How to Transfer Game Data from Android to Android No Root

This article covers how to transfer game data from Android to Android no root without any complications.

The mobile phone market has seen a lot of developments recently. It becomes very difficult to stick to only one mobile phone for the rest of your life. If you are a gamer, you may not want to lose out on all the data you have. Are you scared of a lot of coding and expertise involved? Especially when you are shifting from an Android to an Android, you might sometimes feel a little paranoid.

how to transfer game data from android to android no root
how to transfer game data from android to android no root

It does feel a little challenging, but it can be done easily if you follow the steps properly. 

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How Do I Transfer Game Data To New Phone

If you own an Android, it becomes a lot easier to transfer data to another device. If you decide to buy another new Android device where you want to move these games, it will be easier. Android and iOS applications don’t gel together, so consider that the transfer of game data from Android to Android will be easier. Google is going to be your ultimate solution. An Android device relies heavily upon Google. You should own a Google Play Store account to sync the games you play to your account. Make it a point to check the operating system of the old and new devices. If you find them to be the same, it will be easy as pie for you to transfer data.

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Step 1 – Accept T&Cs

When you switch on the new phone, you will see that there will be some Terms and Conditions that you will have to agree to. Unless you do this, you cannot know how to transfer game progress to the new Android. Nothing complicated comes after this step; you will directly be asked if you want to transfer the data from another phone, so you do not have to hunt for that option. Apart from that, you will also be asked where you want to transfer the old data from your previous phone. 

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Step 2 – Backing up from an Android Phone

Next, you will have to compulsorily pick the option of backing up from an Android phone. The other phone should have the Google Application opened on it.

backup from android
backup from android

Tap on next to proceed.

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Step 3 – Open Google App

Your data will have to be set up using your previous old cellphone. Open the Google App here. Note that this isn’t Google Chrome or any other browser. Wait for some time for the application to load.

open google app
open google app

Then, you will see the getting started option, which means that you are closer to how to transfer game data from Android to Android no root.

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Step 4 – Establish Bluetooth Connection

Make use of only the Bluetooth feature to connect the phones. If they are not, it might become difficult to move the data to the desired place.

enable bluetooth
enable bluetooth

Copy the code and the screens on both devices have to match one another.

Step 5 – Login to Google Account

In the new phone, log into your Google Account to sync all of your data. Note that this process might take some time to complete. Initially, the transfer of only your data will take place, and not apps. Head to the Google Play Store and download these applications. Here is how to transfer game data from Android to Android no root.

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Backing Up Game Data On Android

Well, if you are a little skeptical about the method above and feel that although you know how to transfer game data to a new Android phone, it may not transfer, consider this. It is better that you keep an extra backup of your games on an external application. You will require a PC to perform the backup of this data.

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Syncing Software

One option is to make use of an App syncing software known as Helium. This will help to store all your gaming progress properly in one place.

how to transfer game data from android to android no root
helium backup

Use the USB to connect your mobile phone to the PC to back up the game data.

External Transfer Assistant

Another way to back up your game data before going to how to transfer game data from Samsung to Samsung is by using MobiKin Assistant.

mobikin assistant
mobikin assistant

This application does not use roots to move any of the data, so it becomes easier. So, you can first back up the data like this and then transfer it to your new Android phone!

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You now know how to transfer game data from Android to Android no root without any complications. You need not be an expert in using your mobile phone to perform the task. These steps are very easy to follow so make it a point to stick to the steps and do not deviate.

When you think of transferring game data, a Google Account is a must to own – it will certainly make things a lot easier.

Sometimes, you can also make use of external data backup software. This backup your data as it is. However, it may not always be wise to use external backup options. These might be risky and might store sensitive data. So, you should spend some time looking for the perfect backup software so that you can resolve how to transfer game data from Android to Android no root.

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