Free Screensavers | 31 Best For Windows 10 {Updated 2022}

Since our childhood, we have always enjoyed those floating bubbles that suddenly appear on the screen sometimes. Those randomly popping bubbles are nothing but Screensavers. This article will provide you with different eye-catchy screensavers for free.

Screensavers are programs that create animations after a certain period of inactivity.  While they look pretty, their real purpose was to save the CRT or Plasma Screens from Burn-ins.

windows screensaver

Even now, when the modern screens are not susceptible to Burn-ins, Screensavers are continuously used for the purpose of entertainment or getting a basic utility like time and date on the screen.

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List of Best Free Screensavers

While Windows already provides a good deal of Screensavers, we today have arranged a list of 18 of the best free Screensavers that not only add a touch of beauty to your sleeping screens but also add in utilities not commonly found on free Screensavers.

Sim Aquarium

Do you often get thrilled at the sound of having an aquarium filled with marine fish? As soothing as it may sound, it takes lots of effort and money to have an aquarium of our own. Thus, this sim aquarium is ideal for marine life lovers.

Sim Aquarium
Sim Aquarium

It’s calming, rejuvenating, and beautiful to watch. The free version offers the view of selected fish species reveling in the ocean. However, to unlock more amazing and beautiful sights, you can have a paid account. This 3-D screensaver is worth downloading. Click on the link below to download it for free.

Download: Sim Aquarium

3D Pipes

The first name on our list is people’s favorite, 3D pipes. This screensaver is easily compatible with almost any Windows system. The screensaver consists of a random structure of pipes that will eventually grow.

3d pipes

Every time there will be a new pattern, and hence there is no repetition. Moreover, the user can adjust the speed and complexity of the pipes as per convenience.

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YoWindow (Free Screensavers)

This is one of the most beautiful screensavers for Windows. If you are bored of watching screens all day in your office, download this screensaver for your desktop. It displays weather forecasts for five days, and you are unrestricted to set your location to any place you desire.


Know what’s going on outside, get free climate prediction news, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is a great way to keep your mind calm and soothe yourself. Check out the link below to know more!

Download: YoWindow

3D Earth Screensaver

If you are enthusiastic about stars, galaxies, and constellations out there in space, this screensaver is just perfect for you. You can watch the Earth rotate, sun rays lighting up the surface of the planet, and the gigantic moon enhance its beauty.

3D Earth Screensaver
3D Earth Screensaver

It includes incredible features to zoom in so you can view every region of the Earth. This screensaver can also help you to memorize the national flags of different countries as it renders an option to view the national flag of each country you are viewing.

Download: 3D Earth Screensaver

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Fliqlo is undoubtedly one of the most nicely designed screensavers for Windows users. This screensaver will turn your machine into a flip clock. It is free to download and offers a plethora of customization features.


You can change the format of the clock from 12/24 hours as per your wish. It is extremely easy to install and apply as the background of your desktop. Click on the link below to download it now and save it as your screensaver.

Download: Fliqlo

League of Legends (League Displays)

I must say that I was thrilled and filled with amusement when I saw this screensaver. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the best free screensaver I have ever seen. This screensaver is suitable for any occasion.

League of Legends (League Displays)
League of Legends (League Displays)

If you are a gamer, then this is the best screensaver you could ever have on Windows. The best part is this screensaver can be downloaded by Windows users and Mac users as well. You can visit this website for every new update by clicking on the link provided below.

Visit: League of Legends (League Displays)

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Electric Sheep (Free Screensavers)

Another amusing yet free screensaver made for windows is Electric sheep. It is highly polished and engineered with great graphics. The link provided below would offer you many options to download app/screensaver, Gold, and Stay Informed.

Choose according to your requirements. Millions of users run this because of its eye-catching different morphic diagrams named “sheep.” Design your own sheep and give it to the gene pool.

Electric sheep
Electric sheep

It is designed to make you visualize the artificial platform where humans and machines come together and make this world a better place to stay. It has a super easy interface and dark background, which makes it more attractive.

What are you waiting for? Download it and use it whenever your computer sleeps. Also, you can check out the FAQ on this site to remove your doubts, if any.

Visit: Electric sheep

Japan Spring Screensaver

Whether you have visited Japan or not, we will definitely take you to simulated Japan. Ha-ha, another best free screensaver is Japan Spring. It gives you a charming view with all the vibrant colors. Not only this, but it also shows you the time.

