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When comparing BitTorrent with uTorrent, we should clear out a few minor specifications. Compared to uTorrent, which has a downloading file size of roughly 1 MB, BitTorrent does have a file size of around 3 MB. uTorrent’s Android app is smaller than 51 MB, but BitTorrent’s is 67 MB. Also, uTorrent upgrades often with alpha and beta versions, whereas BitTorrent only publishes stable updates. All of the well-known systems have support from BitTorrent and uTorrent. However uTorrent additionally includes Linux.

The most popular online pastime is now torrenting. Compared to purchasing music CDs, tickets to shows, movies, movies, or even TV shows, peer-to-peer file sharing is handy, a lot faster, and simpler. The two most popular torrent clients on the market are BitTorrent and uTorrent. They relate and share the same origins and roots. There are distinctions, though, and it’s still debatable whether one is quicker, better, and more secure. Now let’s look at BitTorrent vs uTorrent. 

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uTorrent vs BitTorrent

Each of them shares some commonalities. They are essentially the same product because the corporation owns both. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the following technical distinctions:


With BitTorrent, there are four price tiers. Only a torrent may be downloaded rapidly under the initial free plan. There aren’t any other features available. Ads are not shown when installing when subscribing to the $4.95 AD-Free plan.

The Pro plan includes virus protection, file transcoding, no advertisements, and quick downloading. The yearly fee is $19.95. pricingPro+VPN includes a Cyber Ghost VPN and all the Pro plan’s capabilities. While you download torrents, this aids in protecting your identity online. Each year, this costs $69.95.

The Free edition of uTorrent does not include any extra features. Only torrent downloading is available. The Pro edition of it contains a lot of fascinating features. These are: 

  • Virus defence 
  • No advertisements
  • Torrent streaming
  • HD file playback
  • File conversion

Similar capabilities are available in both software’s more expensive subscriptions. But BitTorrent’s design makes it a safer alternative to uTorrent, thanks to the VPN function.


Let’s see the BitTorrent vs uTorrent of size. Comparable in size to BitTorrent, uTorrent is more compact. There is only a 1 MB size limit on it. While BitTorrent is somewhat larger and has a size of 3 MB, it takes up more room. sizeBecause it is larger than BitTorrent, uTorrent is favoured.

Downloading Speed

While installing your favourite films or games, load time is a crucial consideration. Even though both programs include a bandwidth management scheme, BitTorrent is still quicker. This is due to BitTorrent’s superior ad management capabilities. Hence, the pace at which torrents download is unaffected when advertising appears. You, therefore, download at an average speed of 76 kbps. Nevertheless, uTorrent struggles with managing advertisements.downloading speed Consequently, when some adverts appear, you can notice a noticeable decrease in download rates. This was the BitTorrent or uTorrent downloading speed comparison. 

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Simultaneous Downloading

The ability to download many files at once is a feature that many people desire. For instance, you could use uTorrent to download 2 files simultaneously. In that situation, you must pause the installation of the file. You can begin downloading the second file after halting the first one. simultaneous downloadingYet, BitTorrent makes it simple to download many files. You may open up different torrent sites without halting them and download them all simultaneously.


The growth of BitTorrent never stops. Hence, you can access brand-new, cutting-edge capabilities to improve and streamline your downloading process. uodatesOnly stable versions of BitTorrent are released, and any minor feature updates are. The winner in this scenario is thus BitTorrent. This is the difference between uTorrent and BitTorrent updates. 

Cryptocurrency Miners

Several uTorrent users struggle with this issue. The more recent versions, according to users, contain crypto miners, a type of bloatware. Without the user’s knowledge, these extra utilities could get installed. Without the user’s knowledge, it uses up its CPU resources. cryptocurrency minersAs a result, many people have decided to download previous versions of uTorrent to prevent this. With this, you can also know if “is uTorrent good“.

Recently, BitTorrent clients have yet to encounter such an issue.


The portable edition of uTorrent enables you to keep the torrent client on a USB drive. Without needing to install anything beforehand, you may then launch it immediately. probabilityBitTorrent does not currently support the functionality. In this case, uTorrent is unquestionably the winner. So this was the BitTorrent vs uTorrent.

Why a VPN is Necessary for BitTorrent or uTorrent

Although downloading torrents is not always unlawful, doing so is always prohibited if you’re downloading copyright material. You might easily get into an issue with the law or your ISP if you’re discovered unintentionally torrenting or downloading illicit content in a nation where such activity is prohibited.

When you use a VPN, you can ensure you’re safe from the law, your ISP, and any other online threats that can occur when you are engaging in P2P sharing. vpn for utorrentAlso, the best VPN for torrents helps speed up your downloads, which is always helpful when viewing any material on a pirate site.

We have identified the finest VPN services to provide you with the safest torrenting environment, whichever client you use in the uTorrent vs. BitTorrent battle. With this, you can know which is better, uTorrent or BitTorrent

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Does uTorrent outperform BitTorrent?

Indeed, it is. Whereas uTorrent is speedier and more well-known, all other characteristics, like compatibility or design, are essentially the same. However, Mac users prefer BitTorrent more.

uTorrent and BitTorrent are harmful to computers?

No, both applications are thought to be secure. It would help if you were careful while installing, though, as uTorrent includes a few third-party applications that fall into a grey area. Finally, check to see whether the torrent you downloaded has any viruses.

Are viruses possible in BitTorrent?

No, in a nutshell. A virus cannot be found in a torrent itself. Yet like with any other file-sharing system, there is a possibility that certain files being exchanged are contaminated with dangerous malware.

Is BitTorrent hazardous software?

Torrents must have a proper antivirus application since torrents might hold harmful things like viruses, malware, and spyware. An ideal antivirus application will automatically check downloaded data and notify you immediately if any malware is present.

Does Windows 10 obstruct BitTorrent?

Windows 10 does not obstruct BitTorrent, uTorrent, or other torrent clients. Before launching these apps, Windows Firewall might need an exception added. If you utilize antivirus software, the same could be required.

Is uTorrent a property of BitTorrent?

Yes. After Xunlei, the Chinese client, uTorrent, was acquired by BitTorrent, Inc. in 2006. It is presently the most well-known name among BitTorrent clients.


Due to its superior ad-blocking capabilities, BitTorrent downloads files faster than uTorrent. Moreover, downloading multiple files at once will keep them from slowing down. BitTorrent is less compact than uTorrent in terms of size, nevertheless. In contrast to BitTorrent, uTorrent allows direct execution from an external disk.

uTorrent is the most well-liked option for newcomers to torrent downloads. The creators often update the product. Thus, you get access to the most recent features. Yet security is the main factor that sets BitTorrent apart from uTorrent. This functionality is not available in BitTorrent. This was all about BitTorrent vs uTorrent.

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