Best PS2 Emulator For Android – Latest 6 Apps For 2023

The rising public interest in gaming is taking the gaming world to its immeasurable heights. Video games have always been one such medium of connecting people worldwide. So in this article, we will take you through all the aspects of judging the best ps2 emulator for android.

Sony Computer Entertainment developed many PS consoles, but PS2 was the most promising one. It gained a lot of vogues and was bought in the maximum amount by people around the globe. Hence, it became the best-selling video game console of all time. This console’s success led to the development of many local emulators and variants. But playing it on phones was a distant dream given wings by emulators as time evolved. This led to the evolution of the PS2 emulator for Android, which cleared all the obstacles faced by gamers.

This is to inform all those users who want to play their favorite games with some classy experiences that your search ends here; here, we will be talking about some best PS2 emulators for Android in 2022.

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What Is PS2?

The term PS2 stands for PlayStation 2, a home video game console created by Sony Entertainment. It is by far the most prominent gaming console of the time. It is the most sold Android gaming console ever. PS2 gained success all around the web by setting a massive barrier for others. Until this time, PlayStation and its emulators were suitable for PCs only.ps2

It was not until emulators paved the way for running them on mobile phones. PS2 emulators were formulated, keeping in mind android restraints. They were equipped with high-end graphics and processed engines, making compatible PlayStation two emulators for Android.

Due to the standard development features of Android devices, the precision of emulators has been boosted.

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What Are Emulators?

In the language of computers, it is hardware or software that enables one computer system, say, a host, to behave like another computer system, called the guest, respectively. Emulation is the ability of a computer program to emulate, i.e., imitates another program or device.emulator

So, the Android PS2 emulator will let you use PS2 as a core request on your mobile phones. All the user needs to do is to install one exe file of that electronic device into your phone. Thus, the PS2 emulator allows users to access Android gizmos to support the PlayStation features in a fair game.

Read along; we will make you discover your ideal PS2 emulator by listing some of the best PS2 emulators for Android.

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6 Best PS2 Emulator For Android

Here’s some of the best PS2 emulators for android devices.

Damon PS2 pro

It is one of the high-speed PS2 emulators for Android devices, developed by Damon’s PS2 emulator studio. This supports more than 90% of all the games on PS2. Damon has gained a lot of praise for being the best and is also considered the default PS2 emulator by experts. It uses minimal power but a high frame rate. It supports 2x-5x PS2 resolutions, a gamepad, controlling the map.

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damon ps2

Android devices with a snapdragon 825 and above will experience very smooth gameplay. But it is a highly controversial android emulator because it doesn’t support skip frames, glitches in hi-res games and users have to withstand frequent ads if they go for its free version. The developers of PCSX2 even issued a DMCA takedown request against Damon’s PS2 in response to its stealing of code. Still, they managed it by temporarily removing their emulator from the google play store.

Download: Damon PS2 Pro


This driving PS2 emulator for Android supports plenty of 128-bit games. It is a relatively new emulator for Android on the play store. Play! Aims to create a high-level emulator that is very quickly configurable and compatible with as many PS2 games as possible. It is a cross-platform application that supports.bin or ISO file format. Read this article, to know more about the best story games that can be played on Android.

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play ps2

The app doesn’t require users to provide it with a BIOS file. This free and open-source app is a fantastic choice for those lacking a PS2 console. Although it isn’t available on the play store, it can be downloaded from its official website for free, making it one of the best PS2 emulators for Android.

Download: Play!


It’s no doubt the best PS2 emulator for Android that users can download anytime, anywhere. It is based on PCSX2. It is a free and open-source PS2 emulator which features adjustable settings on a per-game level, touchscreen, Bluetooth controller support, and save states. Aether’s licensing under the LGPL license stands commendable. The developer of AetherSX2 has been in close contact with the people behind PCSX2.

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It uses the same code as PCSX2, built for PCs with a solid support foundation as a well-known Pc emulator. It’s still in early access and is still in its developing stage, but it is one of the easiest available PS2 emulators.

Download: AetherSX2


With millions of gaming followers and an average rating above 4, it is the best PS2 emulator. This app’s specially designed for small screens. It has the power to transform android phones into a high-end PS2 console instantly. PPSSPP intends to enjoy high-quality graphics and a high-performance experience on your phones.

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ppsspp ps2

It is compatible with most PS2 and PSP games. Overall it is one of the highest-rated console emulators. Unfortunately, It sometimes faces bugs and glitches. Also, to support the developers of the emulator, this app has PPSSPP Gold. FIFA and Dragon Ball Z are some of the games that PPSSPP features.

Download: PPSSPP

Golden PS2

It’s a multi-feature packet emulator shown by Fas emulators. It’s a integration with a virtual PS2 joystick. Golden PS2 is compatible with most Android phones, and the Golden PS2 emulator doesn’t require BIOS files for functioning. It supports high graphics, a perfect resolution, NEON and multi-threading, and a display of 16:9.

golden ps2

It allows users to save and load games directly on their SD cards. The app even faces some setbacks, like it might show some glitches and bugs, and because of its unavailability on the play store, it gets download from the website.

Visit: Golden PS2

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Pro Playstation

It stimulates the Sony Playstation games to Android users. It provides users with authentic gameplay with an accessible UI. Pro just needs users to install the up and follow the screen setup. The app is a cross-platform emulator because of which a few of the tiles may not work correctly, even if you have a smartphone of high grade.

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pro playstation ps2

That saves the game progress; on-screen controlling and mapping are also supported and provide enhanced GPU.

Visit: Pro Playstation


Do we need high-end Android smartphones for playing PS2 games?

To play the PS2games with constant frames and to avoid glitches, one needs to have a high-end handset. Smartphones with gaming orientation and other supportive features are observed to deliver their best results.

Is PCSX2 legal?

The code for PCXS2 is entirely legal. It is an open-source Playstation 2 emulator that's been in expansion for more than ten years. The app aims to imitate the ps2's hardware. It supports virtual and shareable memory cards, save-states, custom resolution, and upscaling.

Can we play multiplayer PS2 games online?

Although started by Dreamcast, Playstation 2 also turned out to be a forerunner for supporting ps2 emulator multiplayer features quite efficiently. In doing this, users must rip their Ps2 games and dump the BIOS from their ps2 console.

Which ps2 emulator for Android is the best?

Among the above-listed ps2 emulators, Damon's ps2 and PPSSPP are the highest rated and most widely used ones, which makes the users experience the best ps2 emulators for Android.

Do we always need a ps2 BIOS image when using an Android emulator?

This depends on the ps2 emulator which you choose to use. By the above-provided data, AetherSX2 does require a BIOS image, but it's the opposite in the case of Play. It doesn't.


With the help of the authentic information provided in this manuscript, we expect the gamers to be able to play most PS2 games on one of the best PS2 emulators for Android. You are also recommended to get a phone controller like GameS it, F2 Grip, etc., to play smoothly.

We hope that through this article, we have boosted the interests of all the users to go for a more tech-savvy mode and evolve their features. Feel free to contact us for further queries anytime, if needed.

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