefit, you can pick from the best themes. You have the freedom to add locks to other applications too.

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In case you are hunting for another alternative to hide calls and text, Vault-Hide is something you might want to try out. One thing you might want to note is that with Vault-Hide, you will get a chance to edit contact names and make particular chats hidden.

vault hide
Vault hide

If you feel that your phone is being spied on, you might want to try to build fake information. Vault-Hide enables you to do such a thing. So, if there is someone that sneaks into your phone, they will find the dummy message. 

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Calculator Pro +

Another famous hidden messages app for Android is Calculator Pro +. If you wish to hide the entire application, Calculator Pro + is the best-hidden text app. There is an earlier version of the same developer known as Calculator Pro.

calculator pro +
Calculator pro +

One noticeable feature of this application is that the app will look like a calculator. So, if a person is fiddling with your mobile phone, he or she will be unable to locate the hidden app! To access what is within it, a passcode will have to be entered first. As soon as that is done, the application that is hidden will be revealed. It is not mandatory that you keep the same passcode as your lock screen passcode. In fact, you will have an upper edge if you do not use the same passcode. You are simply adding two layers of security. 

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Private SMS And Call

This hidden messages app for Android is one of the unique ones that are on the market. There is an option for you to build up your personal space.

private sms and call
Private SMS and call

In this space, you can add in any contacts. As soon as you do that, any records – including calling and texting – will only happen in this personal space. It is impossible for anyone to find the conversation or data relating to that contact in the public domain.

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There are ample options that you can choose to download on your Android phone. The hidden messages app for Android that has been mentioned in this article is the one that is compatible with most Android phones. Nevertheless, you might want to check out if they are functioning properly on your phone. Read this article, to know the Best RAM Cleaner for PC | Top 10 Reviewed.

It is further advised that you select one of the Android apps to hide text messages. Do not download all of the ones that are out there. Narrow down to one option – even two options will become unmanageable. If you want to hide more than just your SMS inbox and your calling, you might want to choose AppLock. If you are too concerned about your phone being under supervision, you might want to opt for Calculator Pro +. It can be considered as the best app that will help you prevent any unauthorized access. Check out this article about how to trace a fake text message number.

After having considered that, you might want to look at the free and paid version of these apps. Make a list of the features that are provided in the free version. If you are not willing to spend too much or do not want to spend at all, focus on the features of the free version. It is vital that you are content with the app that you are using. 

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