Dementia is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide, particularly the elderly. Your parents have Dementia, but you want your old man to have a cell phone to communicate with them effectively. Understanding a cell phone can bring them a tough time. So, today, we get you the best cell phone for seniors with Dementia.

Let us quickly review some of the best phones for seniors with Dementia.

  • Jitterbug Flip 2
  • Raz Memory Cell Phone
  • Jitterbug Smart 3
  • Easyfone T200 4G

Communication is crucial for all ages and regardless of any disease. People with Dementia have a tough time remembering things, so a Dementia cell phone can help them remember. After considering all relevant factors, we will give you a comprehensive list of the best phones for the elderly with Dementia. Who doesn’t wish for regular and effective communication with their elderly? Keep reading and find answers to all your queries regarding the best cell phones for seniors with Dementia. 

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How Cell Phones Can Aid People With Dementia?   

A cell phone can be vital to an older adult’s care regimen if they live alone. A dependable cell phone reduces communication barriers. Cell phones give your loved one an easy way to communicate with friends, family, and medical professionals.

elderly man with mobile in hand

Cell phones assist people in remembering the date, time, and phone numbers of family members and other important information. The key features of a cell phone for people with Dementia include features like big buttons and heavy speakers, which can come in handy in emergencies. 

A person with Dementia is highly advised to possess a cell phone, except for those who have become physically incapable of using one due to their disease. 

Best Cell Phone For Seniors With Dementia 

Now let’s peep into the best cell phone for seniors with Dementia: 

Jitterbug Flip 2 

The Jitterbug Flip2 is ideal for those with Dementia to stay in touch because it is simple to use and has an Urgent Response button in emergencies. Its large, tactile buttons against a backlit keyboard make it simple to use, and voice commands allow users to make calls and send messages immediately.

jitterbug flip 2

Thanks to Jitterbug’s health and safety features, the Jitterbug Flip2 can function as a medical alert device for users with Dementia. Lively’s dedicated 5Star emergency button connects you to the company’s monitoring center.

If you get lost, a monitoring agent can point you in the right direction, and if there’s a medical emergency, they’ll contact the appropriate help. Jitterbug Flip 2 is considered the best cell phone for seniors with Dementia. It comes for $99.99.

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Raz Memory Cell Phone 

In the Raz Memory Cell Phone, every feature assists someone with Dementia so they can connect safely and efficiently with their family while using their mobile phone for as long as possible.

This mobile-only allows voice calls and has a single large, bright screen with a few key features such as – 

  • Photos of people with their names written beneath them
  • An emergency call button
  • The time, as well as a battery power indicatorraz memory cell phone
  • There are no settings or apps to confuse you. To call someone, press their photo.
  • Families can manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone from anywhere in the world through a simple and secure online portal.
  • You can use the portal to create and edit contacts, track the phone’s location, change settings, etc.

Furthermore, the home screen is always visible, indicating that the phone is always ready for use. These features make the Raz Memory cell phone an excellent pick for the best phone for the elderly with Dementia. 

It is dubbed the easiest-to-use cell phone for Dementia and can be bought for $309.

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Jitterbug Smart 3 

Yet another great device from Jitterbug, the Jitterbug Smart 3, is considered the top choice in medical emergencies. This phone is an excellent choice for older adults with Dementia because it keeps them safe during emergencies and allows faster messaging via voice typing. 

jitterburg smart 3 for seniors with dementia

The phone boasts a bright screen with many medical alert capabilities and a Great Camera. Furthermore, Jitterbug Smart 3 is an excellent choice for dementia patients because it includes Brain Games that can significantly boost memory, focus, and concentration.

Because this app comes pre-installed on the phone, it’s an excellent tool for seniors with Dementia to use regularly. A Jitterbug Flip2 has up to 64 GB of built-in storage, whereas the Jitterbug Smart3 seems to have 32 GB of built-in memory and expandable storage of up to 256 GB.

The phone will cost you $112.49. 

Easyfone T200 4G 

Next up on our list of the best cell phones for seniors with Dementia is the Easyfone T200 4G. This cell phone has a Big Button with a backlight and Talking Number feature, a Big Volume, and a Big Font with a Simple Operation System that is easy to use. 

easyfone t200 4g

It is a straightforward dementia phone on Amazon that doesn’t have features like a camera or the internet; it is mainly usable for calling and texting. Although it is a phone with minimal features, it includes stuff like FM Radio, Audio player, Bluetooth, Alarm & Calculator.

The phone has a special SOS button and eight other speed dial buttons for easy usage. As the name suggests, the Easyfone T200 4G is an easy-to-operate device for people living with dementia. The phone can be bought for $69.99.

Snapfon ezFLIP 4G 

Next on our list is the Snapfon ezFLIP 4G. Because of its numerous safety and senior functionalities, such as fall detection, hearing aid compatibility, and a limited battery warning system, the Snapfon ezFLIP 4G is an excellent choice for older adults with Dementia.

snapfon ezflip 4g

This flip phone is simple, with large buttons and an LED flashlight to assist users with Dementia in finding misplaced items. This phone has eight-speed dial keys. These dial keys make dialing easy for seniors with Dementia who may forget contacts. This phone’s extensive side controls also simplify adjusting the volume when making calls.

This mobile has a significant red emergency SOS button that resembles some of the features of medical alert systems so that you can summon help in an accidental fall or another emergency. The Snapfon ezFLIP 4G notified five of my pre-selected contacts via call, text, and an optional siren when I pressed this button.

So, that concludes our list for the search for the best cell phones for people living with dementia. Now, let’s pick up some FAQs.


Is using an iPhone easy for seniors?

Yes, older adults can easily understand iPhone's easy-to-use features, but it is not for people with dementia.

Does the Jitterbug support 5G?

As of now, the Jitterbug phones use 4G technology.

Can I install Facebook on Jitterbug phones?

Yes, Jitterbug phones support social media apps. You can download Facebook from the Google Play store on your Jitterbug mobile.


You can use simple cell phones to communicate with your elderly loved ones effectively. Choose the best cell phone for dementia patients after extensive research on the features that the patient requires. Hopefully, our readers will be able to decide after reading our today’s guide on the best cell phone for seniors with Dementia.Dementia: How to Ping a Cell Phone | Step-by-Step Guide

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