Gamers and graphic artists may improve their gaming experiences using NVIDIA LightBoost. If you are looking for how to enable LightBoost, then you are at the right place. 

To enable the Lightboost, Connect your display to your computer using an HDMI connection > Navigate to the Nvidia Control Panel > Choose “Customize” from the “Change Resolution” menu> Select “Manage 3D Settings” from the “3D Settings” menu in the “Advanced Settings” tab> Scroll down to “Monitor Technology” in the “Global Settings” tab and choose “Fixed Refresh Rate” Then click “OK” after selecting “Apply.”

Lightboost 3D technology is groundbreaking for all serious gamers and graphic designers. This technology is fantastic if you enjoy playing 3D games or making advanced video graphics. Nvidia’s Lightboost technology aids in up to two-folding the brightness of your game screen. The amount of 3D ghosting significantly decreases when 3D vision is enabled. Using Lightboost also increases the brightness of the surrounding area, allowing you to type in low-light conditions.

What is Lightboost?

Lightboost is a method that Nvidia created. It doubles the brightness of your display, enhancing its suitability for graphic design and gaming. 3d light boostLightboost allows watching TV or playing video games without wearing glasses. The reduced 3D crosstalk, brightness, and absence of motion blur will significantly enhance your viewing experience. And if your NVIDIA Driver crashes, learn how to fix it in Windows 10.

How is Lightboost implemented?

LightBoost requires a brighter monitor to work. This is accomplished via a self-luminous projector, producing more light than conventional bulbs.lightboost Making graphics or playing video games makes it simpler to view in low-light situations!

What configuration is necessary for Lightboost?

To begin utilizing Lightboost, you only need the following parts:

  • A display with Lightboost support set up
  • AMD graphics hardware hardware

The “strobe effect,” present in monitors with 120Hz or 144Hz frame rates and may be eliminated with LightBoost, improves your display. An AMD graphics card is necessary because Nvidia created Lightboost. It’s important to remember that your display can appear darker than usual when you first start utilizing the strobe setting. This may be changed by adjusting the monitor’s; contrast until you get the brightness your game requires.

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Nvidia LightBoost: How to Enable It

To provide you with crisper and more explicit photos, Nvidia Lightboost performs the following steps:

As soon as Lightboost is on, it manages the display panel’s backlight. The panel’s lighting is managed by Lightboost, which only activates it when the LCD screen you are viewing has a ghost-free and overlap-free picture. The AMD graphics card switches the lighting back on with more energy after it has been off, increasing the monitor’s brightness.

The procedures for turning on Lightboost on your display are as follows:

  • The ‘ToastyX Strobelight app is the most straightforward way to activate the Lightboost testRun the.exe file after downloading the software, then select the display and refresh rates that best suit your needs.strobelight set up
  • Choose install. And activate your Lightboost 

Your monitor’s input latency may differ depending on the brand you bought it under. Some brands lag terribly, while others run so smoothly that it’s like another experience. So this is how to turn on LightBoost

How Does One Verify Nvidia Lightboost Is Operating Correctly?

Your monitor’s brightness will have changed noticeably if Lightboost is operating properly. Additionally, the frame rate of your films or games can appear to be somewhat faster. Your watching experience will undoubtedly be better either way! If you are on any other website, you should know how to turn off NVIDIA Overlay.

That’s all there is to it!nvidia 3d lightboost technology

A brief tutorial on how to activate Lightboost. Try it out right now and judge for yourself! You may experience better graphic design and games thanks to this technology.

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Best Lightboost Devices

The majority of BenQ and Asus displays exhibit little latency when using Lightboost. However, Samsung monitors exhibit significant lag due to Samsung’s strobe backlight comparable to Lightboost.

  • The Asus VG248QE is the device we’d like to focus on in this post, asus gaming monitorand we’ll discuss how it works with Lightboost specifically.
  • According to its advertising, the Asus VG248QE is a 144Hz monitor with a 1ms gray-to-gray reaction time. Lightboost’s brightness may increase to 414 cd/m2 compared to its regular 350 cd/m2 brightness.
  • Lightboost produces superior results with a 120Hz monitor compared to a 144Hz panel. Lightboost may work at three frequencies—100, 110, or 120—with 120Hz being the best. But 144Hz compatibility is still not
  • The visuals on the Asus VG248QE with and without light boost are noticeably different. With no overlap, your graphics are more distinct, and there is no lag in the game’s action.

Great technology like Lightboost has very few (if any) drawbacks, which we can easily eliminate with some tuning from your end and correct Lightboost implementation. Ultimately, employing Lightboost in your displays has a few drawbacks, so you don’t stand to lose anything.


Are my eyes at risk from Lightboost?

Lightboost won't harm your eyes, sorry. In actuality, it might lessen eye strain.

Will my games improve as a result?

You will undoubtedly notice a change in your games. Your gaming experience will be smoother and more engaging if Lightboost is activated.

I don't have a graphics card from Nvidia. Can I use Lightboost now?

No, using Lightboost requires a graphics card from Nvidia. This technology is incompatible with AMD and Intel graphics cards.

Can I use Lightboost on an old monitor?

You don't require a new monitor, to be honest. In many contemporary displays, Lightboost is already present. However, the most recent Nvidia graphics card drivers must be compatible with your display.

What is the purpose of Nvidia LightBoost?

To eliminate eye-tracking motion blur on its gaming displays, Nvidia developed the obsolete proprietary technology, LightBoost, which strobes the panel's backlight. ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) technology, which is far superior, has subsequently taken its place.

Does NVIDIA boost have an impact on performance?

Theoretically, NVIDIA's Reflex Boost option should improve performance, but it isn't consistent between platforms and across games. To determine whether turning on Boost is worthwhile, you should contrast framerates on your PC.

How can I turn on NVIDIA Boost?

To deliver the best performance with no other settings, the functionality is globally enabled by default. For troubleshooting or isolating performance-related issues, the functionality can be turned off. How to Turn on Dynamic Boost: Navigate to the NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings to activate Dynamic Boost.

What is Nvidia Dynamic Boost?

The Nvidia-powered daemon offers NVIDIA Dynamic Boost support on Linux platforms. Dynamic Boost is a system-wide power controller that regulates GPU and CPU power based on the system workload.

Which CPU does Nvidia employ?

Two Grace CPUs coupled by NVLink-C2C are used to create the NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip. The super chip expands on the current Arm ecosystem to produce the first Arm CPU for high-performance computing (HPC), demanding cloud applications and dense infrastructure that is both powerful and energy-efficient.

What is Nvidia renowned for?

The technological firm Nvidia Corporation is well-known for creating graphics processing units (GPUs).

What brand is NVIDIA?

Nvidia is an American technology business that develops, produces, and markets graphics processors and other applications. The business created the GPU, a component used in computers and other devices.


Amazing technologies like Nvidia LightBoost may enhance your graphic design and gameplay. With a little setup, you can take advantage of all the advantages Lightboost offers.

We also have an article about how to fix the error of NVIDIA Installer when gets failed. We hope this article has helped you know everything about enabling LightBoost. Today, give it a go and judge for yourself!

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