Top 5 Best Meme Generator Tools to Make Memes (2018)


You know the one thing that makes a girl fall madly in love with you? The answer to your question is a good meme. How many times have you seen a pretty girl sharing a funny meme on her Facebook profile with heart and love emoticons? I’m sure at least once you must have thought “Only if I could make a funny meme and make her laugh and then make her fall in love with me“. (you know what they say, “making her laugh is the first step for making her fall in love”) Thus, you must know about the finest Meme Generator Tools out there.

Memes have gained a lot of popularity since it was introduced first. Majority of the young people right now are on social media just for two things:

  • Stalking someone’s profile.
  • Looking at memes.

If you love memes and want to make a meme by your own, there are some cool and awesome Meme Generator Tools for people with zero Photoshop and editing skills.

These websites are pretty cool; you can create your meme, share it on Facebook; if it goes viral then very well if it does not then hey, never gives up right? Following are the best meme generator websites that you can use for creating memes.

Meme Generator Tools to Make Memes


Memegenerator is one of the most popular Meme Generator Tools. You can choose from hundreds of meme characters and formats. On its homepage, you will see all the memes shared by the other users who have created memes using this website.


Creating a meme on this website is easy, all you have to do is select the “caption an image” option on the right-top of the website, choose which meme character/format do you want to use, enter top text and bottom text, select the language and click on generate button.

Once you do this, your meme will be generated. You can share your meme on your social media account by clicking on the share button. You can generate an account on this website for saving your memes for future purposes too.

Rage Comic Builder

Rage comic builder tool has been made available by If you want to create a whole rage comic instead of just captioning an image, this website is for you. You can choose your rage comic character, add to the comic panel provided on the website and added text wherever you would like to.


Rage comic was and still is a huge hit among meme lovers. The characters like Derp, Derpina, Me Gusta guy, Stoned guy, etc. are quite famous and funny. So, go on and make your rage comic using this website. After creating the comic, you can save it on your computer or your smartphone.


Imgur is a free pic-hosting website. It is one of the highest used platforms for the same. Imgur is quite popular because of all the fun and cool memes that the users share on it. Imgur has its meme-generating tool too.

Creating a meme using Imgur is fun and easy. All you have to do is select the meme format/ character from the list of memes provided on the website. Once you choose it, you have to add your text to it. Once you are done adding your text to it, click on the make this meme button.


You can post this meme on Imgur itself where thousands of users can see it and upvote or downvote it. You can also share it on your other social media accounts using the share button.

The best thing about Imgur is that you do not necessarily have to choose from the given meme formats, you can add an own background too and add text to it. So, if you have a weird and funny photo of your friend which you want to use for making a meme; go ahead and do that.

Quick Meme

Quick meme is a basic one of the Meme Generator Tools where you can choose from the given meme formats and add a caption to it. It is one of the most famous meme-generating/meme-sharing websites on the internet. With over 890 k likes on Facebook, it has slowly developed itself into a very good meme sharing platform.


On its homepage, you can see the hottest and trending memes of the day that has users share of the website. You can also upload a photo and create your meme by adding text to it.


DIYLOL stands for Do It Yourself Laugh Out Loud. It is one of the popular Meme Generator Tools. You can choose your own templates and create meme by adding a caption to it.

Unlike other websites, it is not really an that great website. You cannot share your memes on the website itself, and you cannot upload your own background. You have to choose from the given templates.


Once you choose the template and add the text, you can download the generated meme to your computer by clicking on the download your image button. You can add more than two text boxes on your selected template which is a good feature to have. DIYLOL also has an app for Apple users.


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