How to Center Your Instagram Bio Effortlessly


Instagram, was released to the public exclusively on iOS by the sixth of October 2010 as an internet-based photo sharing platform. Developed by the partnership of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram made a big splash in the iOS store for being extremely easy to use and simple to pick up. Thus, you must know how to center your Instagram Bio.

Coming under the price of absolutely nothing, Instagram offered users the ability to upload pictures and videos to its service.

About Instagram

Soon becoming a social media staple and surviving the competition of various other social media giants, Instagram was fully released on the most popular platforms to cover the need of the populous. The application with every new update released a new feature which attracted everyone from everywhere to have an account.

The introduction of new filters, the ability to add geotags, improved hashtag linking, the ability to link other social media’s to one account and the option to direct message are the features which made Instagram application for all user to enjoy and utilize.


With the ever-increasing collection of consumers of a wonderful application, Instagram was forced to even copy the basic mechanic of Snapchat and renamed it as “stories”. This allowed users to upload content which will disappear after twenty-four hours. The duplication of this feature made everyone else in the social media industry to do the same. Under a short span of time, Instagram also introduced live video and even more recently virtual reality stickers, making it the number one of the best photo sharing application ever.

But not everything is all sunshine as Instagram wasn’t appreciated by all as it also was an object of harsh criticism by governments and by the public. This is mainly due to their policy changes and their censorship policies which sometimes seems to be too much. Irrespective, Instagram has held its ground against the ever-changing public by pleasing them time to time, the competition which just keeps on increasing and the government who are always trying to find fault with them.

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Trend of Instagram Right Now

Instagram in their current state has played and is still playing a pivotal role in everybody’s life. Especially when you are a photographer. Irrespective of being professional or an amateur photographer, user profiles have turned into C.Vs to hire people. This is because the platform has turned into a display of work and passion, making recruiters to have a deeper look into the lives and works of their potential employees.

To rustle the attention of anyone who is browsing for future candidates, one should have something which put him or her above the others. This uniqueness can be attained by presenting your profile in a different way or by presenting services and executions which are different from everybody else.

Simple Steps to Center your Instagram Bio

The execution of the idea to center your Instagram bio has always caught eyes and will help you to present your profile in a different way. Hence today we going to show you some simple steps to center your Instagram bio.

The process to center your Instagram bio can seem to be tedious and difficult but in fact is very easy quick to execute. This trick can be used on any platform, hence allowing you to execute this unique trick anywhere and everywhere.

Center your Instagram Bio
Center your Instagram Bio

To execute this trick to center your Instagram bio, one should copy the following spaces:

>> <<

Make sure you don’t copy the characters above instead try to duplicate the spaces in between them. Once you have duplicated the spaces replicate them in front of the sentence, you want to write in your bio.

To reach the option to edit your bio beforehand, the user must go to his or her profile, after which selecting the option to “edit your profile” will help you reach the page to change your bio. Once you have done the necessary edits to your bio clicking save will give you the desired results of a centered Instagram bio if all the steps have been executed properly.

The drawback of executing this trick to center your Instagram bio is that the character number of the bio will be cut down sharply. This is due to the fact that the characters are used by the spaces put into the bio.

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