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The launch of Rabb.it back in 2013, took the world by storm. Being the original platform to equip people worldwide to enjoy content with each other in real-time freely.it immediately gained tons of attraction from the general public, particularly movie buffs. However, due to an unsuccessful VC funding, Rabb.it had to, unfortunately, start laying off employees, ultimately leading it to shut down forever. So if you have been looking for Rabb.it alternatives, then you have come to the right place.

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10 Rabb.it Alternatives to Use

Here is our top list of applications and websites that have proved to be a suitable replacement for Rabb.it

Netflix Party

One of the most sought-after alternatives to Rabb.it on our list is Netflix Party. Netflix Party came into existence during the lockdown, which took place due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.

It can be downloaded as a chrome extension, and the users can view content synchronically on Netflix. However, each person who wishes to start or join a Netflix party needs to have a Netflix subscription.

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

The Netflix party comes with the advantage of a group chat as well. It is ideal for those days when you wish to have a film night with all of your friends in the luxury of your own home.

Visit: Netflix Party

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From all of the Rabb.it alternatives on this list, one can say that Invited comes the closest to it. From its easy-to-handle interface to the thousands of films and TV shows you can binge-watch with all of your friends, Invited has everything. Just sign up for a free account, make a room, share the link, and enjoy content via the usage of a virtual browser.


Using a virtual browser means that you will be permitted to watch up to almost anything with your friends. Alongside movies and TV shows, you have full access to YouTube videos, songs, anime, and much more.

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Watch2gether (Rabb.it Alternatives)

Watch2gether is also another popular Rabb.it alternative on our list. Alongside seeing films and TV programs from the convenience of your own home with your friends, you also have the opportunity to enjoy music and shop through the application together.

The most valuable part of Watch2gether is that it needs no prior registration. All that is required by you is to create a room, forward the invite link to your friends and enjoy!


The application lets you view content from numerous platforms like YouTube and also DailyMotion. Additionally, the room has a built-in chatbox, and you can organize your content into playlists for easy access.

Visit: Watch2gether


Another website like Rabb.it is &Chill. The website requires no signing up and is free for use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a mobile application out yet but works well on a desktop device.


&Chill enables you to view YouTube videos and twitch streams with everyone and has a user-friendly interface.

Visit: &Chill


Kosmi is one of the Rabb.it alternatives on this list that allows much more than viewing content with your everyone. It needs no signing up and permits you to watch videos as well as play video games.


Accompanying a built-in chatbox per room is also an option to have audio and video chats with strangers from everywhere. It truly is the ultimate virtual hangout experience.

Visit: Kosmi

AnimeParty (Rabb.it Alternatives)

If you and your friends are serious anime lovers then AnimeParty is bound to please you. AnimeParty is a website that lets you see anime with your friends from all across the globe to enjoy anime with you in real-time.


Just like most of the Rabb.it on this list, every chat room comes with a built-in chat box to allow you to chat with your friends during a particular show or movie.

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Tutturu (Rabb.it Alternative)

One of the Rabb.it alternatives on this list that itself claims to be like it is Tutturu. Just like Rabb.it sharing browsing service, enabling you to view all kinds of content via your browser directly. It requires no prior account or signing up. Tutturu has received rave reviews as it is one of the websites similar to Rabb.


It is in terms of overall user experience. If you’ve been desperately hunting for a free and useful alternative to Rabb.it, then your search might end here.

Visit: Tutturu


This is an excellent Rabb.it alternatives and providing synchronized playback also encourage webcams, thus enabling you to see your friends’ reactions and converse with them.


As of today, Twoseven promotes the usage of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, and more.

Visit: Twoseven

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Syncplay (Rabb.it Alternative)

This is distinctive from most of the platforms on this list because it is software that can be downloaded onto your device for the synchronization of videos across several media players.


Therefore, you can see the same thing with your mates in real-time without having to worry about whether you’ll be synced or not continually.

Visit: Syncplay


The final Rabb.it alternative on our list is ShareTube. ShareTube is a platform through which you can share, view, and talk about YouTube videos with everyone in real-time. It functions just like another other platform providing synchronized playback of videos.


All you require to do is make a room and distribute the link. After that, you’re good to go. ShareTube has the additional benefit of not requiring any registration or signing up.

Visit: ShareTube

Conclusion (Rabb.it Alternatives)

So now, if you have been asking yourself what to use as Rabb.it alternatives, you’ve had your answer! Enjoy premium content with all of your friends with these apps like Rabb.it is for free after those long busy days of work.

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