If your passion is music and you feel like pursuing your career as a music composer, but because of a lack of skills or resources, you cannot do this, then this software to make beat offers you great help. Some of them are free, while some are premium. This article will give you an overview of the best beat-making software. You can select a particular software according to your needs.

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List of Best Beat-Making Software

There are many beat-making software like- Ableton Live, LMMS, Fl Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Tracktion Waveform, Magix Music Maker, MuseScore, Pro Tools, and many more.     Let’s look at the top beat making softwares:


It is a free best beat-making software you can easily download. Its tool includes many sample files that help you to learn various musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, etc., and also helps you to compose beats. After creating your file, you can easily save it in various file formats. Initially, it could run only on the Mac operating system, but after Windows 10 is released, it can run on that too.

garageband for mac

Check: Garageband

FL Studio 12 Signature Bundle

It is one of the finest beatmakers that is perfect for people at an intermediate level. After you have expertise using beginner’s software, you can move on to FL Studio Signature Bundle. It provides you with a complete studio in a single box. With the help of this software, you can compose, arrange, edit, mix or record your music.

fl studio

But its drawback is that it is a costly software, so if you want to pursue your music career or if you want to stick with music for your lifetime, then this software is worth the investment. Still, if you don’t see music-making as your passion and you want to do this for a short period then this is not perfect for you.

Check: FL Studio 12 Signature Bundle

Tracktion T7

This is another best programs to make beats. It offers a simple user interface supported by super cool LFO modifiers to facilitate your work.

talktion t7

If you are looking for high-quality software within a reasonable budget, Tracktion T7 is the Go-To software.

Check Traction T7


It is also one of the top beat-making softwares you can freely download online. MuseScore can run on Mac as well as Windows operating systems. Its graphical user interface is very easy to use, and it provides many features that help you create a beat of your choice. It is mostly useful for those people who are at beginner’s level.


Using this software, you can easily make the beat using your mouse and keyboard. You can save your created track in Flac, OGG, and Wav format.

Check: MuseScore

LMMS (Let’s Make Music)

It is one of the software to make beats that is free to download. LMMS can run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its interface is easy to use and has incredible functionalities that allow you to create unique music and beats easily. It gives you an extensive database of sample files that can help you to learn easily and create new files easily.


It also has an extensive database of instruments that allows you to learn instruments like guitar, piano, etc. You can save your file in formats like MMPZ or MMP, and you can export the file by selecting WAV or OGG format.

Check: LMMS

Magix Music Maker

It is mainly designed for Windows OS. This free beat-making software came with many in-built tools and was recommended for amateurs.

magix music maker

It is award-winning software that even provides tutorials for beginners to start with.

Check: Magix Music Maker


It is one of the most popular free music production software that is open-source software that can easily be freely be downloaded online. Ordrumbox can run on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac Os X operating systems.


You can download this free beat maker online from the Ordrumbox website and can enjoy its excellent features. You can change its inbuilt settings easily to create your music. With this software, you can easily export your created file.

Check: Ordrumbox

Musink Lite

It is easy to use. You can use a mouse to edit any music or create a beat like a mouse to edit a text document. Musink Lite uses keyboard shortcuts to control the complete program.


It also allows you to zoom in and out to see clearly. It gives you a Help Menu feature to guide you if you are a beginner. After creating your beat, you can save the file in a MID format and export it to the desired location. It can run only on the Windows operating system.

Waveform Free

The people at Tracktion appear to have hit on a fairly shrewd plan of action by delivering more seasoned variants of their DAW free of charge, with nothing taken out. The show is by all accounts to adapt two cycles before the current one is accessible to download without charge. You probably won’t get every one of the most recent highlights; however, you’ll get an update each time the organization refreshes its leader DAW, which it does practically yearly. The latest to have its sticker price shaved off is Waveform Free. 


Each segment is versatile, so you can acclimate to suit your work process and the bottom panel changes to show whichever parameters you’ve chosen somewhere else on the screen. Waveform Free likewise includes a limitless number of sound and MIDI tracks, all relying upon your equipment capacities, and can have different module designs, including VST and Audio Units.

Check: Waveform


Klevgrand may not be a commonly recognized name; however, the Stockholm-based creation organization has indeed cut a name for itself with a massive number of fine-sounding instruments, including some fairly recondite interfaces. 


SyndtSphere is no exception and is one of the more available programming synthesizers. Stacked with more than 70 presets, the enormous fun here is how you can transform between sounds utilizing a clever circle-like article at the focal point of the application.

Check: SyndtSphere

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 is a complete tool for making music. You buy the item, download it, and you’re good to go. No DVD, no USB. It’s PC and Mac compatible. So, it’s amazing to use on your PC. That is a fascinating point for people hoping to buy another PC for making music. Another clarification that various DJs who travel use this DAW is that the interface fits perfectly on a PC screen, which can be significant. This is recommended if you’re not an unadulterated novice and need a live presentation device. When you produce a track in the product, you can utilize equipment control gadgets to launch samples, change the rhythm, and record tests from other equipment instruments.

ableton live

Check: Ableton Live 10

HammerHead Rhythm Station

It is beat-making software that is used by beginners as well as by professionals. HammerHead Rhythm Station is up for download online for entirely free. It can run only on the Windows operating system.


Its graphical interface is very user-friendly, and it has many other features also that help you to create new unique tunes. You can easily save your work in different file formats and then export it to your desired location.

