4 Best Free iPhone IMEI Checker Tools


If you are new to the tech scene, you should know that the IMEI, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a legal unique identification number that is assigned to satellite phones. If you plan to order an iPhone, especially online, you should check the device’s IMEI to be sure that it is a real iPhone. An IMEI number is not easy to change, and using a iPhone IMEI Checker makes it an easy means to prove if the phone was stolen or if the iPhone itself is fake.

The IMEI number is made of 15 digits, of which 14 are regular digits and the last is an extra “check” digit. The last figure is a Luhn check digit and a portion of the IMEI is manufacturer defined. The format of an IMEI is usually displayed as AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D.

For security reasons, you will want an iPhone IMEI Checker website or app. It will also be in your favor to find a free tool. However, there are a couple of several other IMEI checker tools too such as Sprint, MetroPCS, At&T, T-Mobile & many more. Simply, choose the one which suits to your mobile network.

List of Best iPhone IMEI Checker

You are about to discover the following 4 Best Free iPhone IMEI Checker Tools.


If you log on to imeipro, you will be glad to discover free tool. This iPhone IMEI checker has a very informative front page that explains what details the site can provide you if you were to enter a valid iPhone IMEI number.

Before you buy a used iPhone, you will want to enter your IMEI number here. This site can give you the details of the following models: iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Phone 5s, iPhone 6 and finally iPhone 6s.


The Checker works if your iPhone is still on Apple Warranty, and hasn’t been blacklisted. The site gives you details about the serial number, rough manufacture date, the age of the iPhone, whether tech support is still valid or has expired for this phone, Warranty relevance, Blacklist status and iCloud status.


If you are looking for more details about the used phone’s warranty, you should check out the website IMEI24. The site offers the current information about your iPhone’s IMEI number.

This iPhone IMEI checker tells you the model, serial number, whether Apple has refurbished it or not, iPhone’s warranty status of activeness, whether the tech support limits have expired or not, the rough purchase data, start date of Warranty, number of days left for the Warranty of the iPhone to expire, who the iPhone was sold to, and the Lock status of the phone.


The website also has other features, such as a list of the US blacklisted phones and more information on the different iPhone models. However, the site will list many parameters as unknown if it is not sure about your phone’s IMEI.


You will find yourself appreciating the step by step instructions of iUnlocker iPhone IMEI checker. The site tells you how to find your iPhone’s IMEI number through the phone settings, or through dialing *#06#, looking at the iPhone’s backside or by observing the phone’s SIMcard tray.


Once you enter the 15 digit IMEI number of the iPhone that you want more information on, you will receive the model of the iPhone, a serial number of the iPhone, colour, simlock status, the status of phone coverage and condition of any possible Find My iPhone tagged to the phone in question.

Sadly, the iUnlocker site does not offer too much information on the Warranty of your iPhone, or the status of tech support. However, you will find this website to be convenient regarding variety as the tool covers not only iPhone IMEIs but also iPad, iMac, MacBook and other iOS devices.


You will find the iPhoneox website to be quite handy as it is simple and straight to the point. Once you enter the used phone’s IMEI number, you will receive a brief product description, information regarding the Apple Warranty and activation of various parameters in your iPhone, whether the iPhone is locked to the carrier or not, and an Activation Lock status.


Like most of the options on this list, you are not required to install this as software; it is an easily accessible and free iPhone IMEI checker. The front webpage goes on to explain what an IMEI number is, how to find out your device’s IMEI number (such as by using settings, SIM card tray or checking the original Apple packaging for the phone), explains what Find My iPhone is and what can be done with an iCloud activation lock, and specific instructions warnings for you to note before you buy a used iPhone.

Final Words

These are the different tools that act as iPhone IMEI checkers. Before you buy a used iPhone online, you should be wary of a few things. First, the seller should provide you with the phone’s IMEI beforehand; you should be suspicious if he is not keen on giving it to you or if he is claiming that it is lost. Once you receive the IMEI, you should use an online checker.

You must note if the Find My iPhone status of the iPhone in question is ON or OFF. If it is ON and the seller is still trying to get you to buy it, it may mean that he has stolen the phone and the phone has been tagged for fraudulent activity.

You might even want to check the Warranty details of the phone, as you deserve a Warranty period even for a used iPhone.


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