5 Text Messaging Backgrounds For Android

We love to customize every little thing in our lives to our needs and preferences, so why not our text message backgrounds? With every development, Android has allowed us to customize everything within our messaging apps, from the font style, the size of text, and even the background. Unluckily, with the new Android 9 update, customizing your background is not possible anymore. That being said, there are alternates out there to help you customize your text messaging backgrounds for Android.

Text Background

The first set of alternatives is those available within your Android device settings. However, the rest require you to download certain tried and tested apps.
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Now, if you have ever wondered, “how do I change my text message background on my android?” then here is how you can do it. Keep in mind that this option may not persist anymore for you, depending on the Android version. Meanwhile, know about the software that is made to replace SMS.

  1. Open the messenger app and go to the ‘more’ option, which you can find on your screen’s top right.
  2. Choose ‘settings.’
  3. From here, pick out the ‘background’ option and pick your favored background. 

Now, if your cell phone has been upgraded to the android 9, you can yet switch up the color of the android message background. The following are the two ways you can do so.

  1. Set your electronic device to the night mode option by going into settings, then displaying it, and then choosing night mode.
  2. The next way you can alter your texting app’s color is by going to settings, then accessibility, picking visibility enhancements, and then selecting ‘Negative Colors.’ All this does is invert the respective colors of your phone display.

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5 Best Text Messaging Backgrounds

That being said, what if you are seeking some particular text message background themes? If this is the case, the following are the best apps out there to change the text messaging backgrounds for Android. These apps give you the luxury of full customization of your text messaging backgrounds. Since the text message background of android is not customizable, using either of these apps instead of the android texting app is the best way.

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Go Launcher

An excellent app for altering your backgrounds and wall covers as per your needs is Go Launcher. The application has got over 100 million downloads and great reviews. When it comes to themes and wallpapers, Go Launcher has it all. With professional designers creating over 10,000 free themes to choose from that, Go Launcher is sure to become your favorite. It includes HD Wallpaper of different images from all over the planet and offers transition effects too!

Go Launcher

These themes can be utilized to personalize not only your messenger but also your entire phone. So if you’re hunting for a simple yet effective method to switch up your messenger, Go Launcher is the application for you.

Visit: Go Launcher

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Textra SMS

Textra SMS is a brilliant alternative to your Android texting app and is utilized by millions of people. It comes with a set of intelligent features, including pre-scheduling text messages too. Most importantly, the app gives you complete freedom to customize your text backgrounds for Android as and how you please. The app comes with over 180 themes to choose from, along with a night mode, light mode, and auto night mode.


With Textra, you can customize your preferred music, and text bubble colors and even get access to over 3000 emojis. The app has also received rave reviews on the app store. However, keep in mind that though Textra is entirely free, you will get ads occasionally. You can remove the ads by making a one-time purchase to do so.

Visit: Textra SMS

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Handcent is another excellent application for text messaging backgrounds for android that can replace your android texting app as it offers message customizations and several background themes to choose from. The messenger includes a theme store from which you can pick out whatever you like. The best part about Handcent is that it is compatible with all your respective devices so that you can send out and get texts from a PC too.


Along with changing the theme as per your liking, you may also modify the text size, color, and message bubble shape. Handcent also provides the function of scheduling text messages and free cloud backup. The application has got great reviews from the play store as well.

Visit: Handcent

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Messenger For SMS

Messenger for SMS is renowned for changing texting backgrounds for Android. The application offers its users countless themes, wallpapers, fonts, and even ringtones! Each is utterly customizable as per your likeness. You can also switch up the text bubble frame and color. The app offers a schedule SMS feature and an auto-reply feature that you can turn on when driving.

Messenger for SMS

The application has more than 3000 emojis and stickers to provide. With great reviews on the Play Store, it is a great application on your cell phone to improve your overall texting experience.

Visit: Messenger For SMS

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Chomp SMS

The final application on our list to switch up the text messaging backgrounds for Android is Chomp SMS. The application is used by over 10 million people and has got great reviews on the app store. It offers unlimited options for modification of text notifications, ringtones, screen color, font type, text size, and even the backgrounds. Chomp SMS.

Chomp SMS

Overall, It is a great application you want to switch from the stock messenger as it provides all features that the stock messenger offers and more.

Visit: Chomp SMS


So here is how you can alter your text messaging backgrounds for Android irrespective of its version. Now, with the help of these apps, you have thousands of various backgrounds and themes to choose from at your disposal. All you need to do is pick the one that suits you most! Now you can set beautiful themes for google chrome. Click here to know more.

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