Minecraft Won’t Launch? Here’s How To Fix It

Recreation and enjoyment are synonyms of games. There are games for every age group ranging from children to adults. Video games are played by most of the population especially the teenagers. PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, etc. are some of the most popular video games. Minecraft, Counter-Strike, etc. are the games mainly played by the teenage boys.

Minecraft is a game that involves simulation and is a preference for a large number of people especially boys. The display showing Minecraft won’t launch causes great inconvenience as it hinders the gaming spirit of the young generation and they feel depressed and anguished at this sudden turn of events. Most of their free time, they spend on gaming, and they make their gaming clubs in which people who are passionate about gaming connect with each other. They make clans as well through which they improve their gaming and collaborate with other people to play the video games.

Minecraft won’t launch, a type of error, which we see when there is some barrier, which is causing a hindrance. There are various reasons for this development, which are as follows:

8 Ways to Fix Minecraft Won’t Launch

Technical Issues

An application has a problem in launching when there are technical issues. The system should be rebooted to restart the application that is facing issues.

Restarting the system is a good option; if that does not help, then we should try troubleshooting for problems due to which the app is not working.

Most of the games apps and various other applications face technical issues once in a while. It is very normal, and the user need not be alarmed. He/She should contact the administrator or the person in charge and complain. The issue will resolve in some time.


Many times, there might be a virus in the system or the application due to which the screen might say Minecraft won’t launch.

It is regrettable and preventing it is advisable because the virus can not only disrupt one app, it affects the whole system, and the software can be affected severely due to which the device will be of no use.

Installing an anti-virus on your system is the best way to solve this issue. It will make sure that no virus can enter your device and it remains protected. If the virus is already on the device, then the user needs to contact a person who has the ability and knowledge to remove the virus from the system.

360 Antivirus
360 Antivirus

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Internet Connection

The most common problem would be the weak Internet connection, which would prevent the launch of Minecraft on the device that the user is using.

Internet connection is vital for the application to work as it cannot function offline and needs the internet to work. Thus, the user should make sure that there is a stable Internet connection while using Minecraft otherwise it will show Minecraft won’t launch.


Nonsupporting Operating System

The operating system of the device may not be supporting the application, and thus it is showing that Minecraft won’t launch. There must be some problem with the software or hardware due to which there is this problem.

Every application cannot be supported by every operating system, so before installing an app, the user needs to see if the app is in compliance with the operating system and it would work without any issues.

Undertaking a background check of the application before installing it is preferred.

Blocked by the local web browser

An application might work on one web browser while it won’t work on another. Thus, we have to make sure that the app that we want to use works on the particular web browser that we have installed on our mobile, laptop or desktop for that matter, otherwise an error will be displayed on the screen saying Minecraft won’t launch.

Thus, before installing an application, we should find out if Minecraft would work on the browser installed in the system. If not, the user can download the web browser that suits the app and can game without any interruption whatsoever.

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The device is not working correctly

The system on which we want to use Minecraft should be working properly, and all its features should be intact. If this is the case, there won’t be any problem in using Minecraft, and it would work efficiently.

If even one of the features that are a requirement for Minecraft is not present, it can be detrimental and can hinder the launch of Minecraft thus showing Minecraft won’t launch.


There might not be enough space in the device that the user is using for Minecraft, and therefore, the app is facing issues. To sort this problem, the mobile or laptop or desktop or any other device that is in use should have enough space to support the application.

The user needs to delete the unnecessary files that are taking up space, and other useless apps to the trash bin.

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Force Quit

Specifically in MacBook Air, if it shows Minecraft won’t launch then the user needs to press force quit which will help in the closing down of the application and then it can be started again.

It fixes the problem and addresses the issue instantly and efficiently. But the only drawback is that this option is only available in Apple and not in Windows, In Windows, the user needs to reboot the system or re-install the app to check the error.

These are the reasons, which can hamper the launch of the app; Minecraft and can result in the display won’t launch. The solutions are mentioned, and the users who love gaming can utilize them to ensure that Minecraft works stably and does not face any issues.

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