Japan spring screensaver
Japan spring screensaver

It has a very compact size, and it’s easy to install. However, for its successful operation, your system should have 256 Mb of Video Memory, and 30 Mb of free HDD space, and it will run on Windows 7/8/10/ 95/XP/Vista. You can see the famous Fuji Mount which is the national symbol of Japan. Install this screensaver in no time and enjoy it!

Download: Japan Spring Screensaver

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Modern Glance (Free Screensavers)

One of the top free screensavers that could not be left out is Modern Glance. Now Lumia Glance is not only on your phones but on your PCs as well. Users can easily optimize this screensaver as it comes absolutely for free with accessible, high-quality features. It has a background effect, opacity, source, etc.

Modern Glance
Modern Glance

It also shows the date and time position. Although this site had some glitches, now the engineers have worked on them and made this site glitch-free. It has a size of about 15 Mb and once can easily adjust brightness, night mode, anti-burn-in options, etc.

Feel free to click on the link provided below to enjoy amazing screensavers and serve them to your eyes.

Download: Modern Glance

Christmas Snow

What better way to start the list when New Year is just around the corner? As the name suggests, Christmas Snow is a beautiful landscape image with snowfall animation perfect for the wintry look.

The old, snow-covered cabin adds to the charm of the aesthetics and cotton-like clouds bouncing off the edge of the screens are just a treat to the eyes.

christmas snow
christmas snow

This is the best free Screensaver for all those winter-loving people out there who wants to bring the feels to their screens.

Download: Christmas Snow

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Night Before Christmas 3D (Free Screensavers)

Another one for Christmas! You can’t blame us. Christmas is such a colorful and widely celebrated occasion that artists find it a perfect material reference for Screensaver.

Night Before Christmas really stands out due to its amazing art design and color scheme. You are provided with three different images that are loaded and changed randomly while the Screensaver is active. All three of them are a masterpiece in their own right.

Night Before Christmas 3D
Night Before Christmas 3D

You are also provided with several setting options like selecting the image to be shown, or hiding the kitty in the living room!

Download: Night Before Christmas 3D

Living Marine Aquarium 2

Ending the list is one of the most popular free Screensavers in the community. Living Marine Aquarium 2 features more than 18 species of fish and other sea-life creatures.

It has several different camera angles and is animated to let the creatures roam free on the screen.

Living Marine Aquarium 2
Living Marine Aquarium 2

You will have three different aquarium environments to choose from. Apart from this, you can also set the graphics quality, the number of species, and the animation quality through settings. This is a perfect choice for marine life lovers!

Download: Living Marine Aquarium 2

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Another Matrix

Another Matrix is one of the popular free Screensavers for tech geeks. It replicates the falling green code style from the movie series “The Matrix.”
In the movie, the falling green code is used to represent the encoded rendering of the virtual world.

Another Matrix
Another Matrix

Also, black background with green text code is a trademark for hackers or programming geeks in general.  It is also a fun and interesting way to fool your friends into thinking you are on a heavy programming project!

Download: Another Matrix

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DropClock 3 (Free Screensavers)

DropClock is a brilliantly unique approach to the traditional digital clock. It is a beautiful free Screensavers designed to tingle your artistic nerves.
It is designed as the time is shown by heavy metal block numbers dropping down in the water and floating in slow motion.

DropClock 3
DropClock 3

DropClock 3 is certainly a must-have for all those who like to please their eyes with good aesthetics and brilliant designs.

Download: DropClock 3


Helios is an attractive free Screensavers that keeps the screen in motion. It is an eye-catching piece of art that replicates the attraction-repulsion cycle by taking jellyfish-like ions.


It also provides you access to settings where you can tweak the animation speed, motion directions, ion interactions, etc.

Download: Helios

MSN Fireplace (Free Screensavers)

It is one classy free Screensaver that is aesthetically charming yet quiet and classy at the same time.


It is basically a fireplace animation with quiet flames burning in it. This simplicity is what makes this one stand apart.

Download: MSN Fireplace 

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Are you a dog lover? Check out the following screensaver.

Dog Licking Screen (Free Screensavers)

Here is your perfect virtual pet. This Dog Licking Screensaver shows the animation of a real-life pug licking a glass pane, giving the impression that it is your screen that is being licked!

Dog Licking Screen
Dog Licking Screen

This is a cute little option to surprise people on a timely basis. We think it is the best free screensaver for dog lovers.

Download: Dog Licking Screensaver

Try out some other Free Screensavers if you didn’t like above mentioned free screensavers.

Midnight Beach

Midnight Beach wins all the medals in the art and aesthetics department. It is just gorgeous and one of the most pleasant free screensavers. No other way to describe it.

