9 Best Geoguessr Alternative Games You can Play for Free

AlsGeoguessr is a unique and fun game released in 2013. With a rating of 4/5 on Common Sense Media, this game has been winning the hearts of people. However, although it is famous globally, some players are not satisfied. If you are one of those or haven’t played Geoguessr yet, this article will tell you everything about the best Geoguessr alternative games. Check out some Civilisation game alternatives here.

What is Geoguessr and Why Look For Alternatives?

Geoguessr is based on geography and asks players to recognize a place by showing them five pictures. Players now have to guess the location by putting a pin on the map. You should check about some solitaire apps that can be played on Android.

As previously mentioned, Geoguessr is a geography-based game in which the player has to guess the location by examining five pictures. The player has to pin it on a map, and after submission, they get to know how close they were to the exact location.geoguessr

The game seems fun, but there are some downsides to it. It is not mainly an educational game. If you know the place, you get the answer. Additionally, the features are minimal compared to before, and you also need to upgrade to the pro version for many more features for $2 per month. Check out some cool story games here.

Geoguessr Alternative Games

Here is the list.


Unlike Geoguessr, this game is more educational and provides a variety of game modes. The game also delivers nine game modes- show all, multiple, type, choice, pin, pin hard, learn, type easy, and type with auto-complete

Apart from the games, this game provides other material like maps of cities, countries, etc. You can also avail of three membership levels in setter at monthly prices of $1, $5, $10, respectively. 

A setter is available in 39 different languages, making it one of the best games like geoguessr.

Visit: Seterra

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The game is similar yet very different from Geoguessr. TeachMe, the developer of this game, has developed many educational games like TypeRacer, EdShelf, MathGames, etc., with over a million users globally.seterra

Identical to Geoguessr, you can play this game in five different modes. It is a vast game showcasing ten games for each method, mainly consisting of 30 quiz questions.

PlayGeography is a web-based game and is only available online. Along with this, it is entirely free. Thus, PlayGeography is one of the top games like geoguessr, but free.

Visit: PlayGeography

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City Guesser

This game is recognized for its simple, easy-to-understand gameplay. It is a browser-based game like PlayGeography, released in 2020. Although this game is newer, it has already established its name. city guesser

There is no randomization in the game. You choose the location, determine the difficulty and begin playing. This game provides four modes: walking, driving, multiplayer, and streaks. 

The outstanding feature of this game is that you can play it with your friends through game rooms. The website is completely free to use and is the best geoguessr free alternative.

Visit: City Guesser


The dynamic nature sets this game apart. Instead of guessing from pictures, this game also allows you to walk in the street and look around to guess your location. It is like geoguessr- multiplayer free. geotastic

The game is completely free but is crowd-funded. You are also expected to donate if you play the game. I.e., the server runs on donations. The server will crash as soon as the contributions stop.

Along with single and multiplayer game modes, this game offers a challenge mode. In multiplayer mode, the maker of the game room requires an account. however, others can play without any account.

Visit: Geotastic

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GetLost is an additional alternative for Geoguessr. get lost is similar to Geotactic and uses street-view to ask about location. You can create an account without any prior verification.get lost 

Although the game does not provide multiple game modes, its unique gameplay makes it stand out. It consists of locations from all over the world, mainly North America and India.

The point system catches the player’s attention. The closer you are to the location, the higher your score points. Every game is made up of five rounds, and your total score is the summation of the scores you gain in each round. 

Visit: GetLost

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Hide and Seek World

Although the game Hide and Seek were developed with Geoguessr as a reference, it is considerably different from Geoguessr but one of the best GeoGuessr alternative games. This game is rigidly multiplayer. hide and seek world

Traditionally, you and your friends play hide and seek among yourselves. You can also play with your friends and people playing globally by joining rooms. There are two multiplayer game modes: Classic mode and Find Wolly. In the latter method, you and your friends can also together strive to find the game character, Wolly. 

The game website displays a leaderboard showcasing the top players in the world. Adhering to the leaderboard, we can conclude that many people play hide and seek.

You can play at most two games in the free version of the game. However, you can purchase premium plans to play restlessly. There are two plans available. One costs $2 and the other $4.

Visit: Hide and Seek World

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World Geography Games

This game is more towards the education perspective. It contains maps of over 193 countries. You can play quizzes on countries, capitals, deserts, etc. world geography games

The point method is a little different from other games. The number of tries you take to guess the correct answer determines your score. The more attempts you require, the more points you attain.

The world Geography game is also available in 7 different languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Polish, and Turkish. Moreover, you do not need an account to play the game. 

Visit: World Geography Games


Ducksters is another GeoGuessr alternative game. Apart from the location games, you can hang other fields such as history, biography, science, and others.ducksters

This game is available globally and has games covering all continents. You can play different games such as crossword puzzles. Also, you can quiz about geographical locations and other features like ecosystems, glaciers, deserts, etc.

You have three guesses in each round and will also be provided with the exact location if you attempt every guess incorrectly. Also, you can play the game for free as well as a premium plan.

Visit: Ducksters

Lizard Point

This is a web quiz platform for geography and subjects like artwork, math, etc. Its name is derived from an area on the Lizard peninsula in Great Britain. 

It was launched to foster fun training, and in contrast to GeoGuessr, the use of Lizard Point is free. The internet site’s most effective functions are ads, and users can also donate to help with its upkeep.lizard point

There are various forms of quiz modes you may access on Lizard Point. The most popular one is also the Europe Quiz that permits you to pick out European locations on the map.

Just like you may create your maps with GeoGuessr, you also may create customized quizzes with Lizard Point. It’s easy as you select questions about locations you’re interested in.

Visit: Lizard Point

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Why is GeoGuessr not free anymore?

The game requires a lot of capital for maintenance and smooth functioning. Thus, the free variant delivers less content and quality than the premium version.

Can you play GeoGuessr Battle Royale for free?

Yes. Irrespective of your game plan (free or premium version), you can play battle royale with the same intensity.

Is GeoGuessr available for mobile phones?

Yes. Geoguessr, along with PC, is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Geoguessr is a geography-based game played by over a million players worldwide. However, recently the game changed its interface and now provides a limited free version and a paid premium version with extra features. 

As the free version is minimal, the players do not enjoy it as much and hence are looking for alternatives. We also hope this article helped you know which Geoguessr alternative is best for you. Check out some golf games here.


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