How To Read Deleted Reddit Posts | 7 Working Ways

Have you ever found yourself deep into a particular subreddit, only to find out that the moderator has taken down various posts and comments? We have all found ourselves in a situation where we have been a little too late to read or view interesting or controversial posts before they have been swiftly discarded. You can also find a complete guide to report subreddit on Reddit.

If you have ever found yourself in such an unfortunate situation, then this is the blog for you! There are several nifty ways out there to read deleted Reddit posts that have been gnawing at your curiosity for ages. If you are interested to know how to add flair to your Reddit posts, click here.

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7 Ways To Read Deleted Reddit Posts

Here is our list of 7 ways to read Reddit posts that have been deleted by the moderator. If you want to quote on Reddit, this guide will help you know more about it, so check it.


The most popular and frequently used platform to read deleted Reddit posts and comments today is Removeddit. Removeddit had been created to replace ceddit during a time when it didn’t work as efficiently.

Removeddit enables you to swiftly see posts taken off the site by the moderators. Also, the comments and posts have been erased by the uploaders themselves. Here are the two main ways to access Removeddit

  • The first method is by dragging the bookmarklet ‘Removeddit’ to your bookmark bar, which you will find on this link.

Once done, select the bookmark whenever you prefer to jump from Reddit to Removeddit. Make sure that you are on the post from which you’d want to see removed content.

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  • The second method requires you to manually change the word ‘Reddit’ in the URL of whatever thread you want to view the deleted posts and comments of to ‘Removeddit.’ Click enter. After that, you will possess full access to the erased content.

Visit: Removeddit 

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Ceddit  (Read Deleted Reddit Posts)

Ceddit is the first platform created, which allowed Reddit users to see removed Reddit posts. It operates on similar lines to that of Removeddit. However, a significant difference between both is that Ceddit only lets you read deleted Reddit comments.

It also lets you see posts deleted by the moderators themselves. It does not provide access to content taken down by the uploaders themselves.


Ceddit also permits user look-up. It has its website that you can skim through just like on Reddit. However, it is a little slower. Deleted content will always highlight in the color red.

However, if you’re on a particular thread on the website itself and want to read deleted Reddit posts, naturally, all you ought to do is change the ‘r’ in ‘Reddit’ to ‘c’ in the URL of that page.

Visit: Ceddit

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WaybackMachine is a website that has been around since the birth of the internet. It allows its users to view archived web pages of any website by merely putting in the URL associated with the same.

WaybackMachine captures screenshots of billions of web pages on various dates and times. All you need to do is set in the URL of the thread or post, of which you hope to see the removed comments.


Next, please browse through the screenshots. Keep in mind the date and time of removal/deletion of the comment, and the same will pop up in one of them.

Visit: WaybackMachine

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[Removed] For Reddit (Read Deleted Reddit Posts)

If you are seeing Reddit posts on your mobile device and wondering how to read deleted Reddit posts that have sparked your curiosity, then ‘[removed] for Reddit is the perfect application for you. The app is available on Android for download and has got rave reviews and comments.

[removed] for reddit
[Removed] For Reddit
Simply all you have to do is share the removed comment, click on ‘removed,’ and that will let you see the removed comment. The most valuable part about the app is that it is free and has no ads. Unfortunately, the app is not available yet for iOS.

Visit:[Removed] For Reddit


If you’re accessing Reddit through a PC and wondering how to find trash Reddit posts and thinking about how to find deleted Reddit posts, Unreddit is a Chrome Extension that can benefit you. The extension works on both old as well as new Reddit.

It efficiently enables you to find deleted Reddit posts and comments from various threads and slow down your device, either.


The extension immediately gets to work as soon as you land on any Reddit page. It highlights the removed content in red.

Visit: Unreddit

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ReSavr (Read Deleted Reddit Posts)

ReSavr is a site that permits you to read deleted Reddit posts and comments removed both by uploaders and moderators. Anything above 650 characters cuts. You can search for any withdrawn comments that you want to see or browse through the most current content deleted off of Reddit.


You might end up finding some useful information on some of these comments that, for some reason were trash.

Visit: ReSavr

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Un-Delete Reddit Comments (Chrome Extension)

Un- Delete Reddit Comments is a chrome extension that doesn’t exactly work like the rest of the platforms on this list. Instead, it provides you with a way to preserve a copy of a particular Reddit page that you’re on.

Un-Delete reddit Comments
Un-Delete reddit Comments

Use this chrome extension if the page piques your interest and you fear removing or editing specific comments on it. This chrome extension is perfect for storing that data for later consumption.

Visit: Un-Delete Reddit Comments (Chrome Extension)

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Conclusion (Read Deleted Reddit Posts)

Now you know these unique platforms to read deleted Reddit posts. You will never have to undergo the agony of not knowing what had been excluded. These sites are foolproof and are sure to deliver!

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