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Did your iPhone suddenly decide to go mute and not make a single sound just like your girlfriend when she is angry? If you are incapable of hearing any sound like the sound of a ringtone or sound of your keypad while typing when the headphone is not plugged in, the reason might be that your iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode.

Iphone Headphone
Iphone Headphone

What is headphones mode?

The steps below will explain how to resolve the problem with ease.

Headphones mode is a mode which turns on when you plug jack of a headphone to your iPhone. While

iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

in headphone mode, all the sounds like ringtone, the sound of the keypad while typing, etc. can be heard through the headphone. But sometimes, your iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode even when you have not plugged in any headphone to the device.

This might cause a problem to you because now you are unable to hear the ringtone when your earphone is not plug in. When your phone is in headphone mode, you will see a bell icon with “headphones mode” written on top of it. There are many methods which you can try to fix the issue of your iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode. Following are some these methods.

Check The Headphone Jack

iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode
Top 6 Methods to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode – TechWhoop

The first thing that you can do to fix is this issue is to check your headphone jack. Use a flashlight and look if there are any debris or dirt stuck inside your earphone jack. If you find any debris, it might be the reason behind this whole problem. The removing of the dirt and debris from the headphone jack is tricky because of the really small size of the headphone jack. Try blowing hard into the headphone jack to remove the dirt from the headphone jack. Do not use any pointed object because it might damage your phone to a greater extent. We’ll make it easier to resolve the iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode, Try using a small tweezer.

Reboot your Phone

This is something you can do for trying to fix any issue whatsoever with your phone. As funny as it may sound, this simple step solves almost all problems with your iphone. Even if it doesn’t work, you don’t lose anything exactly because this is something you can do in just a few seconds without even having to spend any money.


So before trying anything else, try restarting your phone and check if the issue has been solved or not.

Plug in and Plug out Your Headphone

Sometimes due to some reasons, the iOS is not able to detect the fact that you have plugged out your headphone. This leads to the problem of your iPhone stuck in headphones mode. What you can do to fix this problem is to try and plug in and plug out your headphone until the phone is no longer in headphones mode. Repeat the process of plugging in and plugging out for 4-5 times. If this doesn’t work even after these many attempts, there is no use of trying it again and again.

Try Plugging in a Different Pair of Headphones

The configuration of your headphones might be the reason causing this problem. Trying to use a different pair of headphones is a great idea. Try plugging in and plugging out a different pair of headphones to your iphone.

Try on
Try on

You do not necessarily need to use the original earpods. Make sure the headphone that you are trying to plug in is compatible with your iPhone.

Using a Bluetooth Audio Player

This is a very simple yet effective step that you should try for getting your phone out of the headphones mode. In case you were living under a rock and didn’t know what a Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth Headphones are, let me explain it to you.

Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that can be connected to your phone using Bluetooth for playing songs. Yes, no wires involved. This means when you connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker, the iOS will detect this and will automatically switch from headphones mode to the Bluetooth mode and the problem of iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode solved.

Bluetooth Audio
Bluetooth Audio

This is a very effective method, and I suggest you give it a try. First connect and then disconnect the Bluetooth speaker and disconnect the Bluetooth from your iPhone, and hopefully, your phone is not in “headphones mode” anymore. If you don’t have or cannot find a Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth earphone will do the trick for you too.

Update Your iPhone

The problem might be because of some software bugs in your i phone. To solve this issue, you will have to update your iPhone. The bugs start causing problems if your phone is not get updates. For updating your iPhone, just follow these simple steps.

Click on settings> General> software update.

iphone Update
iphone Update

If your phone is not updated, you will find a software update. Just obey the instructions, and you will have successfully updated your phone. Once this process is completed, try restarting your phone to check if the problem is solving or not. Even after trying all these methods the problem of iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode is still not solving, it’s about time you tour your nearest Apple store and let the professionals hand it. The chances are that your earphone jack has received some extensive damage.

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