Check: HammerHead


It is highly compatible and runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. It has a simple interface, and the user does not need professional knowledge.


Like any other software, the music files can be converted into multiple formats.

Check: Hydrogen


This music maker software is especially for beat making and is freely available online. Hotstepper can run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It gives you a large database of sound samples and 12 channels to create different music beats.


After creating your beat, you can save it as a WAV file and export it to your desired location. It gives you a BPM slider that helps you adjust your beat’s tempo.


If you are making music just for fun or are truly passionate about it, AudioTool can make your music-composing wish come true.


It has an additional feature that allows users to showcase their work on Facebook and Twitter.

Check: Audiotool

Apple Logic Pro

Apple Logic Pro is a brilliant alternative for making beats, regardless of this being an Apple-only app. A tremendous virtual instrument library permits you to make music without any preparation. You can even form your virtual drums to make an exclusive set for the ideal beats to suit what you are doing. Logic’s virtual drum module utilizes an AI calculation to adjust a virtual drummer to the style of music you produce, assuming you need to record a song first. You can make up to 255 sound and MIDI tracks, which are all that anyone could need to allow you to construct a complicated plan and ceaselessly add ideas to a song.

apple logic pro

Check: Apple Logic Pro

Sonic Producer

This is a beat-making software for people who are at a beginner’s level. If you are new to this field or haven’t made any music before, this is the best option for you. Sonic Producer has an extensive database of sounds where you can have more than two thousand high-quality sounds at your fingertips.

Sonic Producer

It has a drum pad, a piano key set, and a 16-track sequencer. But it has one drawback, which is its low-quality compressed sample files, that are why it is not an excellent choice for professionals.

Check: Sonic Producer

Dr. Drum

Dr. Drum is one of the most popular beat-making software. If you recently have taken a step in beat-making as a newcomer, this software is for you because of its user-friendly interface. Hence if you don’t have any knowledge about beat making, you can still proceed with this software as it will help you.

Dr. Drum

One of the most significant advantages of this beat maker software is its high-quality sound samples as it uses high-quality WAV files rather than compressed MP3 files. Another advantage of this software is that you can easily bind beats to your keyboards, i.e., using your keyboard as your drum machine.

Check: Dr. Drum


If you are passionate about music, Ardour is the perfect beat-making software. You can perform multiple operations like recording, mixing, and editing your music.


It also comes with an in-built amplifier and a microphone, which are added features of the tool. It has an easy-to-use layout, which makes altering and mixing music easier.

Check: Ardour

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Easy Music Composer

If you want to create high-quality music, Easy Music Composer is the software you don’t want to miss.

easy music composer

You can form tunes, input notes, and change basic settings like bass, beat, volume, etc.

Check: Easy Music Composer


Even if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience in music, you would love CamStudioYou can view the works of various performers playing different instruments on this site.


And you can refer to this and come up with something creative. It has a high load speed, and you don’t have to worry about delays.

Check: JamStudio

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Despite LoopLabs being free beat-making software, it is a social networking site where you can like, share, and comment on other music creators’ work.


You also have the option to collaborate with fellow musicians live from the studio bit of the site. It is very suitable for amateurs who want to try their hand in music.

Check: LoopLabs

What kind of features should you consider before investing in beat-making software?

Instruments that are specific to the kind of music that you make. Most programs have the commonly used instruments emulating sounds of the drums, guitars, or even pianos and synthesizers. If you are into EDM and hip-hop and want to create music in these specific genres, you should look for software that has a sound synthesizer or eclectic drum software.  beat making This is imperative as the hardware equivalent of these is very costly, and while producing EDM or hip-hop, you will be required to layer them as per your inspiration. If you want to produce classic rock, you will need software that has good acoustic drums, good quality bass, and other guitar string sounds.

A music track requires voice and sounds other than layering or different generic instruments on digital audio software. A low-budget producer might use a beat-making program that will enable them to record multiple people at the click of a computer while evading the cost of renting a music studio with expensive hardware. You might also want to keep track of your track count. This is important if, as a music producer, you like to create an arrangement with multiple small samples of real guitars, drums, and so on.

If you have produced some music that you want to post on online streaming platforms like YouTube or Spotify, you must select software with various effects. While most music does not need much manipulation, the quality of music depends upon compression. Moreover, effects like reverb and delay add some depth to the otherwise mechanical beats, amp your track, and set it apart from others.


What should ideally be your budget for beat-making software?

Some digital audio workstations can be priced at 200-500 USD while in the lower range, some are free. The high-range one is a perfect choice and will make you spoilt for choices while making music. The free ones, on the other hand, will cater to your basic needs but will not offer the ease or the convenience of the paid ones. So if you are starting with making music using these platforms, you may want to start small. You can choose to start with a free option and then work your way up according to your taste and preferences and upgrade yourself to the best-suited software according to your needs.

What’s the easiest beat-making software to use?

Every musician has different tastes and preferences. Some celebrities use FL studio while others use Ableton. However, if you are just starting out and getting your footing as a music maker, a free one will work just as well. Even though no two people have the same preferences, experts say Magix Music Maker is a good software to start with. It has a user-friendly interface and has an unpaid version as well.


I hope this helped you with what you were looking for. Make your music now! If you are also searching for reliable Transmitter apps for your device, this article could help you like this one.

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