Android FTP Server | Top 5 Ways To Transfer Files From Phone To PC

There will always be occasions when you need to transfer a file from your phone to your PC, and there are numerous methods available on android which allow you to do so. Like, Bluetooth, cloud storage, USB connection, wi-fi, Hotspot, and various other ways. But they can be slow or unsuitable for sending large files. So, in today’s issue, we’ll learn about the android FTP server. 

transferring files via ftp

You can quickly set up an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server on your android device via downloading any of its clients and following a few more simple steps.

If you are also tired of waiting for long durations for transferring files between your phone and PC, FTP is the way out for you. Keep reading, and you’ll gain all the relevant information about FTP for Android and how to use it. 

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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | What Does It Mean? 

The File Transfer Protocol, popularly known as FTP, is a standard communication protocol to transfer computer files from a server to a client over a computer network.

ftp file transfer protocol

In short, it allows you to connect two devices and transfer files between them. Because FTP operates over the internet, you can use it to connect to a device in your wi-fi network or a remote server.

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It requires an FTP server on one device and an FTP client on another. Most third-party file managers for android include FTP support, allowing you to start an FTP server on android and then connect to it from a PC running an FTP client.

Top 5 FTP Servers To Share Your Files

Here’s the list of top 5 FTP servers you can use to share your files effortlessly:

ES File Manager 

ES File Explorer is an outstanding Android file server. It includes a built-in search function, an image viewer, and, most importantly, a LAN browser that we’ll use to transfer files to our computer via file explorer

There’s an explanation of how to use ES above in this article.


FileZilla is a free (open source) FTP utility that allows users to transfer files from a local computer to a remote computer.filezilla android ftp server

It is available in both client and server versions.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze is a file manager that is both free and open source. It’s relatively light if we compare it to the other file managers on this list because it doesn’t go out of its way to include features like code editing or media players. Instead, it concentrates on the fundamentals of cutting, copying, pasting and archiving, and encrypting files.amaze file manager

Amaze makes it simple to set up an FTP server. Click and open the hamburger menu on the left side of the screen, scroll down, and select FTP Server. Then press the Start button.


MiXplorer is a file manager with every feature you can think of. It includes all of the essentials of a file manager, such as cutting, copying, pasting, compressing, and extracting files.mixplorer

Then there are the more advanced features, such as multitasking, a text and code editor, and a complete EPUB and PDF reader for your book-reading needs. MiXplorer, of course, includes FTP support. To start an FTP server, go to the top-right menu, select Servers, and start FTP Server.

Solid Explorer 

Solid Explorer provides many tools while remaining lightweight, such as file encryption and cloud storage support and its image viewer, music player, and text editor. All of this is combined in a stylish user interface.solid explorer android ftp server

Using FTP on Solid Explorer is similar to using Amaze. Swipe right to open the hamburger menu, scroll down, select FTP Server, and press the Start button.

This was the list and a guide about using the top Android Ftp servers for sharing files.

How To Transfer Files Via Android FTP Server

To start using FTP servers for file transfer between your android devices and PC, you will need to set up two different FTP clients on your phone and your pc.

file transfer between android and pc

For android, we recommend using ES file manager (Although we will provide many other options further in the article); dubbed as the best FTP app for android, it includes a built-in search function, an image viewer, and, most importantly, a LAN browser.

We can use it to transfer files to our computer via wi-fi. And for the laptop, FileZilla is to be used. So, let’s get started with the process! Just follow along with the steps, and you will be able to share any files via FTP.

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Download FTP Clients On Both Devices

First off, you must install both of these softwares on your devices. They are available on the free app stores and can be easily downloaded.

libraries cloud manager

Skip the first two steps if you already have FTP clients or software installed on your computer, which could be any eligible FTP tool, or if you have the ES file manager installed on your mobile phone.

Connect Your Android Device And PC Through FTP

  1. We must first configure or enable the FTP server on our mobile phone using the file manager app we downloaded earlier. Now, open the ES file manager on your Android phone, navigate the Tools section, and select Remote Manager. es file explorer remote manager
  2. When the Remote Manager screen opens up, it will display the name of the connected wi-fi network. If you haven’t already done so, connect your phone to wi-fi. Then, press the Turn on button to configure an FTP server on an Android phone.turn on
  3. You will then be given the Android phone’s FTP server address and the server port.
  4. Then, to access the server address received, we will need to run the FTP Server on the PC.

Here is how to connect to a PC using FileZilla and use android phone as FTP server ->

In the Host field, enter the Android phone FTP address; in the Port field, enter the Android phone FTP port number; and click the Quick Connect button to establish the FTP connection between the mobile phone and the PC.

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Downloading And Uploading Files On Phone And PC Using FTP

The Local site and Remote site, which represent the local computer and Android phone separately, can be found in the middle section of the FTP client.

  1. Open the folder on your phone or PC where you want to transfer the files. 
  2. Then, on the phone or PC, navigate to the folder where you want to save the files. es file explorer file manager
  3. At the bottom, all of the files are available. Select the files you want to transfer with a click.
  4. Then right-click to reveal the options to download files from phone to computer or upload files from computer to mobile phone. select files
  5. For example, if you want to upload data and files from a PC or a Mac to a mobile phone, you should first open the source files folder on your computer from the Local site box.
  6. Then, open the target folder on the mobile phone from the Remote site box. file transfer
  7. Select files in the box below the Local site, right-click on them and choose Upload from the context menu.
  8. Your selected files will be copied from computer to cell phone via FTP.uploading files

Following the steps mentioned above will allow you to use your phone as an android FTP server and easily share files between phone and PC. 

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What is a server on my phone to use as FTP?

If you own a Redmi device, you don't need to download any app to act as an Android FTP server. They come with a built-in app that you can use for this purpose. For non- Redmi phones, you can download apps.

Can FTP work without internet?

Once set up, you will never need to connect to the internet to transfer files and folders between the two devices.


FTP Servers are a great alternative to time-consuming file transfer methods between devices such as Bluetooth, Hotspot, and many others. Setting up and running these servers is a simple task. I hope that by following the steps above, you will be able to share files between the two devices easily.

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