Billions of people use Google and its voice search engine. Google introduced the Speech service for Android phones in 2011, translating voice to text-speech and text to voice. Regular updates are also required for language files or to address issues in the Google Speech service. However, thousands of users have complained that the speech service by google keeps downloading and never stops.

The notification bar on your window panel might cause a bothersome and aggravating situation. Additionally, the speech feature is ineffective when you try to utilize it. This post will explain what it implies and why the speech service by google keeps downloading.

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What Are The Speech Services By Google?

On Android phones, the text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) functionalities are controlled by the Services that cause the notification. Many different apps use them for speech recognition and screen reading functionalities, including:

  • Google Maps voice searches and other navigational apps.
  • Transcriptions of phone calls.
  • Voice commands can be used to operate the phone using accessibility features.
  • Dictation software.

Go to Settings > System > Languages & input > Text-to-speech output to enable the features.

Why Do We Need Google Speech Service?

This app’s primary function is to enable text-to-speech and speech-to-text functions on our phones.

  • Using the Google Speech service, you may type words into search engines, chat applications, notes, and other places.
  • Google’s speech recognition technology will pick up your words and record them exactly.
  • So you don’t always have to look at those little keypads on your phone to send someone a message. To use this speech-to-text capability, simply click on the microphone icon on the keyboard.

The text-to-speech feature is what it’s known as. The texts displayed on your phone can also be read aloud. The Speech Service from Google is in charge of all of these awesome professions.

What Does It Mean When It Says “Speech Service By Google Keeps Downloading”?

When a Google speech service app attempts to install a new file required for the language (text to speech and vice versa), it keeps downloading instead.

This warning may occasionally be labeled “Speech Service by Google UK/US upgrades.” The update notification is stuck at the same place in this case; neither the update is finished nor does it pause in the middle

Why Does The Speech Service By Google Keep Downloading?

The speech service by google keeps downloading for several reasons. The software is broken or corrupt. Here are a few of the causes:

  • First of all, it occurs when your app is broken or corrupted, and occasionally it happens when an app is incompatible with a device. Most people deal with this problem.
  • Second, it might be a network problem. This is uncommon because the software or mobile phone frequently has serious issues. A bad network connection, however, is also quite important.
  • Additionally, your battery life decreases, and the voice service takes longer to download when your connection is inconsistent.

There might be additional reasons why speech services by google won’t stop downloading, which are discussed below.

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Is It A Network Problem?

According to the message, the downloading could not begin owing to network unavailability, which keeps repeating itself. However, if you attempt to view anything else, you’ll discover that your network connection is flawless. Consequently, there is no issue with your phone or network.

downloadHowever, if you discover that you cannot access anything online, this would suggest that your network is the problem. Once the English UK files have finished downloading, reconnecting to the network will stop them.

Turning Off The Auto-Update

The upgraded version of English UK voice recognition is the file your phone is presently attempting to download. But the downloading cannot continue because of some issue.

To prevent this file from importing data against your permission, deactivate the auto-update option. Certain users may interpret the notification as “downloading English US updates on Android.”

However, the answer is the same regardless of the language version.www

The steps to solving this are as follows:

  1. Log into your Android device’s settings.
  2. To find “Google,” scroll to the list of choices. Select “Google” from the menu. As a result, you will be directed to Google settings. google settings on android
  3. Now, choose “Settings for Google Apps” from the menu.
  4. An option for “Search, Assistant, and voice” will be visible. Just click it. Choose “voice” from the menu on the following page.
  5. You can access the offline voice recognition option from the following page.
  6. Finally, the Auto-update option will appear on the screen’s right side. You might have to swipe across based on your device to locate this. auto update
  7. Select the option for Do not auto-update, and then restart your phone.

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Clearing The Cache For Speech Services By Google

Clearing data for the Google Search and Speech Services by Google app is a different option that may or may not work depending on the device:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Pick your apps and notifications (or simply Apps).
  3. Click the “See all apps” link (or All)
  4. Select Speech Services by Google by scrolling down. speech services by google
  5. Then select Storage / Cache. clear cache
  6. Select Clear Cache by tapping on it.

Uninstall Google Speech Service Updates

You can turn off speech services by google update and restart the process if the prior update is faulty or has some technical issues.

  1. On your phone, navigate to settings and select the Apps Manager or Apps tab. Select Google Speech Service. uninstall voice
  2. Check whether your speech service is still accepting updates by restarting your smartphone. Look for the “Uninstall updates” option at the bottom of the page adjacent to that one. uninstall google speech service
  3. To remove the update successfully, click the middle icon. Check Out the top 10 best Google gravity tricks here.

Fixing The Glitch In The Speech Services By Google

Another possible cause of this issue, “speech service by google keeps downloading,” is a bug in the Speech Services by Google app. If the first one didn’t work for you, you should attempt this strategy.

The answer is quite easy. You must first delete Google Speech services before reinstalling them. Any issues with the Google Speech services will solve automatically.

  1. On your phone, go to Settings and apps/applications.
  2. From the app list, select the Speech Services by Google app. Just click it. select speech
  3. Just click it. You can now disable or force the program to close by selecting this option. force stop

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Why do I keep getting odd applications on my phone?

Many spyware and advertising apps attach to well-known, secure software that people acquire. The programmes are downloaded as patches, and the customer believes that such updates are the same as the legitimate program that they had downloaded.

What's an Android accessibility service?

An Accessibility Service aids disabled people in utilising Android apps and smartphones. It is a long-running authorized service that allows users to connect effectively with a device by assisting them in processing data displayed on the screen.

Is it safe to provide access approval?

By granting the app complete control over your smartphone, you may unwittingly permit viruses to gain access to your phone. When a virus infiltrates your phone, it has the capability to steal important details about you.


Speech service by google keeps downloading is a common problem that android users face. Downloading speech services indicates that the program is receiving updates and downloading text files. The update procedure continues to run in a loop for several reasons.

The fixes mentioned above will probably solve your issue, and you can utilize Google’s speech recognition service without any problems.

It’s worth mentioning that After finishing the process, you should always restart your Android phone, regardless of the fix you try.

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