Macbook Screensaver – Everything You Need To Know

Screensavers show up when your device has been idle for a prolonged time. Your PCs have several built-in screensavers, but you can always use others. Along with this, several tricks, tips, and information are floating around about screensavers. This article will provide details on the Macbook screensaver and help you get the best results and experiences.

macbook screensaver

If your screensaver is not working, it may be due to many reasons such as improper battery settings, outdated mac os version, wrong screensaver settings, etc.

Due to technological advancements and the novel work-from-home culture gaining significant support, everyone uses a PC. It does not concern if you are a student, an employee, or an entrepreneur; your PC has become part of your life. 

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How To Enable Screensaver In Macbook

Enabling a screensaver is very easy, and anyone can do it. You can select Apple’s images or use your pictures as a screensaver to make them more personalized. It does not end here, and you can use moving graphics as screensavers instead of still pictures. Read to find out how to make a picture screen saver on Mac. 

  1. Access the System Preferences via the Dock or by selecting the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your desktop. Additionally, right-click on your current wallpaper background and select Change Desktop Background from the menu that appears.system prefrences
  2. Select Desktop and Screen Saver and the Screen Saver option.screen saver
  3. Select the screen saver design you desire.
  4. In the Source dropdown list, select the source for the screensaver.
  5. When you’re ready, hit the button to activate your screen saver.clock
  6. Toggle the Show with the clock option.
  7. You may also choose whether to utilize spontaneous Macbook screensavers.

You may be wondering how you customize the Apple mac screensaver. The following steps will answer your question accurately.

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How To Customize The Macbook Screensaver

  1. Select Apple menu > System Preferences, then Desktop & Screen Saver, and Screen Saver on your Mac.system prefrences
  2. Select how much time you desire before beginning the screen saver while it’s inactive by clicking the “Show screen saver after” pop-up saver
  3. An alert message flashes if your screen is configured to turn off before the screen saver commences (as defined in Energy Saver or Battery settings).battery
  4. Select a screen saver on the left, then configure it on the right.
  5. The settings accessible vary on the screen saver you choose.
  6. Source: Select the images to display in the screen saver from the pop-up box. You may utilize pictures included with the operating system or photos from your Media Files.desktop pictures
  7. Shuffle slide order: Check this box to display images in a randomized fashion rather than the sequence they were in the feed.
  8. Screen Saver Options: Tap to change the color, tempo, and other settings.screen saver options
  9. Configure when the screen saver should appear.
  10. Use Random Screen Saver: Tick the checkbox to allow macOS to pick which background image to use.
  11. Show with clock: Tick the box to display the clock in the screen saver.
  12. Hot corners: Set a hot corner button to activate the screen saver instantly anytime you want to use corners

Additionally, several websites allow you to download Aesthetic MacBook screensavers for a more incredible experience.

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What To Do If Macbook Screensaver Is Not Working?

Many users have reported that their screensavers have stopped working for unknown reasons. It may happen due to multiple reasons, and fixing them is easy. Let us go through the reasons and ways to fix this issue.

Wrong Screensaver Settings

You must first check the screensaver settings to ensure there’s no bug.

right time

For this, Access the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Select the Desktop & Screen Saver option. Navigate to the Screen Saver section. Check the option alongside Show screen saver and specify the right idle timespan. Then, on the sidebar, double-check that the right picture is selected.

Improper Battery Setting

You need to check the battery settings to see if the screen saver settings are correct. You must ensure your screen is not set to sleep before the screen saver turns on. 

energy saver

Launch the System Preferences application. Choose between Battery (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Screensaver) and Energy Saver (iMac and Mac mini). Explore the Battery and Power Adapter (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro screensaver) or the Power side tabs (iMac and Mac mini). The time beneath Turning the display off after has to be greater than your Mac’s screen duration.

Bugs Preventing Mac From Sleeping

Specific tasks, including video streaming in Safari and QuickTime, restrict your Macbook from displaying the screensaver or shutting down its screen. However, the task’s underlying process may occasionally fail and continue to execute forever. Using the Activity Monitor is the best technique to find the troublesome program that is causing the problem.

activity monitor

Click Other > Activity Monitor from the Launchpad. Click Columns > Preventing Sleep from the Activity Monitor’s View menu. You’ll see a new list titled Preventing sleep in the Activity Monitor. Look for any activities with the tag Yes. Close the associated applications or turn off the feature that keeps your Mac from sleeping. If not, click the Stop button at the top of the window after highlighting the item. Then exit.

Outdated OS Version

An unstable operating system is the main reason for the MacBook screensaver not launching or running correctly on Mac. It could be the ultimate answer to the situation. Irrespective of your present macOS version, you must download any pending patch fixes as they become available.

  1. Launch the System Preferences application.
  2. Choose Software update
  3. Choose Update Now. Then click the Install Now button. Alternatively, click More info to view the patch details.

Restart Your PC

If these methods don’t work for you, the last thing you can do before approaching customer service is to restart your PC. Some many glitches and issues are resolved just by restarting your PC.


However, this might not always be the permanent solution, so it is inadvisable to rely on it entirely.


How to do Macbook screensavers function?

When your Mac displays a screen saver, it uses its CPU, GPU processor, and screen. To save power, you may instruct your Macbook to set the screen to sleep while it is inactive.

A screensaver is what kind of file?

An SCR file is a Microsoft Windows screen saver format. It includes a graphic, motion, slide presentation, or clip that may be used as a background on Pc. SCR files are usually saved in the primary directory of Windows.

What exactly are hot corners on a MacBook?

A Macbook tool lets users execute an onscreen gesture by bringing the mouse into one of the screen's four corners.

What's the distinction between sleep and lock?

In a sleep state, your pc goes off, but the data in RAM remains. So when you use the PC again, you will pick up wherever you left off with your computer. If you lock your pc, it remains turned on, and all activities are open. You can't get to them unless you unlock the PC.


While screen technology has improved to the point where the primary intent of utilizing a screensaver is no longer relevant, seeing your favorite picture or animations appear when your Mac is inactive helps to improve the user’s experience. 

We are sure this article will assist you with everything you need to know about the Macbook screensaver.

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