In this busy world, we don’t get time to meet our friends and family, so what is better than having a fusion of chit-chat and a movie? Watching a movie together brings happiness, so we have discovered the best ways to watch Netflix on mobile. This write-up will highlight how to watch Netflix together on an iPhone.

To watch videos with friends on FaceTime through a supported app, follow these steps:

Open your streaming app and select a movie or TV show you want to share.

  1. Tap either the Menu button or the Share button.
  2. Select SharePlay and enter the contacts you want to invite.
  3. Tap FaceTime to initiate the video call.
  4. Start the video and enjoy watching it with your friends.

How do you watch Netflix together on an iPhone? To solve this question, peek at several extensions like; the Rave app, Scener, Shareplay, and Kast. We will also highlight the various methods to watch Netflix on Android, iPhone, and PC. In a word, take a beautiful ride of the best ways to take a break from work and enjoy a movie with family and friends. These ways will allow you to watch Netflix without any glitches. Know that WhatsApp Won’t Connect On An IPhone, Just by clicking here!


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Best Ways: How To Watch Netflix Together On iPhone

The best way to watch Netflix could be to share your password with friends and enjoy the movie together on a video call. But due to the drop of various subscribers on Netflix, it doesn’t support this and is finding ways to stop this practice and charge the extra cost. Several extensions that support this practice include Scener, Rave app, Share Play, and Kast. 


Kast is the best app that works well with all devices like Mac, iOS, and Windows.kast app The critical thing which adds a flavor of entertainment to this is you can enjoy the movie and the facial expressions of a person together by having live streaming of both video and film.

How To Use Kast?

There are some straightforward steps with which you can use Kast in the best way; 

  1. Firstly download the Kast app on a preferred device like iPhone, Mac, or Windows. kast
  2. Log in to the app by using the email ID and password. sign-up-page
  3. Create a room in the app; here, you can enter the details of usernames. Choose the option of creating a space with a personal or private account according to your choice. kast-download
  4. Join the meeting room you have created; at the bottom of the screen, three options will be there; one will be your entire screen; here, you can depict the screen you are watching to the users. The second option will help you to connect with users through video calls; you can enhance your experience by turning on the audio option. kast screenshare
  5. To invite the users, you can send a personalized link that encompasses the name of usernames. party screen share screen (1)
  6. Enjoy a movie along with chats filled with funny emojis. 

movie time online

Drawbacks Of Kast

  • This app doesn’t work with Android. 

Download Kast

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Rave App

This is the best app that uncovers the best solution for how to watch Netflix together on iPhone. This app also works well with Android, Mac, and iPhone to add any device to your film party.

rave watch party appLet’s uncover how you can relish the moments with this app;

  1. Proceed with downloading the app on the preferred device and creating your account. rave download
  2. Expand your party by adding members; this app will help you hunt your friends’ names and include them. Start your party by signing up for Netflix and playing engaging and rejoicing content in the virtual meetup.  

netflix (1)

Drawbacks Of The Rave App

  • Sometimes, there is a complication with the app’s working; most of the time, it isn’t solved by restarting.

Download Rave App


This tool works best on all iOS devices. This app provides a better platform to control your movie playing easily, pause in between, and move on to another film. 

How To Use Scener?

In scener, take care of one thing you have to take the risk of sharing a password to your Netflix account. Follow these steps to use the scener effortlessly; 

  1. Firstly download the extension of the scener and create an account. extension for chrome
  2. On the top corner, there will be one icon that will assist you in creating a party. scener
  3. Create a party and share a link with your friends and family. This app better solves the problem of how to watch Netflix together on the iPhone. 

scener virtual app


  • Scener doesn’t work on Android. This app only allows ten members in a party room. To use this tool, everyone should have a Netflix password. 

Download Scener

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Which App Supports Android Devices? 

Netflix watch party mobile is one app that supports watching Netflix together on mobile, but this works only on Android and laptops. Telepathy doesn’t support iOS devices. 


This is the best extension that facilitates your fantastic experience of watching Netflix. Here you can watch movies in HD quality and enjoy funny chats with the cinema; several comic icons add a good coin of fun. This extension also supports watching the experience of amazon prime, Youtube, Disney, Hulu, HBO Max, and HBO Now

How To Use Teleparty?

Teleparty is a user-friendly tool this contains three quick steps through which you can watch Netflix together. Apps to watch Netflix with friends are; 

  1. Firstly, search for Teleparty and install the Chrome extension of it. teleparty
  2. After installing, go to teleparty and choose the preferred streaming service like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and HBO, and after selecting, sign up for your Netflix account. teleparty
  3. After signing up, the Netflix setup will appear on your screen, open a most enjoyable movie, add a teleparty extension, and share the link with your friends and family. share20kink.jpg
  4. Enjoy movie time with gossip through chat and emojis. This app indeed provides the best setup, which helps to solve the issue of how to watch Netflix with friends on the phone.

teleparty chat and watch (1)

Drawbacks Of Teleparty

  • You can’t be swift to another movie while watching one; you must create another link for a new film. Another thing that is lacking is you can not customize your chat username.

Download Teleparty

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One Official Way To Watch A Movie Together On Netflix 

There is one official solution for how to watch Netflix together on the iPhone;


This tool is easy to use and is added by Apple on the latest iOS 15.1 or upgraded version. Follow these effortless steps to achieve the desired outcome. 

  1. Do a video call to your friend using a Facetime app & during a video call, move to the apps section and open a video streaming app that supports shareplayshareplay
  2. Play a movie; the perk of this method is that anyone can play or pause a video

Another Way Of Sharing A Screen Through Shareplay Is

  1. Firstly proceed with the video streaming app, which supports share play. Click the menu or share button, then click the share play option. download shareplay
  2. Add the members with whom you want to enjoy the movie time and click on Facetime video or Facetime audio to help you call the person. shareplay to watch movie
  3. Play the video. This app better solves the problem of how to watch Netflix together on the iPhone.


Drawbacks Of Shareplay

  • To access Netflix content, you need a particular subscription model. All the users must have iOS 15 or an updated version. Android users can’t join your movie time. 

Download Shareplay


How to watch Netflix by sharing the screen of the app?

Firstly move to Netflix and click on the cast button. Play the binge-watch content.

What is the new feature of blocking the screen on Netflix?

Netflix no longer supports Screen Mirroring and Sidecar; thus, they are disabled while the service runs.

Which methods do clients use the most to solve how to watch Netflix together on iPhone?

Why the black screen appears on Netflix?

The black screen on Netflix may appear due to some error on the app, so to solve this problem, you can update the app through the Google Play store.


Summarising the article, we had seen the best solution to watch Netflix together on the iPhone. In this, we have brought to light several extension which works well with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. 

If you have a mac and would like to watch Netflix on it even when offline then check out this article.

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