Midnight Beach
Midnight Beach

A lone boat is standing at a sandy shore, witnessing the harmony between ocean tides slowly lapping over each other and a full moon dancing between the carefree clouds.  This is one animation you would not want to miss.

Download: Midnight Beach

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Super Mario Bros (Free Screensavers)

I can imagine the blast of nostalgia that hit your face right now. Super Mario Bros is one of the largest and most popular NES games ever released in history.

Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros

This free Screensaver is the cutest free Screensavers as it consists of a played recording of Level 1-1. It is perfect to sate your daily dose of nostalgia and for hardcore gamers.

Download: Super Mario Bros


There are many users out there looking for a simple yet elegant screensaver for their PC. The search sends with the Plane9 screensaver for Windows 10.


This application is a collection of more than 250 scenes filled with the utmost graphics. Also, the feature of selecting multiple images makes it even more appealing. Users can set the screensaver to merge pictures and switch them seamlessly eventually.


There are several Windows 10 custom screensavers, but none can match the level of the Underwater screensaver. This application is recommended for users who want to relax in between their work. It creates a calming aura as soon as it appears on the screen.


Further, the clock present on the front helps you keep track of the time. The peaceful environment it creates is appreciated by the users.

Neurons Galaxy

This screensaver is best for astronomy freaks and space lovers. Your laptop will now be home to millions of galaxies and stars of outer space. This will enhance the overall look of the Windows 10 operating system.

neural Galaxy
Neuron Galaxy

Moreover, the stars connect to each other with the help of random glow lights. Also, the background color regulates to give a new feel every time.

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As we move to the end of our journey of best screen savers, we will talk about the Vehicle. It is safe to say that everyone loves hot rods and amazing cars. This screensaver is suitable for all automobile enthusiasts will the latest vehicles.


Users can enjoy the best portraits of cars, helicopters, bikes, trains, and a lot more. Make sure to update the application to fill it with the latest trends.

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HAL 9000

The HAL 9000 screensaver is based on the theme of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. This one has 28 different animations. Also, it is beautifully satisfying to watch. 

hal 9000

If you love Space-based themes and are a sci-fi fan, you should try this screensaver. HAL 9000 comes on the list of screensavers for Windows 10 and macOS. 

Helios Screensaver

Helios is a bubble theme-based screensaver. It has neon and purple shade bubbles and particles that bounce and mix up.


This one is amazing because you can set the number of emitters or bubble particles. And also change the speed of the animation and frame rates, which is quite fascinating. 


Next on the best pc screensavers list is Briblo. This screensaver is the first recommendation if you love Lego bricks and are a fan of the Tetris game. Briblo combines the features of both the Lego bricks and Tetris games.

briblo screensaver

In this screensaver, coloured bricks fall randomly onto one another and form a shape. One of the best things is to customize the shape by choosing where the brick will fall. You can choose the location of the brick fall by clicking the arrow, spacebar, and enter keys.  

NES Screen Saver

This is a Nintendo games screensaver. This also falls under one of the best Windows screensavers. You can play random NES games in this one. 

nes screen saver windows 10

This one is great to pass your time. But if you’re looking to do something productive, you better stay away from this screensaver. 


This amazing Wikipedia screensaver is best for those who love gaining knowledge every minute of their lives. This screensaver shows some random Wikipedia page every time you open your computer.

wikipedia screensaver

This one changes every 60 seconds and loads different pages. But you have the option to customize and change the loading time. Moreover, you can also click on the page’s links and scroll through the article if it interests you. 

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Here’s one more screensaver that Space and Astronomy lovers can look forward to. It is Astronomy Picture of the Day. For this screensaver, you need a constant internet connection. 

astronomy picture of the day screensaver

This 4k screensaver takes the images from NASA and shows them on your screen. The images have a little description written by professional astronomers. This screensaver changes the image every day.


If you’d love to be in space and between star fields, this screensaver is for you. Through animation, hyperspace displays the cosmos, black holes, and beautiful space creations.


You can change the speed, depth, location, numbers of the stars, what size you want the stars to be, and resolution as well as the frame rate. This one comes on the list of cool screensavers.

IMAX Hubble

This is a slideshow screensaver based on a 2010 documentary, IMAX Hubble. In this documentary, a few astronauts go on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. 

imax hubble

IMAX Hubble screensaver displays pictures of the space taken by the Hubble Telescope.


We have tried to add the best free Screensavers from different niches to provide you with the best options available. We hope you liked the list! Watch these screensavers play and record the screen to make a tailored video. If you know of other free screensavers, let us know in the comment section below.

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