4 Best Pokémon Games To Play Online In 2021

Pokémon is a game that everyone has played in their childhood. With a lot of significant fans carrying their love for the game into adulthood with them. There are so many ways that you can enjoy and get involved with the franchise. Such as playing the trading card game, Gameboy, DS, and Switch games and watching many Pokémon anime series. If you have done all these already, however, you may be looking for a new way to enjoy Pokémon, and that’s where the world of online gaming comes in useful in the category of best pokémon games.

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4 Best Pokémon Games YOU HAVE TO TRY!

Below are the best four pokémon games which you will like.

Pokémon Planet

If you enjoy playing MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), Pokémon Planet is the perfect option. This free-to-play game allows you to play with thousands of players all over the globe and live out your dreams of catching them all and becoming the greatest Pokémon master the world has ever seen.

Pokémon Planet
Pokémon Planet

A huge advantage that Pokémon Planet has over the traditional games on the Nintendo DS and Switch is that the in-game world is continuously being updated and expanded, meaning that there are always new places to explore and new people to meet. You’ll never have to spend a penny and will never get bored, so try Pokémon Planet today!

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Pokécard. net

If you got into the best Pokémon games by playing the trading card game like many others, then there is no better joy than taking your Pokémon creations and bringing them to life, and this can quickly be done through a Pokémon card maker on Pokécard. net. This website allows you to choose and upload your pictures, create a name, a description, and all the necessary statistics and fighting information needed to make a Pokémon trading card.


A considerable benefit of this website is that it allows you to download and print your very own creation, meaning that you don’t have to have a physical copy of your card. If you’re adventurous, you can even add your tags into a game of Pokémon with your friends to add new levels to the game. If creating your cards has reignited your passion for Pokémon trading cards, there are many available for purchase online at sites like Nin-Nin-Game.com, specially imported from Japan. This is one of the best Pokémon games listed here.

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Pokémon Mega

Pokémon Mega is a beautiful game to play if your favorite part of the original games is capturing, strengthening, and evolving Pokémon into their different forms. With this online game, you can catch ‘mega’ versions of your much-loved Pokémon like Pikachu and Charizard and discover versions of them that you have never seen before in the best pokémon games.

Pokémon Mega
Pokémon Mega

Unlocking the mega texts unlocks more powerful and never-before-seen moves and abilities. This will ensure that you get your fix of new Pokémon content. Just like other best Pokémon games, your character must go on a great journey. Also, you can go through trials to level up. So don’t hesitate and play Pokémon Mega today!

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TPPC Online

TPPC Online has been a fan favorite online game and the best Pokémon game for over ten years. It tells you everything you need to know about why you should be playing this game! Both kids and adults alike will enjoy traveling through the Pokémon world, catching as many Pokémon as possible, and leveling them up, and interacting with players all around the world.

TPPC Online
TPPC Online

A unique part of this game is that you can choose which team when you sign up to play. Whether you want to be a part of – TPPC, Rocket, Magma, Galactic, and Aqua, each contains their unique starter Pokémon, so the game can be different every time you start anew.

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Best Pokémon games are the gift that keeps on giving and with millions of fans all over the globe. You can guarantee that there will be a constant supply of new and inventive ways. This makes you enjoy all your favorite Pokémon and characters. Check out these online games to get more out of your beloved franchise and become the greatest Pokémon master. So this is the article about the top 4 Pokémon games.

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