Undoubtedly, the PS2 was the most remarkable era filled with many video games. Know more on the best ps2 wrestling games. Here is a list of the top 9 Best PS2 wrestling games. Read on till the end!

best ps2 playstation wrestling games introductionThe PS2 continues to dominate among home consoles in terms of sales. That is amazing, given that it has been 20 years since its publication. The 9 best PS2 wrestling games are WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW, SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS, WWE STARS, FirePro WRESTLING, Ultimate muscle, Wars of the monsters, etc.

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If you’re also looking for a great PlayStation 2 wrestling game“, this article is for you; in this article, we will discuss more into what are some of the best PS2 wrestling games

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What is PS2?

PlayStation 2 is a product of Sony Computer Entertainment (PS2). The first release took place in Japan on March 4, 2000.

what is ps2 wrestling games

After that, the rest of the globe gained access to it. It was in direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube. Overall sales for gaming consoles are highest for the PlayStation.

The Top 9 Best PS2 Wrestling Games 

Well, the PS2 is still the most popular home console ever. It is rather astounding considering the twenty years since its initial publication.

def jam vendatta

Everything here suggests that the system has access to a vast library of games across several genres, and action or fighting games are no exception.

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw

One of the most well-known video games about professional wrestling is the most current entry in the SmackDown Vs Raw series. The game enhances the fundamental concept while also making substantial physics-related changes.

smackdown vs raw best wrestling games

Along with other fantastic game types, players will certainly remember the WWE Universe level and the relentlessly exhilarating Road to WrestleMania. Controlling a protagonist in one of the most popular story formats in the competition would make it feasible to end The Undertaker’s winning run at WrestleMania.

Download: WWE SmackDown VS Raw 

Saturday Night Slam Masters

One can typically see Fighting in video games with a wrestling theme. However, the tournament that tests battling the most is Saturday Night Slam Masters. The only superficially funny Capcom game Saturday Night Slam Masters featured lovely Tetsuo Hara figurines from Fist of the North Star.

saturday night slammers

Rapid character introductions, a count-out win requirement, and the potential of assaults from the top rope helped it incorporate wrestling well.

Download: Saturday Night Slam Masters

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WWE All Stars 

WWE All-Stars was available in 2011 by THQ for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, and Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, when WWE games were concurrently published on the PS2 and PS3, it was the last PlayStation 2 game to release.

wwe all stars wrestling games

All-Stars’ PS2 and Wii versions are in comparison and contrasted in graphic quality. However, many aspects of the game need improvement, such as the number of match kinds and the capacity to repeat titles. Additionally, players cannot download any anticipated DLC because the game needs an online component.

Download: WWE All Stars 

FirePro Wrestling

Even though Fire Pro Wrestling World has been a part of the series since 1989, it is the finest instalment. Due to its unique control system and recognized isometric camera position, Fire Pro Wrestling has always had a “Coke or Pepsirelationship with other wrestling games, with most wrestling fanatics preferring one over the other.

firepro best ps2 wrestling games

Therefore, Fire Pro Wrestling World deserves a position on our list, even though not everyone will enjoy it because of the vast selection of talented wrestlers and wrestling techniques it offers.

Download: FirePro Wrestling

Ultimate Muscle: Legend Vs. New Generation

A game developer and an anime IP are in an intent to work together in anime games. Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Z from Arc System Works, and Kinnikuman (sometimes known as Ultimate Muscle in the US).

ultimate muscle

The perfect blend of wrestling and fantasy is found in Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs New Generation, which stresses strikes, grapples, and reversals.

Download: Ultimate Muscle: Legend Vs. New Generation

Wars of the monsters 

Rampage and Super Smash Bros. are comparable to the PlayStation-only classic War of the Monsters. Players may start inflicting havoc on the city by selecting from several well-known B-movie-style creatures, including a big beetle or robot.

war of the monsters

By annoying and hurting your opponents, you could get points. War of the Monsters meets the requirements for this topic, even if it isn’t the most in-depth combat game. One of the few titles on our list, it costs $10 as a PS2 Classic on the PS4, making it one among the handful that is also readily accessible for purchase.

Download: Wars of the Monsters 

DEF JAM: Fight For The NewYork 

The largest divergence from AKI’s tried-and-true fighting method could be found in Def Jam: Fight For New York, but even with that game’s larger focus on jabs and dynamic settings, it is still unmistakably a wrestling game, although one that utilizes hip-hop artists like Red Man, Method Man, and Snoop Dogg rather than the spandex superheroes of the wrestling ring.

def jam fight for ny wrestling games

In every way, Def Jam Vendetta, the game that came before it, is much inferior to Battle for New York. Actually, “Fight for New York” was the title of AKI’s second wrestling game for Def Jam. If there is any fairness in the world, we will eventually see it from a fresh angle since it still holds true today.

Download: DEF JAM: Fight For The NewYork 

Guilty Gear X2

When Guilty Gear initially came out, it resembled a shoot-’em-up with bullet hell. To put it another way, the combo mechanics of Guilty Gear were chaotic, challenging to master, but oh, so much fun to learn. Since the gameplay mechanics are more enhancing and there is an addition of more bizarre characters for players to master, this sequel outshines the original in every way.

guilty gear x2 wrestling games

This fighting game by Arc System Works is simple enough for even the most ardent gamers to learn. This is one of the best PS2 wrestling games and points out which is the best PS2 wrestling game. 

Download: Guilty Gear X2

WWF No Mercy

The remarkable thing about WWF No Mercy is that its gameplay still holds up in the area that matters the most: gameplay. Modern wrestling games include commentary, flashy entrances, and titan-Tron flicks that occasionally seem like jumbled erotica. Playing No Mercy is fun, to put it simply.

wwf no mercy

No Mercy has amazing gameplay and was one of the wrestling games with the most features. With a full create-a-wrestler function, an amazing roster of almost all of the well-known wrestlers from the Attitude era, and an amazing story mode that changes depending on your wins or defeats, like a visual novel.

Download: WWF No Mercy


How many series are there in WWE Smackdown?

There are 13 video games in the smackdown series, including SmackDown vs raw.

Which are the best WWE ps2 games?

Well, it is difficult to say the best WWE ps2 games. Since so many ps2 wrestling games are available in the market. Still, it would be a no-brainer to pick the Smackdown series; since it is the most voted out of all ps2 WWE games.

When did Guilty Gear come out?

It was shown to the public on May 14, 1998. It resulted from collaborating with a Japanese developer named Daisuke Ishiwatari and an American game company.

How many copies of WWE SmackDown were sold?

WWE reports that over 26 million volumes have been sold over the whole series, which has performed admirably in sales. The franchise changed its focus from its arcade-style roots to a more realistic wrestling simulation game after SmackDown! Vs RAW.


The greatest PlayStation 2 wrestling games include the 9 Best PS2 Wrestling Games listed above. Video games take you back on a memory ride to the 1990s. Currently, they are one of the less expensive DVD player games. Because every PlayStation 2 game was a smash hit, the PlayStation 2 was still readily accessible long after the PlayStation 3’s debut. Sadly, 12 years after its initial release, the PlayStation 2 console wasn’t renewed. 

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